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Galfond Challenge: Day 35 sees Phil Galfond winning against 'Venividi1993'

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Posted on 08 April 2020 by "T".

Three-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Galfond has founded his own poker site with the goal of keeping the online poker dream alive. Over the years, a big part of that dream has been epic high stakes battles for everyone to see.

With the Galfond Challenge, a series of high stakes heads up matches between Phil and his various challengers, Phil is bringing back the glory days of railing high stakes games.

Phil Galfond vs Venividi1993

This was the very first Galfond Challenge for 2020, and things were a mess for Galfond at the start as he racked up a loss of over €900,000 in his €100/€200 PLO match versus Venividi1993. However, on Monday, after a whopping 22,000 hands, Galfond has finally managed to end the day with the overall lead for the first time.

A swingy session enabled Galfond to lead as much as €150,000 on the day only for his opponent to take it all back once again. Ultimately in the end, Galfond managed to finish for his 6th win of at least €100,000 in the past 11 sessions. Venividi won some of it back the following day but remained behind by around two buy-ins.

With over 2,000 hands left on the challenge, only a few sessions remain.

Day 35
Just minutes after starting, Venividi bluffed off a stack as he called a three-bet and then raised Galfond's small continuation bet on 5Spade3DiamondKSpade. Galfond called and then called a turn bet and river shove as it ran 7SpadeASpade. Even though he just has KClubKHeart5Club5Diamond, he was good against a zero-equity bluff: QSpade10Club3Club4Diamond.

On a board of 4[that]7Heart9ClubJClub, Galfond found himself a nice spot. Both players held the nuts but Venividi could only get a Queen hit while Galfond had QClub10Club8Club9Diamond for a massive redraw. The 8Spade was just what he need as he retook the overall lead. Another stack went to Galfond as both players hit trip 9s but Venividi's Queen kicker didn't play against Galfond's King.

Both were 150 big blinds deep when Venividi check-raised the turn to get stacks in on 6SpadeJSpade5Heart9Heart. Galfond shoved to get the last €10K in and create a €62K pot, having JClub10Heart6Heart2Heart for two pair and a heart draw. Venividi wasn't doing great with 10Spade8Spade8Club5Club for an inferior pair and his own combo draw and found no help on the river. He got stuck €93K at break.

Galfond furthered his lead after the break in two set-ups as he held with top set against a wrap plus flush draw, then he got bottom set in against top two and a straight draw and held there too. Another top set for Galfond on 7Diamond2Spade3Heart and this time Venividi stuck it in with ASpade5Spade4Diamond3Diamond only to be turned dead. Galfond was up €145K and six figures overall.

What seemed like a €200K+ massacre turned around at about the 375-hand mark. The biggest blow came when Venividi saw his flop bet check-raised on KSpade7Club9Club. He called, bringing a 10Club turn. Galfond potted for €5,611 and Venividi called. On the 5Spade river, Galfond potted and Venividi shoved about €6K more. Galfond made the call with a king-high flush but lost to AClubJClubKDiamond4Heart as Venividi dragged a €63K pot. He continued to crush, and at the next break just under 500 hands, he had reduced the day's deficit to €46K and was almost even overall.

Galfond won consecutive pots on both tables to right the ship. One one, Venividi barreled off with the nut flush blocker and got snapped off by a king-high flush for €42K. On the other, Venividi check-raised a JHeart4HeartKDiamond flop and checked the QClub turn. He called a pot-sized bet of €6,733 and then called an €18K shove on the QSpade river. He'd improved to jacks full with AHeartJClubJDiamond2Spade, but but Galfond had turned the nuts and rivered a sneaky higher boat with AClub4ClubQDiamond10Diamond.

Stacks were reset with Galfond up just below €100K. They battled through 200 more relatively tamed hands until Venividi fired in the "good game."

Afterwards, Galfond looked surprised he'd built a four buy-in lead overall. However, he said it's far too early to celebrate and the best thing to do is stay focused, "It's exciting to be up for the first time, but, no celebrating."

Hands Played: 758
Results: Phil Galfond +€121,486.95
Full Session video:

Day 36
Around 70 hands in, Galfond bet €400 in a raised pot on 8Club8SpadeQSpade and Venividi called with €1,390. Galfond returned with €3,381 and Venividi called. Venividi check-called half pot on the JSpade turn, bringing a 7Diamond. He snap-called when Galfond shoved just under pot, only to see his flopped eights full had been one-outed as Galfond held 10Spade9Spade4Diamond3Club for the straight flush.

After that intense early showdown, neither of them could really gain the upper hand. They took turns being up around four figures until Venividi won a few pots just before the 300-hand mark which saw him go up about one buy-in.

At around 450 hands in, Galfond gained some when Venividi bluffed off a stack. He barreled off after three-betting as the board ran JDiamond3Diamond9HeartQSpade8Club with Galfond calling down as he held QDiamond5Diamond10Club2Heart for a rivered straight. Venividi turned top pair on the flop into a bluff with KClub7ClubJSpade5Spade.

Going into the final stretch Galfond was up around €7,000 but Venividi played wildly to close it out. He stacked Galfond on an 8Heart2Diamond9Club flop when Galfond flopped 9s and 2s and Venividi had KDiamondQDiamondQHeartJClub. A 10 on the turn sent the pot to Venividi. Venividi was well behind the next time stacks went in as he check-raised a committing amount on 3Diamond9Spade2Spade6Heart with 10Spade5Spade9Club8Club for a gutter, top pair and a flush draw. Galfond had the nuts but a 7Spade gave Venividi the flush he needed to win €42K.

They finally then got stacks in on 2Spade3Spade8Diamond7Heart with Venividi holding KClub8ClubQDiamond7Diamond for top two and Galfond 9Club9Spade6Spade4Spade for an overpair plus combo draw. Unlike Venividi, just a few hands before, he bricked the river and found himself stuck almost €60,000. He got some back in the last few hands and wound up down €34K.

Hands Played: 592
Results: Venividi1993 +€34,580.19
Full Session video:

The Galfond Challenge with Venividi continues Thursday, with session No. 37.

Every session of The Galfond Challenge presented by Run It Once Poker will be live-streamed on Twitch:



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12 comments on "Galfond Challenge: Day 35 sees Phil Galfond winning against ''Venividi1993''"

 dule-vu08/04/2020 20:23:00 GMT
must say that I didnt expect that he can back from such a big loss,with over 900 K and now after lot of days of break and days of play after it,he start to play so good and to get good cards,so now he is in profit,which is great for him and very strange situation!who would say that this break will be good,even every day that he didnt play,he lost 3000 e!
 maragatero08/04/2020 22:24:09 GMT
That is a strange world for me. I never play heads up of poker in my life. Obviously, I play it when is his time in a sit&go or in a tournament, but I feel that this is different. In a tourney or a S&G you have some knowledge about your enemy, you was playing with him several time and you can make the adjust of your game
 antonis32109/04/2020 19:16:47 GMT
HU PLO I don't know , haven't played before . But I know that PLO generally is a game of many upswings and downswings , easily you can lose big money , but with soem luck you also win much during a session . The more skillfull you are , the more odds to have awesome results in this game .

Seeing these two great playersbattling each other , with these swings . It was so devastating this -$900.000 loss at the beginning for Glafond , so early , so easy . I felt strange for this , now this come back , he is really awesome , ofourse venividi is on the other hand , in danger to los this challenge and pay his opponent. This headus uo of 900.000$ wasn'tenough to succeed .... PLO miracles !!
 maragatero10/04/2020 00:44:18 GMT
Yes PLO is a risky way of play. You can loose a lot of money there, but is funny to play. I register to all the Omaha freeroll that I could find. I prefer PLO because is more safe than Omaha NL, but I try to play all of the tournament that appears, including PLO8 that is a variant with Low and High rewards. I really funny but I´m a total fish there (more than usual!)
 antonis32110/04/2020 20:05:00 GMT
With 700 hands more to come Galfond now he's 20.000$ behind Venividi . Will he manage to succeed ?? Anyway , it's very close , anything could happen , anyone of them could win this challenge . The most important thong is the way Galfond came at this point , this miracle comeback , from -900.000$ to thus point where he might also have the win and some profits !!! Even if he loses , no comparison to the 1.000.000$ he might have lost if this downswing had not stopped .
 CALICUL11/04/2020 11:07:22 GMT
Phil Galfond vs Venividi1993 was very interesting when the difference was huge and the winner "offended" the loser... This was a great ambition for this player and now his strategy gave very good results. I wait for the end of the sessions to see what it will be.
 antonis32111/04/2020 21:35:05 GMT
-$8.000 now the difference , Glfond behinf Venividi , I want to see the end of this duel , with this crazy downswing and then upswing by Galfond , he surely deserves to win showing how good he really is , at least on PLO in comparison to many other PLO pros in the world nowadays .
 CALICUL12/04/2020 11:45:58 GMT
It is a formidable recovery from this player and by the end of the sessions he can earn some money. A very difficult & sad game in the first part but this thing can turn into something that will remain in his mind, all his life. Must to see final result and we will talk.
 Mober12/04/2020 11:55:30 GMT
I understand doing the challenge.
But opening a poker site in this era is not the best move you can do.
If you have money to spare though you can try to "keep the dream alive" Smile
We have een such attempts in the past that failed, but you never know.
The future will show Smile
 antonis32113/04/2020 18:07:26 GMT
WOW !!! At the photo phinish he manages to take this win , with $1.000 profit in comparison to venividi , so little but it was enough to give him the vistory , the 100k I believe - the stake if he won like he did , and the admiration of the poker community , for this awesome games and the comeback from almost losing 1M and the challenge , to the point he was announced the victorious one !! Really he deserves every applause Smile
 dule-vu14/04/2020 11:11:12 GMT
so he manage to be better one end,even he was almost 1 million down?wow,this is something that you dont see every day!I know that he took break and that he payed penalties for it,but now we can see that it was right move and now he is even in small profit!didnt expect this after first few days of play!
 antonis32114/04/2020 20:04:33 GMT
He took penalties for the breaks he toom , but this was done also by venividi , to come back stronger . Who payed the most penalties , I don't know . But a break always helps to find again your A+ game , or else bad strategy and tilt will go on , with many more losses and finally the loss of the game or challenge . Galfond made good use of the breaks , they helped him . Venividi no , it didn't help him .

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