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Galfond Challenge: ‘ActionFreak' Fights Back with Two Consecutive Big Wins

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Posted on 07 May 2020 by "T".

Online poker pro "Action Freak" claimed back-to-back wins in the latest Galfond Challenge, reducing his deficit of €410,000 by over 50%.

Challenging Others
After Phil Galfond won against "Venividi1993" after a lengthy heads-up Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) fight that took around three months, the three-time WSOP bracelet winner didn't waste any time and proceeded to roll with his other challenges next in line.

While he has already started playing against Bill Perkins in an on-and-off battle mainly revolving around the challenger's schedule, Galfond has also started playing against online PLO star "ActionFreak" on Monday, April 27th.

Considered by the poker community as Galfond's toughest challenge yet, he and ActionFreak were set to play 15,000 hands of Pot-Limit Omaha at the €150/€300 stakes. ActionFreak also agreed to a side bet of equal odds for €150,000.

The Monday sesh was cut abruptly due to connection issues, and the Tuesday sesh was sort of in vain for Galfond as he opened up a lead of over €200,000 just to lose almost all of it in the end.

However, ActionFreak who was able to win more lumps but failed to do so on Thursday as he suffered a massive loss of €310,000. Still no luck for him come Friday, as Galfond won another six-figure win letting him get to a substantial early lead of over €400,000 with just under 2,700 hands played.

Bringing the Galfond Challenge to partypoker
The Galfond Challenges usually take place on Galfond's poker site, but because the challenger was having issues moving money to the site, on the second week of play with ActionFreak the battle took place at partypoker, which proved to be beneficial for the challenger as he beat Galfond and won €95,000. Since some of their sessions were held at partypoker, the real-name tables on the site revealed that ActionFreak's name was Ioannis Kontonatsios. A further win left ActionFreak stuck around eight buy-ins total.

Day 1 & 2
Hands Played: 1,017
Results: ActionFreak +€7,529.49
Full Session video:

Day 3
Hands Played: 844
Results: Phil Galfond +€310,594.59
Full Session video:

Day 4
Hands Played: 665
Results: Phil Galfond +€113,377.48
Full Session video: 

Day 5
Hands Played: 680
Results: ActionFreak +€95,304.17
Full Session video:

Day 6
Hands Played: 727
Results: ActionFreak +€74,625.85
Full Session video:



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4 comments on "Galfond Challenge: ‘ActionFreak'' Fights Back with Two Consecutive Big Wins"

 roeish307/05/2020 18:22:08 GMT
These heads up games always looked like pure luck to me. I used to try to play them and eventually decided that the outcome of the game depends on steaks or good luck on the hands that matter.
Let's see if these fluctuations continue this time as well
 dule-vu07/05/2020 19:24:00 GMT
so he even started to play another heads up challenge,even he didnt finish other one with bill perkins!he just low to play this heads up-s and want to make as much as he can!at this moment he is in big profit with this one,but we know from first challenge that this dont mean anything and that anything can happen till end!
 maragatero08/05/2020 02:35:05 GMT
This is a good news, I love the promo with videos. I like very much to see videos of poker game. Oportunities like this, to see two big players fighting are not usual in my country´s access. So I take advantage of it. I think that each one have his own prioritary way to understand and learn of the play. My way are the videos without any doubt!
 CALICUL09/05/2020 09:21:10 GMT
This session between the two professional players is very difficult, especially since the major difference was remedied quite quickly. There is a possibility that a minus of over 900 thousand dollars will become even higher and now this fight it was abandoned...

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