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Female Russian Poker Player Dies from Electrocution in Bathroom

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Posted on 14 June 2019 by "T".

A 26-year-old lady tagged as Russia's "sexiest" or "most beautiful" poker player has been found dead in her bathroom. It is believed that she died due to a massive electric shock from a hairdryer.

Liliya Novikova was at home alone when her lifeless body was discovered on the floor at her bathroom in Moscow on Tuesday, June 11.

A math whiz kid holding a first-class degree in design engineering from a top Russian university, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Novikova turned down job offers from leading industrial companies. Instead, she became a professional poker player and thanks to her quick wit with numbers, she had been leading a popular and lucrative career in the poker world.

Novikova, who streamed using the name "liay5", was pretty famous both as a real-life and online player, usually making videos about poker and online gaming and posting it on, a live online gaming streaming platform. She had over 15,000 followers on Instagram. She had a contract with PokerStars and ran her own online masterclasses and workshops for amateurs.

Accidental Electric Shock
On that tragic day, Novikova was in her flat at the prestigious Kutuzovsky Prospekt when her parents decided to call her. They became worried when she did not answer her phone and asked her neighbor to check the apartment.

An elderly lady, who lived next door to Novikova and also had a spare key to the young lady's room, found her on the bathroom floor.

The Russian Investigative Committee said, "During the first checks of young woman's dead body, signs of electric shock trauma were registered."

The poker star was believed to have been blow-drying her hair in the bathroom when the accident happened, but it is also thought that she may have possibly been using her mobile phone at that time.

Some reports speculate that the device she used was ‘faulty', whereas others say she might have bonked her head so badly after she was electrocuted, that she died instantly.

A post-mortem examination is yet to be scheduled.

From an early age, Novikova was already immersed in the world of online gaming, building up a huge following on her channel. Her total live earnings in poker was almost $100,000, with her best live cash being $54,068, according to the Hendon Mob.

Novikova was also an avid snowboarder, cyclist, boxer and rower. She also operated her own online shop for poker-themed apparel.

She died just four days before her 27th birthday.



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13 comments on "Female Russian Poker Player Dies from Electrocution in Bathroom"

 CALICUL14/06/2019 14:53:00 GMT
I read yesterday about this 26-year-old woman and it's so sad. The most dangerous thing is an electric appliance in the bathroom and an education in this sens, it must be done in schools. It's painful when someone young person leaves us. Condolences to the family.
 pajalnick14/06/2019 20:39:40 GMT
I saw the news on the Russian sites .... And now you're here ... of course It is very sad that such a young woman died from an accidental electric shock ..... of course you need to be very careful with the hair dryer in the bathroom because it very dangerous .... but no one thinks about it until misfortune happens
 dule-vu15/06/2019 10:08:01 GMT
I saw this two days ago on some serbian site and couldnt believe how this girl died and that she had death like this!when you see how happy she was,what kind of things she love to do in life,how she earn in life and then few days before birthday she day from hairdryer!so sad!
 Samarietis15/06/2019 14:20:23 GMT
I was watching her from time to time and have to say that it feels strange that it can happen to everyone ... As you all know the people that you watch on twitch is kinda idol for everyone and feels like they never have anything bad happening in life , but seeing a 26 years person dieing is always a big loose to family and others .... RIP !
 copyyy2k15/06/2019 16:00:37 GMT
Broo i swear to god i was always scared of things like that messing up with electric products while being in toilet in general.
Sad to see and it happened close to her birthday Sad
 StheP15/06/2019 18:20:20 GMT
yeah I read that story in my newspaper... its sad I saw her in twitch chat like month ago or so... and I remember going to her channel to check her out once... and now she is gone.... because of hair dryer... its so sad... RIP
 Mober16/06/2019 17:30:05 GMT
Dying from electrocution while drying your hair, by a faulty blow drier?
Can it be more freakish than this?
Bad luck with all its meaning.
By reading the title i thought that she would have died from and accident with
the electric water heater, which you can say it was common someday.
But this? ...
 CALICUL22/06/2019 13:25:46 GMT
Sometimes in the summer i cut my hair in bathroom with my electric clipper. Then i sweat and there is the possibility as i to hurt me very bad. With electricity is not good to play. It is good to protect us permanently. We are not strong in the face of the current.
 Arithmajik22/06/2019 22:26:46 GMT
Aw, that's pretty tragic to die young unexpectedly like that for anyone, especially so pointlessly. Just a malfunction from a poorly made hair dryer, super lame.

A beautiful poker playing math genius engineer? No, I've lost my future wife before I even got to meet her Sad
 Nightkid23/06/2019 12:19:22 GMT
good is a shame because a very nice girl and very good player I think but we are going to do, just hope that there was an unfortunate accident or something else that seems to be an accident as often is seen ... I just hope that I hope this type of accident does not happen again to anyone Disagree Disagree Disagree
 CALICUL23/06/2019 14:08:47 GMT
The Fate is a fate. The bad watch ( as the saying goes in my country, to others it is with black cat ) comes when you do not expect it. I do not know how the law of the universe works but it is not normal for young people to die. It's so sad.
 pajalnick23/06/2019 21:25:31 GMT
During my life I received an electric shock several times .... but this current was not very strong, therefore I am alive and not injured from these incidents .... But of course It is very sad because now the electric current surrounds us everywhere .. .. if you do not observe safety, then death is very close
 damosk24/06/2019 09:38:38 GMT
This is a very sad story.... but also a very timely reminder of the dangers of using electrical equipment in a wet/damp environment. I was always taught never to use an electrical item in the bathroom, and the fact that one can get hairdryers in hotel bathrooms has always worried me. Water and electricity don't mix so dont mix them! Stay safe and dry your hair in the bedroom...or dressing room away from the bathroom.

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