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Bill Perkins Next in Line for The Galfond Challenge

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Posted on 16 April 2020 by "T".

Phil Galfond founded his own site with the goal of keeping the online poker dream alive. Over the years, a big part of that dream has been epic high stakes battles for all to witness. With the Galfond Challenge, a series of high stakes heads up matches between Phil and his various challengers, Phil is bringing back the glory days of railing high stakes games.

The Galfond Challenge entails the real-life experience of a three-time WSOP bracelet winner as he plays high-stakes online PLO cash games. His very first challenge was against Venividi1993. Galfond managed to stay afloat and fight back from being behind by over €900,000 to secure a €1,472.08 profit, while he also won a €100,000 side bet.

After his first challenge with Venividi1993, the next opponent for Galfond is Bill Perkins, who owns the popular poker streaming channel The Thirst Lounge.

This time, things become more interesting as partypoker is hosting this particular showdown in the high-stakes cash game series, which started on Tuesday, April 14.


Bill Perkins, born in 1969 in New Jersey, is a successful hedge fund manager who embarked on a new venture as a poker player. His biggest career win came just last year at the Triton Million for Charity event in London, finishing 6th place and winning a hefty £2,200,000.

Against Perkins, the first player to notch up $400,000 wins the challenge. The buy-in is $20,000 and the blinds are $100/$200. If neither player has reached that target after 50,000 hands, then the leader at that stage will be confirmed as the winner.

There will also be a side bet of $1,000,000 posted by Galfond and $250,000 posted by Perkins. This means if Galfond wins, he takes an extra $250,000. If Perkins wins, he is paid out an extra $1,000,000.

Perkins said, "All my life I've been attacking challenging situations and this one seems to be the most formidable in quite some time. Not only does Phil have strategic knowledge, he has heart and mental fortitude. I look forward to playing the role of underdog."

Galfond said, "This challenge is different to my others because of the $400,000 finish line. A lot of people are expecting me to win this one, but they shouldn't underestimate Bill or the swings of PLO. Anything can happen."

The first session has just ended early morning of Thursday, April 16, with Bill Perkins in the lead.


Fans can follow the action as it unfolds by visiting the challenge in the partypoker client.

Every session of The Galfond Challenge presented by Run It Once Poker will be live-streamed on

Note: For Galfond Challenge matches only, rake will be 1% up to a cap of €1.



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17 comments on "Bill Perkins Next in Line for The Galfond Challenge"

 dule-vu16/04/2020 11:17:54 GMT
so now he have another challenge with different player and who know how many of them we will have this year!now when he was in small profit after first one,he again start with small loss,but so many they are in front of this two players and who know how this will finish!but for now bill is in small profit,which can change in few hands of new day!
 CALICUL16/04/2020 15:20:47 GMT
In the spirit of poker these 1 to 1 duels with professional players are very good. They make you want to play with more concentration and ambition. The thought of making money is also very good and you just have to try this. These games attract players as an advertisement.
 antonis32116/04/2020 16:06:42 GMT
I believe Galfond will not find a hard time defeating Perkins , I believe this will be a short battle , less than 20k hands , mybe less than 12k hands !!!! (don't have any special info about this , it's just my instict )

Perkins is not at the level of Galfond , not even close . Galfond is extremelly good at PLO , which ofcourse is a game with terrible swings , even a not so good player might be lucky very much , at least on a short period of time , but on the long run , in 25k hands , he doesn't stands a chance , he has to be extremelly lucky , or Galfond to play extremelly loose , tilty and terrible , which is not a total improbability , but it is very hard to happen indeed Smile
 maragatero17/04/2020 13:02:59 GMT
What a life, what a world! He "stay afloat" to win $ 1400, but won a side bet of...$ 100.000!. And now, he makes a bet of $ 1M, and Party Poker host his game. So, he makes a new business with the poker´s room, who think that is a good atracting publicity to spend some money there. If the only meaning of life was to make money, I would think that I was wrong when I decided my proffession.
 CALICUL17/04/2020 16:40:59 GMT
The games can be balanced, but can also be with huge differences in winning. I remember Isildur1 or Gus Hansen who had some duels at the cash games, where they lost or won millions of dollars. The difference can be great even if they are professionals.
 maragatero18/04/2020 13:55:58 GMT
Yes is true, there are differences between the pro-players, and the amount of side bets show that. Although it is necessary to consider different questions, and the proportion have not direct relation with the skills, obviously, Galfond is favorite versus Perkins, and if we interpolate these relations between side bets and skills, Isildur is favorite versus Perkins.
 CALICUL18/04/2020 16:55:23 GMT
These games always attract many looks, because people are interested to see the movements of some professionals, when they are given on TV or on the Internet. Poker is no longer on the road it was 10 years ago but abilities of PRO players have increased considerably.
 antonis32119/04/2020 13:14:38 GMT
Perkins lost this challenge the same day and hour he though he can , and decided to try out Galfond and his poker skills , he's mo match for him Smile I hope Galfond crashes him , not slow play or give him some friendly poker games' hands , just crash him Smile This is not a joke , it's a real high stakes challenge , teach him a lesson , lol Smile

Anyway , Perkins doesn't expect to live via poker , he has money , poker is his passion , his hobby maybe , he's an embassadot of the game to the non poker world , I believe the same way as that guy with the provokative lifestyle in luxurie , with parties with women , etc , what was his name again Question Question Can't remember Smile . Anyway , he's more like a amateur player , not a pro . So he'll have fun , the defeat won't hurt him . But if Galfond loses , I will quesgtion this result by him for sure Blink
 CALICUL19/04/2020 17:22:47 GMT
Sometimes boredom occurs and players are no longer focused on the game. This can happen to anyone but that is not the only thing he chose to play as an amateur. He tried a drastic change in style to put the opponent in difficulty...
 maragatero19/04/2020 23:30:49 GMT
I think that poker´s game got popular before than ten years. In fact, I´m playing since 2008, despite I played it for play money about two years, in substitution of the solitaire. What a good meeting! But you have the reason about the increasing skills of the professional, and I can add one question: The reduction of the age mediated. Some final table seems like a schooll table today!
 CALICUL20/04/2020 18:25:08 GMT
Any player who enters in a tournament wants to get in the last two and fight for the final victory. When you first start a heads up game then you can think that the amount of money won or lost can be consistent because is poker professional.
 dule-vu20/04/2020 19:24:37 GMT
would be good to know is it something else behind this kind of challenges and do somebody have sponsor or sponsors and will site at which they play this poker games,will they give something more to them,will this money be from theirs accounts or what!maybe its not just about low rake that they will pay!
 maragatero21/04/2020 01:49:53 GMT
But is totally different arrive to a heads up after to play a tourney or a simple sit&go, than directly play a heads up. In this way, you haven´t information of the villain and you have to believe 100% in yours strategy, trying to not giving information. For me is really hard, but some mobster like it. Do you remember pajalnick, CALICUL? He loved the HU!!
 CALICUL21/04/2020 18:51:37 GMT
The last time when i saw Pajalnick was on a freeroll tournament and i eliminated him. He asked for all in with small pair. I paid and i won. Some gamblers love heads up but me i don't. I tried to play many years ago but it made me nervous. The cards were against me...
 maragatero27/04/2020 00:34:52 GMT
Is a speciality that have his own rules and strategies. There you could use the SAGE method, which is given a number of points to each card and making some mathematicals operations. I take notice of it and another who have a range table that pay special attention to the number of blinds that each one have. And have different propose if you have, for example: 3,8 or 3.5 BB. Really crazy!
 CALICUL27/04/2020 13:59:04 GMT
The second day was very profitable for Phil Galfond with a $ 90,000 profit. These huge differences between Pro players do not always happen but the miracle always is possible. I don't know what the end result will be but we can follow.
 antonis32127/04/2020 20:24:56 GMT
Ofcourse PLO is a game with great variance and many upsand downs , upswings and downswings , but then again this is not any match . This is one of the best PLO pros Galfond vs Perkins , Galfond is $90k more thsan Perkins , with 1k hands . I believe he's going to win for sure , it's a matter of time .

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