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Poker God or a Cheat? Mike Postle Livestreamed Cash Game Scandal escalates to $10 million Lawsuit, but Lawyer says "such streaks are possible"

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Posted on 14 October 2019 by "T".

There has been a lot of follow-up news concerning Mike Postle and his alleged cheating at the Stones livestreamed cash games at the start of this month. From the looks of our initial post of this topic, we thank you for your helpful comments and for sharing updates, and so we thought we might as well write up an update article for this.

Ever since lead whistleblower Veronica Brill came forward and shared to the public what she knew about Mike Postle (pictured above) and his potential cheating practices at the end of September, the poker community had been curious to know how Postle kept on winning big (or losing just a minimum) from these "unusually-looking" livestreamed cash games.

The most recent update from this story is that a $10 million lawsuit was filed by 25 plaintiffs last week. The plaintiffs include Brill herself and poker content creators named Jaman Burton and Jeff "Boski" Sluzinski. The lawsuit was filed with the US District Court, Eastern District of California against: accused cheater Mike Postle, the venue Stones Gambling Hall where the alleged cheating occurred, Stones Tournament Director Justin Kuraitis, and an unnamed chief confederate John Doe 1.

The filing starts with the claim that, "This case concerns Mr. Postle's systematic use of one or more electronic devices, for the purposes of cheating, while playing in broadcast games of poker, to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from fellow players."

The suit is asking for any damages to be "divided pari passu between and amongst the Stones Fraud Victims in proration to the number of minutes they spent playing on the Stones Live Poker broadcast from January 1, 2019 through the present."

One of the claims in the filing showed, "Mr. Postle's winnings on the Stones Live Poker broadcast, and his correlative play of poker, have been so exceptionally outstanding as to lead the commentator to note his seemingly mystical abilities on numerous occasions, and to lead Stones (Live) Poker to produce various graphics portraying Mr. Postle as a deity-like individual imbued with omniscient powers (with one such graphic conflating an image of Mr. Postle and an image of Jesus Christ)."

Lipman hired by Stones to Investigate
The Stones Gambling Hall initially denied any wrongdoing occurred at first, stating that an investigation even was conducted earlier into the year. They even had the confidence to say that, "The recent allegations are completely fabricated."

Stones then announced that it would suspend its live poker stream and former federal prosecutor Michael Lipman will investigate the allegations after several poker players and other personalities, mainly Joe Ingram, have released their own analytic observations.

Lipman said, "Stones is very serious about finding out what, if anything, has happened with regard to this situation. We are doing what in my experience is a serious investigation in order to determine what happened."

Lipman said the plan is to investigate the allegations by forensically checking out the hardware used for the stream. He acknowledged the poker community's analysis, taking some of them into consideration but most of it has been discounted as merely circumstantial evidence. He said, "We are aware of the comments and analysis that's been done by the poker community and have taken all of that into consideration as part of our inquiry. Most of what they've said is circumstantial evidence as to what may have happened. However, we believe that the definitive evidence will be found by forensically examining the computer systems used to broadcast the stream."

Lipman revealed that Stones hired computer forensics company Stroz Friedberg to investigate the stream's computer systems, "Stroz has flown employees to Sacramento from the East Coast, we have imaged what we believe to be the relevant computers and components and Stroz had begun their analysis. I believe that it will be the computer forensics that will give us the definitive evidence needed to reach the ultimate conclusion. "We have been and will continue to totally cooperate with the Bureau of Gambling Control from day one."

Postle's Lawyer Responds
This type of story has really blown out of proportion that it caught the attention of mainstream media outlets like The Sacramento Bee and ESPN. The former published a story last Friday which outlined the stances by attorneys from some of the defendants involved in the case.

Postle cannot be reached for an updated statement aside from his last known commentary from Mike Matusow's interview as well as some earlier tweets on the controversial subject.

The Sacramento Bee received a comment from Postle's lawyer William Portanova who stated Postle's winning streak was a possible occurrence, "I guess he wins a lot of hands of poker. I don't gamble, because that's how many hands I lose. But we don't know what the facts are. I can just say this: When I play poker I lose almost every hand, so I know such streaks are possible."



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14 comments on "Poker God or a Cheat? Mike Postle Livestreamed Cash Game Scandal escalates to $10 million Lawsuit, but Lawyer says "such streaks are possible""

 bowie198414/10/2019 21:32:39 GMT
So, yeah I watched a couple youtube videos about this case, there are dozens of hours worth of content out there with people 'investigating' this guy.
The main thing is - his headset/carkeys etc. is probably getting the RFID signal which helps identifying/displaying the cards onto the live video stream - which meanwhile is going on with a delay, so he is not watching the stream itself - within the broadcast software and in return the intercepted signal is displaying on his phone (hence he is trying to look at it whenever making decisions).
It's not rocket science per se, but he's obviously has an inside man within the casino because he could only cheat when he is on livestream. He is on livestream a lot. I mean a lot.
Very hard to prove it on courts though.
 dule-vu15/10/2019 09:27:55 GMT
this case is something special and they will need bigger proof then this!for all of them is strange when he played great and he knewt when to fold of bad hands and when to bet even with low cards,but with good cards on table!if they think that he had another man behind this,then he need to find first him and that he tell everything!only with video they cant make much!
 Nightkid15/10/2019 15:33:33 GMT
the truth would have to study this in more depth to know what is really happening ... because cheating or disgrace things is not fashionable or that but it happens a lot lately, so you should find out well what it is that step and if he screwed up Confused Confused Confused
 CALICUL16/10/2019 22:32:01 GMT
Now i understand much better why this player wanted to cheat. The amounts of money are huge and everyone could try to commit scams and to earn a few millions of dollars. I don't know if these millions of dollars will be recovered but this player i guess, he will be confined in the penitentiary.
 bowie198416/10/2019 22:35:10 GMT
Posted by Nightkid:
because cheating or disgrace things is not fashionable or that but it happens a lot lately, so you should find out well what it is that step and if he screwed up

You could only find these things out because the casino's own stream provided the proof. But at the same time without the stream there would be no way to cheat the table as an outside player, so there's that...
 Tony_MON7ANA16/10/2019 23:46:06 GMT
Lol Mike and his accomplices were so greedy. Why didn't Mike intentionally lose some hands to make his plays more legit?
 Nightkid17/10/2019 12:13:40 GMT
and well you will see what will happen in the meantime the poor here we remain poor hahaha while those who have more money fill their pockets ... the only thing that bothers me is the cheats because what grace has to earn money or things cheating if the long is discovered everything is like lying Angry Angry Angry
 CALICUL18/10/2019 11:36:11 GMT
The poor persons will always be poor, if they do not do something good to succeed in life. Brave people choose different legal or illegal methods to get rich. This player tried through cheating and was filmed and found by the casino employees. This is very good.
 levi981218/10/2019 12:41:45 GMT
NO WAY he played honest, from the 57 matched he played there he won over 50!! the reads that he did arent human, if you make one fishy decision it can be played off as 'gutfeeling', but this is far from that. when his 'friend' who works as an official employee for the stones live games, whas sick. he suddenly canceled a tourney he planned to attent. this whole case reads like a fishy bussines, i hope the other players who lost because of his cheating get rectification
 crankmuppet18/10/2019 13:49:49 GMT
I think the important question is why are they live streaming any poker tourney or cash game?

Live streams should have a minimum delay of however long the longest possible hand can take to complete in any format.

I also think curtailing the functionality of electronic devices at the tables should be considered, at the very least any device that is capable of receiving/transmitting data. Turn off the wifi at the location and you can only listen to tunes downloaded on your device.
 likesithere18/10/2019 16:37:22 GMT
i will be very interested when it finally gets to court. how are they going to prove cheating to a jury who may not be poker literate also the same goes for the judge.
i expect it will die a death till next year just before the court dates. rgs tom
 bowie198418/10/2019 21:18:55 GMT
Posted by Tony_MON7ANA:
Lol Mike and his accomplices were so greedy. Why didn't Mike intentionally lose some hands to make his plays more legit?

He lost some hands, and sometimes he folded hands he could have win with but the patterns he displayed previously were noticeable even on cash sessions where wasn't all that much money involved.
If anything this media $hitstorm was not because he won a lot of money rather than how he played in those sessions, hence his nickname 'apostle'...
 Tony_MON7ANA29/12/2019 12:48:00 GMT
Where are Mike and his buddies now? They have fled overseas? LOL!
 CALICUL29/12/2019 13:01:06 GMT
This man and his acolytes created something beautiful for them, but it is good that they have been found and they were sued. It's easy to steal when you find a solution like this and in all poker online if we know how many thieves are with illegal programs or something else, we would be amazed.

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