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Shoma "pp_syon" Ishikawa Makes History with WSOP 2020 Online Bracelet

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Posted on 22 July 2020 by "T".

History was made on GGNetwork this past Sunday, with the crowning of the very first online World Series of Poker bracelet winner outside American soil. This honour went to Shoma "pp_syon" Ishikiwa, who is only the third player from Japan to ever win a coveted gold bracelet, following in the footsteps of Naoya Kihara (in 2012) and Takahiro Nakai (in 2015).

It was an incredibly fast-paced affair in Event #34: $525 Super Turbo Bounty, where a field of 2,214 entries were whittled down to a champion in just over three hours. The top 270 spots were paid out, with several players receiving their buy-ins back either via the Bubble Protection feature or accumulated bounties.

Ishikawa's path to glory was filled with many obstacles and the late stages were an especially tense affair. He entered the final two tables as a huge underdog, when he ended up with ace-eight against the aces of Ilya Anatsky. Luck was on his side as he rivered an unlikely straight. Soon after, Ishikawa doubled-up again with ace-five suited against pocket tens, and entered the nine-handed final table fourth in chips.

While Diego "El Motron" Ostrovich and Daniel "Gyrocopter" Strelitz did most of the work to dispatch the other contenders, Ishikawa stayed under the radar and eventually reached heads-up against Ostrovich. After scooping seven hands straight, he closed the gap and then scored a decisive double with ace-nine suited versus king-ten to score his only knockout of the final table one hand later.


Final Result Event #34: $525 Super Turbo Bounty





Shoma "pp_syon" Ishikawa (Japan)

$117,650.43 (incl. $35,225.35 in bounties)


Diego "El Motron" Ostrovich (Argentina)

$86,972.44 (incl. $27,709.70 in bounties)


Gary "STARDOG13" Johnson (Canada)

$51,800.86 (incl. $9,190.45 in bounties)


Daniel "Gyrocopter" Strelitz (Canada)

$50,430.53 (incl. $19,793.26 in bounties)


Yulian "Ector" Bogdanov (Bulgaria)

$34,677.35 (incl. $12,648.94 in bounties)


Tom "Pik00rs" Delaine (Malta)

$20,225.33 (incl. $4,386.71 in bounties)


Ilya Anatsky (Belarus)

$20,343.15 (incl. $8,955.06 in bounties)


Mulgyeol "waterwave" Kim (China)

$15,029.90 (incl. $6,841.81 in bounties)


Dimitar "Mort" Yosifov (Bulgaria)

$12,102.14 (incl. $6,214.84 in bounties)

According to Japanese poker media, Ishikawa started playing tournaments in early 2019. He went on to cash in 14 live events within five months, in the All Japan Poker Championship (AJPC) and Asian Poker Tour (APT) festivals in South Korea and Vietnam respectively. This WSOP bracelet is his first major online victory and he took home $117,650.43, as well as the hardware most poker players all over the world can only dream about.

Ishikawa Enters the WSOP Winner's Circle and Becomes Natural8's First Team Bling Member

Japan is one of the up-and-coming countries in the Asian poker scene, with a notable presence on Natural8. Their Team Hot ambassador team already includes two prominent Japanese players: high stakes tournament player Toma Tsugunari and online poker streamer Kosei Ichinose. With Ishikawa winning this WSOP gold bracelet, he officially enters the WSOP Winner's Circle and joins his fellow countrymen as an ambassador in Natural8's Team Bling.

Team Bling is the sister team to Natural8's Team Hot ambassadors (which comprise of professional poker players), and was put together specifically for WSOP 2020 Online. All Natural8 players who win a WSOP 2020 Online Bracelet will be inducted into this team of rising stars and get exclusive Natural8 sponsorships.

There are three sponsorship tiers in total, with the most prestigious one reserved for the Natural8 player who wins the WSOP Online 2020 Main Event. Not only will they become the captain of Team Bling, they will also receive a Natural8 sponsorship package worth $100,000. This includes a $15,000 Las Vegas Package ($10,000 to cover buy-ins and $5,000 for expenses), $25,000 in live event sponsorships, and T$60,000 in online sponsorships on Natural8 (paid out over 12 months).

Players who win one of the WSOP 2020 Online bracelet events with a buy-in of $1,000 or more will get a $15,000 Natural8 Sponsorship, which includes the $15,000 Las Vegas Package ($10,000 to cover buy-ins and $5,000 for expenses).

For all other WSOP 2020 Online bracelet events (buy-ins from $50 to $999), a $7,500 Natural8 Sponsorship will be up for grabs. This is what Ishikawa now looks forward to, as he gets a free trip to Sin City with this $7,500 Las Vegas Package ($5,000 to cover buy-ins and $2,500 for expenses).

Remember, this promotion is exclusive to players on Natural8.

Now that Ishikawa has become the first Natural8 player to engrave his name in the history books of poker, who will be next to win a WSOP Bracelet of their own and join him in Natural8's Team Bling?

With another 53 bracelets up for grabs and with promos like the Silk Road (where players can win a seat from as low as $1.08), anyone can enter and win. It could be you next in the Winner's Circle.


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17 comments on "Shoma "pp_syon" Ishikawa Makes History with WSOP 2020 Online Bracelet"

 dule-vu22/07/2020 13:23:07 GMT
very nice win for this japanese player and great prize for this first place,over 117 K dollars for him!its great to see that almost third of this amount he got from bounties and we can see how great is to play this kind of tournaments and what amount you can earn with them,sometimes more then you can get from prize pool!
 maragatero23/07/2020 02:57:21 GMT
Yes, very nice for and notoriously in a world where the ladies don´t appear frequently. And I think, three japan ladies have WOSP bracelet...and no one argentine (masc or fem) could win one of them? I agree that Japan has ten times population than Argentine, so they could have too many players...I should solve this abscence! hahaha
 CALICUL23/07/2020 10:14:25 GMT
WSOP 2020 (played online for first time) should be very relaxing for most professional players. Bracelets are hunted, but of course real fight begins when all gamblers reach to cash prizes ( in the money). Congratulations to japanese winner.
 dule-vu23/07/2020 13:39:45 GMT
Posted by maragatero:
Yes, very nice for and notoriously in a world where the ladies don�t appear frequently. And I think, three japan ladies have WOSP bracelet...and no one argentine (masc or fem) could win one of them? I agree that Japan has ten times population than Argentine, so they could have too many players...I should solve this abscence! hahaha

her?women?you made some mistake maragatero Big Smile !this is man,not women!dont know why you think that,because of this picture or something else,but lot of times in this text we have word: he!so this is man player,not woman poker player!but congratulation to him on this!
 antonis32123/07/2020 16:57:15 GMT
Congratulations to Ishikawa on this win , third player from Japan to win a precious bracelet from WSOP Smile He started playing tournaments on 2019 , and now , this second year he wins a bracelet , very nice for him SmileHopefully , he will try to have successes on the other games of WSOP series this summer , you never know , he might actually bink it twice Blink Good luck to him.
 maragatero24/07/2020 13:33:30 GMT
Yessss...a man! You have the reason dule-vu, I saw his face next to the face of the croupier, and he felt to me more feminine than she. Here was acting my racial ignorance (that classic saying that members of races I don't belong to seem all the same). By the way, all the rest of the message have sense, because the best argentine that I know, finished 7º in a WOSP.
 antonis32124/07/2020 23:49:30 GMT
This KO tournament lasted for 3 hours almost , this turbo format is great for people that want to play for some time only , not for 8 , 10 hours on two three days events Smile The bounties that many players collected helped them win more money , or take back some or all of their buyin . You don't have to finish ITM in KOs tournaments , that's awesome Smile
 dule-vu25/07/2020 09:30:29 GMT
yes,picture can trick you if you dont read whole text,so you can think that this is maybe woman!
as we can see in text,he play poker only for one year and half and it this short period he have this kind of success,so we can expect that this is only start of his great poker career!he will have big wins in next year for sure!
 maragatero26/07/2020 00:02:07 GMT
Yes you have the reason dule-vu, and a career built in a rush! About the game speed antonis321, I´m used to turbo, super turbo, and mega turbo hahaha (the speed of the Party Poker freeroll which takes two minutes to change the blinds). And I like it! In the normal speed (8 or 10 minutes to each level) I feel that is an eternal situation. Keep concentrated for five hours or more is too much to me
 antonis32126/07/2020 09:06:04 GMT
He delivered some bad beats or very unlucky hands to other players , but this is part of poker , if you want to go very deep , win a tournament , you also need a lot of luck for flips , or for hands when you are the underdog by far . Sometimes KK win AA , or why not , as he did , A8 win AA , it might happen , devastating when it happens against you , extremelly awesome when you are the winner of such a hand Smile

maragatero , I like the 5min or 3min blinds satellites for tickets , I register late and get the ticket avoiding early bad beats . Cause in these satellites , playing from the beginning it doesn't worth the time , a bad eat awaits your big stack in the corner . For normal tournaments , for the time being , I like 8 minutes blinds , 10 at the worse , 40 bigs to begin not bad Smilewith more I don't like it Smile
 dule-vu26/07/2020 10:05:14 GMT
again everything is on same side,no matter do you play tournaments with fast blinds or slow blinds,because on end you must get some good cards that you can win hands,so no matter how fast are blinds,you will lose before payout if you dont have something to play it!so every game can be good,just depend what you like!
 CALICUL26/07/2020 14:58:00 GMT
Bad Beats are very ugly because they deny real opportunities to earn much more. Unfortunately we can't win with them too often, compared to losses that we have in all games. It is important not to play all in many times because can lose quickly with this method.
 maragatero27/07/2020 22:20:41 GMT
I understand you antonis321, you are talking about some things that I like in the past. For example, I didn´t like3 to be a deep stack with more than 100 blinds. As I told in other threats, I loved play push or fold. I thought that I might play only that stage of a tournament. But then, when I learn a bit more of the game, I understand how I have to play there, and now I like it. Perhaps my preference with Turbo and Superturbo has a link with the same question: I don´t learn to think enough in my moves!
 antonis32128/07/2020 01:36:40 GMT
He now gets this sponshorship by Natural8 , cause he got this bracelet playing from their network , this will also happen to anyone else who plays from Natural 8 and wins a bracelet . An extra motivation for th players to win buy ins for tournaments and win big again SmileNow a member of the rising stars team . More awards await the player who will win the Main event from Natural8 , good luck everyone Smile

maragatero . For ournaments or sngs that award prizes , I like the 40 blinds buy in , 50 at the most , 30 is not bad ,but things are tougher , especially if blinds go up not in 10minutes , but in 8 , 7 or earlier Smile Not that I have a good shove fold strategy , but if I see my results from games that I registered early , with 100 blinds ,or even 150 or 200 blinds , the results are not good .Especialy with premium hands , don't know how to protect them the right way . You bet too much they just call , and you miss the flop or you see scary cards ,you bat all in they call ATC and win many times the idiots . You bet a little , you see many callers , difficult to play postflop . lol , What to do ?? I s a mystery ... bet how many blinds ?? 3bet or 4bet how many ?? Shove when ?? lol . poker is a puzzle for GTO slovers nowadays . lol
 CALICUL28/07/2020 15:59:41 GMT
Any sponsor is good if you make money from it. Do you think Natural8 is small? We have no way of knowing... how much money they want to invest in advertising, in the hope that this room will attract many gamblers. Customers matter very most.
 antonis32129/07/2020 21:59:05 GMT

He has played other tournaments in Asia , had cashes before this tournament , so this is not his first experience , or the first time he wins money on a tourney . But ofcourse , now he wins this amount of money , $117K , a great amount of money , giving him the chance to buy things , or expand very much his poker bankroll Smile

 CALICUL03/08/2020 07:22:19 GMT
Poker rooms have different tournaments for some countries. I know this because have few sites, where in lobby see beautiful games with good prizes, but in Romania there are smaller. This is something restrictive and don't like it, but it is not my decision. However, many can participate in big live tournaments without restrictions. Online is little changed due to the laws.

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