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CCTV Footage of Missing Icelandic Poker Player Jon Jonsson in Dublin Released

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Posted on 28 February 2019 by "T".

Jon Jonsson, a poker player from Iceland who traveled to Dublin, Ireland has gone missing since February 9. The 41-year-old father was last seen in the Whitehall area of Dublin and has been the focus of an intense two-week long search operation by the authorities.

The Gardai, or the Irish police, have released a CCTV footage that showed Jonsson hoping that someone can find out about the poker player's current location.

Jonsson went to Dublin along with his fiancée since he wanted to participate in a 7-day poker tournament held in the Bonnington Hotel at Whitehall and use the remaining time as their vacation. On February 8, he arrived in the country alone while his fiancée arrived the following day, which is also the day he disappeared.

On the early morning of February 9, he left the Bonnington Hotel and had gone missing. According to the CCTV footage taken from McGettigan's Bar, he left Swords road and went into the airport's direction. He was last seen at the Highfield Hospital exit going towards Collins Avenue.

Descriptions of Jonsson say he stands 6 feet tall with medium build and short brown hair. He was wearing a black padded jacket. According to his brother David Karl Vilhelm, he left his hotel without his phone, wallet and passport but may have had a wad of cash with him. He said, "What we know is when he left his hotel room he left his phone behind. His phone was actually having some battery problems. We're not sure why he didn't take it with him but there were problems with his phone. He left without his passport and his wallet, and his phone, so he didn't have much on him. We have tracked his activity on the online bank and there's no activity on the cards. He might have had cash with him but we are uncertain of how much. If he had cash, we are talking not that much. That was for the poker tournament. We are talking few thousand euros to the maximum."

He added, "We don't know why he left the hotel. He met his fiancée in the hotel room before and she went down to the bar area for a coffee and stuff, and when she had returned to the hotel room he had left."

David clarified his brother Jon never had mental health issues and was in a normal state of mind. He would always contact his family if he would be working long hours in Iceland, "His mental and physical health, to our knowledge, has been normal or good and he has no history of mental diseases or medications or such. He never went missing. He works as a taxi driver back home and if he works late or something he always reports back to the family and fiancée. He is the father of four children. He never goes missing or works long without letting people know so this is very out of character and not like him to disappear like this. He is the oldest of five siblings. He has a mother and a father. We all very worried because we're all very close. Iceland is a close community. We only have 360,000 people there. And everyone knows everyone so this has been a really hard time, especially for the family and close ones."

Intense Search Efforts but No Results
Jonsson had been a main focus of an intense search operation in the recent weeks. His family even had flown in from Iceland to help search for him. Twelve of his family members are now scouring the city vigorously, trying to find him as they believe he was in good physical and mental condition when he mysteriously disappeared.

His sister Anna said, "There's a whole gap in the family, we are really connected - we have a good relationship. When I'm about to get into trouble or about to be depressed or something, he calls me before that happens and tells me no problem is too big to solve. He's my comfort person."

The efforts to find Jonsson has intensified as the weeks pass by. Now there's over 80 volunteers who are helping out. The Gardai repeated their public calls for any information as to his latest whereabouts, with the most recent being the release of the CCTV footage of him along with his photos.
Jonsson's family remains optimistic in their search and his brother vowed to remain in the country until they find him.

Here's the CCTV footage:



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7 comments on "CCTV Footage of Missing Icelandic Poker Player Jon Jonsson in Dublin Released"

 CALICUL28/02/2019 08:33:08 GMT
It is very sad when someone that you know disappears and you do not know where it is. In the early days
the nerves are stretched to the maximum for the members of family or his friends and with time it decreases in intensity but sadness persists. If the cops did not find him at any hospital, then they will have to look for more areas which are less circulating.
 doubletop77728/02/2019 09:27:28 GMT
This is a distressing story and i cannot imagine the worry and stress his family are going through at this very tough time. I really hope that we can read about him being found safe and well in the next few days
 Mober28/02/2019 10:28:33 GMT
How many incidents like this we hear, all over the world.
But most of them are known in a "small" circle if you like,
and there is not much info to it.
Most of these cases go unsolved, even with today's technology, that helps a lot.
And in this case, with this video, what can you do?
 pajalnick28/02/2019 20:20:19 GMT
usually if a person goes missing, it means the worst ... he is already dead ... It is of course very sad .... there is a possibility that he changed his personality if there are any problems in life .... but they don’t write here that he had some problems in his life .... it means the worst
 bowie198428/02/2019 22:32:24 GMT
Posted by doubletop777:
This is a distressing story and i cannot imagine the worry and stress his family are going through at this very tough time. I really hope that we can read about him being found safe and well in the next few days

There is more to this story, people just don't do these kind of things without precedent. Something must have happened in that hotel room.
 Gerimantas03/03/2019 17:19:37 GMT
This is of course situation where some bad things immediately think, maybe some criminal situation or bad luck, accident. People not disappear for ling time and if police search and not find then it is very serious
 bowie198404/03/2019 22:22:05 GMT
Dunno, generally Ireland is a safe country. I mean at least safer than most of Western Europe (sans the frequent tourist spots where police are present at all times everywhere in Europe), but strange things could happen anywhere.

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