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partypoker Latest Software Update includes Rabbit Hunt and Showdown Equity

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Posted on 06 March 2020 by "T".

The latest partypoker software update has just been rolled out on March 5th, and there are some nice changes and improvements that everyone will surely enjoy.

partypoker is always looking to improve their software and your playing experience, and this latest update tackles both.

Go to the partypoker desktop client and the software update will automatically download. Below are some of the major updates.

Rabbit Hunt comes to your Desktop
The ability to Rabbit Hunt has become a very popular feature in the new mobile app, so it only makes sense to roll it out to everyone. Now, it's available in their SPINS tournaments, with plans to add it to all games soon.

Rabbit Hunt enables players to see what cards would have been dealt had the hand played out to completion. Did you make a big fold on the turn and wondered if you'd have hit your draw on the river? Click Rabbit Hunt to see what the river would have been.

It's surely a fun feature that everyone who plays using a computer will love.

Hold'em Showdown Equity
You can now see how much equity you and your opponents have in all-in situations. All-in equity is now displayed whenever two or more players are all-in at the Hold'em tables.

The odds of winning the hand are shown on each player's respective player plates. The figure updates on each subsequent street, keeping you updated on how likely you are to win.

Equal Big Blinds for Heads-up Games
Listening to feedback from HU players, partypoker made changes to their heads-up games. The update entails that both heads-up players will pay the same number of big blinds during their battle. Players can only sit out or leave the table once they have paid an equal number of big blinds as their opponent.

Should a player quit the game before an equal number of big blinds are paid, they will automatically post the big blind and then their hand folded.

Earn Diamonds on Desktop and Mobile
Diamonds are a virtual currency only available previously on their new mobile app, but now it is present on the desktop client as well.

Earn diamonds by playing your usual poker games and spend them to Rabbit Hunt and throw objects at your opponents. While Rabbit Hunt is now available on desktop, they're rolling out the object throws in a later release.

Any Diamonds earned while playing on a computer carry over to your play on the mobile app. Same goes vice versa.


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11 comments on "partypoker Latest Software Update includes Rabbit Hunt and Showdown Equity"

 dule-vu06/03/2020 13:28:13 GMT
I am not much in poker in last period,so cant tell what this changes will bring to play on party poker and dont know how this look when you play games,but I know that they have update almost every month,which is great for players!if any of this come from players,then its good if they listen them!
 CALICUL06/03/2020 16:12:03 GMT
It is the first time when i hear about this option Rabbit Hunt, but it depends on each person in part, if they want to see or not these cards without hands to reach at the river. It is a beautiful and special program and he will be appreciated, even if some players will regret that they have folded.
 maragatero06/03/2020 23:03:42 GMT
You, both, really knows how have to play this game, isn´t it? I will try to learn of my masters...I´m taking a time with Party Poker, because they abandom their freerolls line, and I had not good luck in the micro tournament that I played. But they are ever making good changes to the software (when they introduced the translate of chips in blinds I love it), so I might return there!
 CALICUL07/03/2020 18:15:41 GMT
I play poker but as an average player without luck. I tried to copy the style that brings the stack and money of course but to other players this tactic works well. In my case not. However, it is everyone's preference with Rabbit Hunt and if he likes it or not.
 maragatero08/03/2020 23:39:59 GMT
I have to thanks for your tip CALICUL, you have the knowledge that I need. You try, look and learn, I only follow my ideas and the things that I think that are reasonables. I make my own lost! Anyway, what is Rabbit Hunt? I was playing in PartyPoker again for a while and I didn´t found it. Is some kind of race of rake?
 CALICUL10/03/2020 02:14:25 GMT
Rabbit Hunt is a mobile application for spin games which will be available for all kinds of games soon. You can see what cards is coming, if you fold in the flop. He'll show you turn & river if you want it. It's a good idea but not for everyone. I personally like it.
 antonis32110/03/2020 11:45:44 GMT
This rabbit hunt is kinda cool , to see the cards you would have been dealtif you had stayed on the hand , seeing the turn/river board card is sth I like to see in online poker . It's for the spins , I wonder whether we'll be able to use it in tournaments as well . The diamonds on the desctop version is a good add on , the equal blinds on HU as well . I like the showdown equity thing , it was about time to bring it to the software , PokerStars introduced it a long time ago , it's really interestingto see your equity , I like cause I see especially on the street that i went all in which was my initial equity , then how this evolves in next streets , I learn to pick better hands to play that way , by seeing how good the hand was to go with all in with one or more players on a specific board texture m or I should have tried to just see more streets or even fold . A nice addon by PartyPoker .
 RLipman9012/03/2020 05:23:27 GMT
it's been a while sinds i last took the time to respond to a thread here but personally i doubt that seeing the card that you shouldn't have isn't a possitive thing in the long run of things because there are so many variables that you have to take in account with knowing what would have cane on the turn or the river that it can and wil alter ones playing style or mindset.
i personally don't care what cards would have came because it's stil would have, meaning you don't have a stake in it anymore., fold is fold and move on.

You can shear a sheep a hundred times, but you can skin it only once. — Amarillo Slim Preston

may the cards be with you mobsters
Big Smile Blink
 CALICUL12/03/2020 14:02:40 GMT
Everything it's good if these updates work properly because some poker rooms they have problems when trying to make a refresh. Party Poker works well because i haven't seen it any problems here. The work done well brings joy and disappointment when not done ok.
 maragatero16/03/2020 00:17:42 GMT
Today I play the Bankroll Mob tournament, and know what...they had a bug! I tried for about 15 minutes to register there, and a banner said "We are experiencing technical problems. Please try again later"!!! 888poker is not alone! Anyway, I was playing there for a while (QQ was not enough...) and I didn´t found the new gadget...neither the oldest!
 CALICUL16/03/2020 22:28:19 GMT
Errors are always more frequent when it is cold or the wind blows. Many poker rooms have these errors and this is the situation. The Internet is not so well developed made, to withstand to certain weather conditions. We can't do anything but they can do it in future.

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