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WSOP 2020 with Mega Package - Make Your Trip to Vegas Come True with 888poker

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Posted on 09 March 2020 by "T".

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is considered as one of the most impressive series of poker tournaments in the world. Held annually in Las Vegas, this year 888poker have pumped up the size of their WSOP packages to $15,000 and players will get the chance to play both the Main Event and the Crazy Eights - all in one deal - as well as 12 nights at the luxury five-star Vdara hotel, so things will definitely be more interesting for every player who attends this once-in-a-lifetime summer poker festival!

The 2020 WSOP is scheduled from May 26 to July 15 and will be held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. What's great about this year's WSOP is that 888poker, for the 6th consecutive year, shall return as its official sponsor; therefore, the poker site has created a lucrative promo for players who dream to fly to Vegas and play at the 2020 WSOP.

This year's series will definitely make your visit worthwhile with favorites like the Crazy Eights, Colossus and Millionaire Maker all making it back onto the 2020 schedule. A record 187,298 entries took part in the 2019 WSOP with a 50-year high $293,183,345 given away in prize money.

Can 2020 beat that record? We'll just have to wait and see!

888poker Road to Vegas promotions
You don't need to have a super huge bankroll just to book that trip and join the action at the WSOP. 888poker has some awesome offers lined up to help get you there via its Road to Vegas promotions.

How to Qualify for the 2020 WSOP
First, you have to log-in to the 888poker client. Press the tab "Tournaments" and select "Live Events". A selection of qualifying events will appear starting from 1 cent. Also, there are other affordable satellites ranging from 1 cent, 10 cents, $1 and $5. If you have already have some money and you can afford the bigger entry fees, then you can skip the first steps and participate in the daily satellites with the $16.50 buy-in, or the more pricey Sunday Qualifiers worth $109.

If it's a Mega Package you're aiming for, then check out the WSOP 2020 Mega Package deals! You can also satellite your way for as little as 1 cent to win one of these exceptional packages, or you can register directly into the $1,050 buy-in Qualifier for your chance to bag a prize worth $15,000!

Those who win the last step satellite will get the chance to receive a prize package to the 2020 WSOP Main Event worth $15,000! The package includes the following:

  • 12 nights (from June 26 to July 8, 2020) at the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas
  • An invitation to a welcome party at the Vdara Hotel
  • Free transportation to the Rio Hotel & Casino
  • $10,000 buy-in fee for the 2020 WSOP Main Event
  • $888 buy-in to the Crazy 888s side event
  • $1,000 for travel expenses (paid directly to the player's 888poker account)
  • An 888poker LIVE swag kit

The qualifiers shall run daily until June, so interested players still have lots of time and chances to grab a seat to the 51st WSOP and who knows, they may even win their very first gold bracelet plus a wonderful cash prize to go along with it!

For those who live outside of the United States but wish to participate, their only option to get into the 2020 WSOP is to qualify online at 888poker.

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29 comments on "WSOP 2020 with Mega Package - Make Your Trip to Vegas Come True with 888poker"

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» WSOP 2020 with Mega Package - Make Your Trip to Vegas Come True with 888poker

 maragatero10/03/2020 20:54:40 GMT
This is the WSOP that I would like to visit! Las Vegas and Poker´s tournament make stage wiyhout equal. And this one maybe one of the biggest that atract to the stars of the game. With $ 10.000 of buy-in, only a few of them could be there. But what a show! The lights and the townscape of Las Vegas, with the footbridge of the top of pro poker´s players!
 CALICUL11/03/2020 02:01:31 GMT
If you like to visit the united states of america, it is very difficult if you have no money, but with many satellites, you have the chance to win qoualification in a tournament in Las Vegas. There will be some satellites but i don't know if will be many.
 MarkWest11/03/2020 13:44:26 GMT
Viva Las Vegas Smile don't know how many satellites there will be but want found all what can and try to be there Dollar Dollar Big Smile Big Smile just like mostly other players also.
Hope to see many mobsters in this tournament Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 dule-vu11/03/2020 14:15:58 GMT
so many stages and so many satellites you need to pass if you want to get this package,especially if you start from lowest one's!you cant expect that you will be so luck to get main prize for only 1 $,but you can always try!but I know that they can offer to start from 0,01 $ which is very low!
 antonis32111/03/2020 20:15:33 GMT
It's awesome that 888poker will return for 6th consecutive year as the great sonsor of the greatest poker series of events in the world . crazy eights will return , mayny other games to choose and play for very big prizes . WSOP is most important poker event throughout all year , too many pokerplayers come to play against each othe rfor life changing money . 888poker guarantees bigger prizes and many opportunities to get a seat cheap .

So many satellites , and you can start you way leveling up to higher buy in satellites from the 1 cent games only (step 1 tournaments) , you get your step 1, 2, 3 etc ticket and keep on playing until you get to the higher buy in game whice guarantees and gives the most valuable winners tickets to be qualified for the crazy eights tournament , the WSOP Main Event , the expenses for the travel stay atthe hotel , etc . Or you can play directly a high buy in satellite , if your banklroll allows it .

Either way it's a great offer and chance to win big Smile
 maragatero11/03/2020 21:53:10 GMT
Well my friends, I feel that we talked about it in the past, the problem with the satellites are really a lot. First, the low possibilities to win it. That matter is the cause that you have to have a big bankroll to play it usually (+200 buy-in). And then, the own money that you need to complete the amount of the prize, for plane ticket, and other things...
 MarkWest12/03/2020 12:16:14 GMT
Yes it will be difficult to win from those lower satellites because there will be lot of players who try to win with small betting but it's possible.
With my luck don't expect that it's easy just like when I make all in with KK I don't expect that someone have AA against my hand Smile Smile but sometimes see it happened Smile Smile
If no try you never know... good luck with great hands to all Smile Smile
 CALICUL12/03/2020 13:15:20 GMT
A good organization of these satellites can bring more qualifications and it will be better, if the structure is done properly. I saw satellites at good tournaments with 15-20 qualifiers but there the organizer of this kind of satellite was a smart boy.
 dule-vu12/03/2020 14:13:30 GMT
for me will be great to see what will happen with all packages if they cancel wsop this year!ok for players who will make direct buy in on 888 software,but what if you win from 1 $ or 100 $ this package,will they payback whole amount on your account or they will give just this money for travel expenses!this will be interesting!
 antonis32112/03/2020 17:13:30 GMT
Well satellites are always good for me . I wouldn't play them constantly to win the ticket , only sometimes , so I wouldn't need so great bankroll to play them . Either way , there are so cheap satellites , not a danger to lose too much money or destroy your bankroll . Ofcourse the cheaper satellites you choose to try , the more timeconsuming it will be , also more difficult to succeed the final goal and win the precious ticket after some step games .
 dule-vu13/03/2020 14:21:18 GMT
but its too hard to win something like and you need to spend so much time on this,if you start from lowest one's!would be good if you can start from some bigger satellite and to have bigger chance!but to start from 0,10 $ or 1 $ is just hard and such a long trip till this package!
 CALICUL13/03/2020 15:34:43 GMT
I read in two places that the World Series of Poker can be canceled this year. I hope many people to qualify through satellites and to organize it online, if live cannot be due to coronavirus. It's unfortunate that some spectacular tournaments to be postponed or canceled.
 MarkWest13/03/2020 17:14:46 GMT
Yes it looks like event will be cancel because of situation now.
There is much bigger events what cancelled already so this WSOP will be just one more to that list.
It's one way to play it online , of course it's not same like live not even close but we will see how it goes...
 antonis32113/03/2020 22:25:02 GMT
They can play these satellites , choose the ones they want to play that their BRM says it's the best for , and they have nothing to lose . Even if WSOP gets postponed for some months it will be played eventually . Even if it's cancelled at all , that's not so possible to me , but if it happens , the qualified players won't lose the tickets they won . Thye will play at the WSOP when it actually takes place (or take back their money that they won ) . So they have nothing to fear of Smile
 maragatero13/03/2020 23:11:13 GMT
MarkWest you are worry about your luck when you have KK, and anybody might have an AA? In that satellites, where the people makes any crazy moves, you can lost against 27o. In fact, I just lost a good freeroll in 888poker,in the bubble, having AA against...QTo!!!! When the buy-in is gifted or lower, the people feels allowed to make anything!
 MarkWest14/03/2020 00:02:24 GMT
Smile Smile yes I just say that don't expect to someone have AA against my KK , not worry , just hope there is no AA...
Yes tell me about those crazy moves and ridiculous pay , also see today some kind of bingo player who had lucky , almost bubble and I made bigger bet with AK , this monkey pay with 3 5 not suited flop A K 5 , I bet and monkey all in , of course I call and J and 5 .
Those lower buy in tournaments really can see many mystery calls without any idea...
 dule-vu14/03/2020 16:09:36 GMT
no matter do you win on some satellite this package or you make direc buy in,they will need to back your money,its just difference how they rate when you win from example 100 $ this big package!would be nice that they rate as you payed whole package and to give you whole amount!
 CALICUL14/03/2020 19:04:11 GMT
You have the opportunity to play for more satellites now because football matches were canceled because of a lie with coronavirus and you have the chance to win a place in the major live tournament. This can be a success that can change your life, if you get something beautiful.
 maragatero14/03/2020 23:40:11 GMT
A lie with coronavirus CALICUL? is another position in s row with your oposition to the vaccination? what do you do if you or a lover human being are desies, look for some root in the forest when there is a full moon, and pray a lot? I respect your belief but take care or you might have some big health trouble! And returning to the satellites, I think that the better strategy is play it for free and for fun, miracles may occur!
 dule-vu15/03/2020 19:08:10 GMT
players should play less this satellites tournaments,because if you spend lot of time and money and they cancel everything,you would be in bad position,so everybody should think twice and to play slow!maybe you will play like crazy to win some ticket and with that kind of play you will spend lot of money!
 CALICUL15/03/2020 21:19:25 GMT
Coronavirus is not a lie but the news about it they are very manipulative and wrong. I told you about vaccines. They are not good if they are produced by globalists. You do not have to understand in the wrong way because New World Order does not produce something good... About WSOP we will see what it will be and you have to play there.
 maragatero17/03/2020 01:13:47 GMT
What CALICUL? Why you don´t look for some good information (not from a means of obscurantist information and retrograde) about what happened in the world since the vaccines was created? Our life expectancy growth, and some diseas disappeared, like smallpox and paralysis child. You couldn´t refuse the evidence my friend! And if some one say to you that the world is plane...don´t trust him! Sorry i'm distracted to the matter, I´m playing all the satellites that I can, and the times is near to end...what anxiety!
 CALICUL18/03/2020 00:23:50 GMT
You didn't understand what i told you. It should be copied with copy paste and put into google translate. In this way you can better understand. Vaccines from the past was good. Now it doesn't help so much. I can't trust it because i've seen many cases with children destroyed by vaccines produced by foreign factories. Some countries make good products but others not... Now focus on the WSOP to qualify foar a tournament or maybe for more. I wish you good luck.
 maragatero19/03/2020 02:48:05 GMT
CALICUL, I´m not a health professional but you are too much uninformed about essencial things. The claim that vaccines were good before and now no, it's absolutely wrong. The notion of a vaccine (introducing a weakened virus so that the immune system reaction generates antibodies) has not been overcome, and can only not be applied to those with previous problems. If you only mean companies that produce bad products, you should clarify it
 CALICUL20/03/2020 01:49:51 GMT
I'm talking about the vaccines of the pharmaceutical companies of the New World Worder, because are not good. So, you played some satellites for WSOP 2020 in Las Vegas? or are you afraid that the world occult will throw COVID 20 (next level ...) with planes or drones? Smile

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