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Galfond Challenge: Phil Galfond bested Daniel ‘Jungleman' Cates for €86K in Mini Challenge

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Posted on 08 May 2020 by "T".

Phil Galfond continues with his onslaught, defeating heads-up PLO challengers one by one, with Dan ‘Jungleman' Cates the latest victim.

On Wednesday, May 6, two of poker's famous high-stakes cash players duked it out for 754 hands in what's called a Mini Challenge, with Phil Galfond triumphant over Daniel "Jungleman" Cates, winning a total of €86,870.52 in The Galfond Challenge.

Challenging Others
After Phil Galfond won against "Venividi1993" after a lengthy heads-up Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) fight that took around three months, the three-time WSOP bracelet winner didn't waste any time and proceeded to roll with his other challenges next in line.

While he has already started playing against Bill Perkins in an on-and-off battle mainly revolving around the challenger's schedule, Galfond has also started playing against online PLO star "ActionFreak" on the last week of April, and this week he has started a "Mini Challenge" with high-stakes poker pro Daniel "Jungleman" Cates.

Mini Challenge
The Mini Challenge was somewhat the intro for their upcoming challenge at the same €100/€200 PLO stakes. That one is scheduled for 7,500 hands, with an undetermined side bet amount. The loser will post a video explaining why the winner is a better poker player and a better man.


Match Highlights
Galfond took a huge blow early into the match when Cates chose to just call a four-bet with aces and the board showed 3Diamond6SpadeQDiamondJHeart. After the flop checked through, Cates potted for almost all of his money and Galfond stuck the rest in with his trapping AClub4ClubQSpadeQHeart. Sadly for him, Cates' slim equity with AHeartASpadeKDiamond7Club came home as the ADiamond hit the river.

Galfond got stacked again shortly after in a spot where both players flopped huge on 3DiamondQHeart2Diamond, Galfond drawing with ADiamond7Diamond5Spade4Spade against AClubKDiamondKSpade5Diamond. Board-pairing turn and river left Galfond stuck more than a buy-in and Cates scooping a €52,000 pot.

Galfond wasn't stuck for long as he got into profit and then stacked Cates in a four-bet pot when aces held against bare top pair for €53,000. He really caught fire around the 250-hand mark, though. He won almost every decent-sized pot until the counter read about €100,000 in the profit after 400 hands.

Up around €120,000 before the break, Galfond claimed one more stack when he bet half-pot on 6SpadeKClub3Diamond in a three-bet pot. Cates raised to €6,400 and Galfond called. The turn was 10Spade and Cates stuffed for €15,692. Galfond quickly called with 6Club5Club4Spade3Spade for two pair and a combo draw. Cates was in a pinch with 7Heart4Heart6Diamond5Spade and found himself stuck €140,000 when he missed the river.

As he needed an epic rally over the final 200 hands, Cates started well enough when he turned top set of aces against Galfond's flopped top set of queens. They each filled up on the river and Cates got a €14,000 bet paid to win a €46,000 pot.

A little after the break Cates called a four-bet out of the big blind and check-called €3,563 on 7Heart4Diamond5Club. Both players checked the 3Club, bringing a QSpade. Cates bet €14,000 and Galfond shoved. Despite it being just €6,000 more, Cates found a fold with ASpadeAClub2Club10Club. Galfond revealed that it was correct as he held ADiamondAHeart5Heart6Club, having cracked aces with aces.

Cates fought back hard down the stretch and recovered some of the €146,000 he has lost. He called a five-bet with AClub8Club9Heart5Heart and managed to flop a straight against Galfond's AHeart10HeartASpade7Diamond, holding against the redraws on 7Spade6Heart8Spade. He cracked aces again with a rundown in a five-bet pot and wound up losing €86,000 when they wrapped soon afterwards.

Mini Challenge with Jungleman
Hands Played: 754
Results: Phil Galfond +€86,870.52
Full Session video:


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16 comments on "Galfond Challenge: Phil Galfond bested Daniel ‘Jungleman'' Cates for €86K in Mini Challenge"

 dule-vu08/05/2020 22:12:05 GMT
and another challenge from this poker players,even he didnt finish other two challenges and he started a new one and again he is in big profit against his opponent!86 K e from 754 hands are very nice result for him,even we know that he can win much more and to play for much bigger amounts!this stakes are bit lower they last one!
 maragatero09/05/2020 03:10:43 GMT
In this challenge are not extra bet, like in the first fight or I don´t see it? Whatever, this guy was worst player than the other that had videos to see their play. About this, after a few minute seeing the game without showing the cards, and hearing it in english I got tired a little. Too much understand of a game that I do not dominate...
 CALICUL09/05/2020 09:58:07 GMT
I don't know how many more sessions they have to play. These two professional players have a good fight and is very interesting the final result. A fierce struggle from my point of view. Winner will be very happy and not necessarily that he will win something but because he beat a formidable rival.
 antonis32109/05/2020 23:16:20 GMT
I like more Jungleman , hope he has good results vs Galfond when the main conflict between them starts , why not win him , that would be super Smile As far as it concerns this mini challenge , it's a little childish to me , the motivation , but anyway , I wish Crates wins it as well Smile Galfond can't win everything lol Smile 80k$$ is a nice amount of money , Galfond showing his teeth , but I hope he losess in the end Smile
 roeish310/05/2020 05:02:25 GMT
I like poker very much but there is for to be more to life than just play the game all day every day. With these challenges it seems like he make rationalizations to why to just play without getting bless to death with it.
I think at one point it is getting to be done kind of Sickness
 CALICUL10/05/2020 14:08:55 GMT
I also like to play poker but i have a big disadvantage. Even if i saw videos and read strategies, i can't win many hands, exactly like good players do. I tried to change tactics for a short time but rival players with whom i fight for good pots, it's like they know what cards i have in my hand. Damn
 roeish310/05/2020 15:06:09 GMT
Tight aggressive work for me against unsophisticated players. I do try to miss it up a little bit not too much. Don't play a lot of hands but when you do go through with it. I'm not so back with the pick and choose of when to strike.
Still got a lot to learn though
 dule-vu11/05/2020 00:05:52 GMT
this man is just crazy with his challenges and you cant even read everything that he do and play in last weeks!probably he played on this weekend also,but who know with what player and what he made from them,but in last days he just cant lose,no matter against which player he play!
 antonis32111/05/2020 23:46:48 GMT
I can watch this battle on twitch sometimes , but most of the times it's more interesting to me to watch a normal stream , like one from the Staples brothers , ot Jeff Grooss , or Veldhuis , some
one else more rarelly , in order to see some poker in the action , to learn top play NLH better , some spots to shove or not , some hands to play when I have big stack , etc

Thisd is a PLO HU battle , I won't be playing PLO for a long time for sure , NLH is the game I want to become better at , PLO only for fun .

 maragatero12/05/2020 19:28:23 GMT
Hey antonis321, when you see it in Twitch there shows his hand or is like here,that you have to supouse what they are? This aren´t the videos that I like. I start to see with a lot of interest, but be fighting withe the language and the mistery, is too much for me. I could bear the english tolk, but if there run many hands without showdown, I can´t understand anything...
 antonis32112/05/2020 20:56:38 GMT
maragatero , it shows the cards , or else it would be 1.000.000% boring to watch it !!

Without seeing the cards , a stream is extremelly boring , I wouldn't watch it at all . Exception if the streamer is a very good poker pro , and he's on the FT , but I rreally struggle to remember the last time I saw such a thing .

Even Matt Staples recently 10 days ago , on $215 PP Million FT , where he got 3rd place for $92K !!!! Although this was a extremely important tourney for Matt (more than 10k viewers!! ) , he didn't hid the cards , only increased delay to 6 mn , instead of 5 . In his place I would make the delay AT LEAST 8 min !!! Viewers would show understanding for this Blink

By the way , he called 3max on the BB for 11 blinds instant , a shove/all from the SB of 23.6 bb , WITH K5o Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile!!! He said he had to call with such a hand (the SB had K7s LOL) , he said he shouldn't fold by the book with such a hand 3max !!

Come on man , I have seen you , I have seen all online poker streamers changing bet- lines , playing more tight or with tricks online than to live poker , not calling with some hands which are a call for most viewers-players , saying some strange excuses , then sometimes calling with the right hands by the book , or RESHOVING with them , such as 77+ pocket pairs in position 4 max or less , but geting as a reward a bad beat , LOL Big Smile Big Smile

So why did you call it ??? Would anyone say anything if you folded ??? For Christ sake , he commited suicide . When he 'll have the chance to win $150K or $200K again ???? OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 CALICUL13/05/2020 10:25:41 GMT
In the game of poker, suicide is very often when players prefer this. Professionals use it less often but the time comes when they also sacrifice everything to win a huge pot. Many times they win with a bluff but there are times when they lose.
 antonis32115/05/2020 16:46:59 GMT

But it's an enertaining battle , challenge to watch sometimes , all these guys trying to show to Galfond that he'snot the boss on PLO , among pros , lol . Galfond is very good, jungleman will have to try a lot and have some fun , which I really wish him to have it . When the main challenge between these two men starts , it will be more interesting for me , many more reasons to watch this fight , this duel , cause with the others it's not soooo interesting , cause I don'tknow them , haven't watched them in the past , online or live Smile

 Skpmorita17/05/2020 11:05:46 GMT
Galfond doesnt seem to be doing anything wrong lately
after watching that crazy comeback against an unknown online god
now he takes on Dan ‘Jungleman' Cates one of the most known poker players
i guess talent never dies , it is good to see an og player dominate
 CALICUL17/05/2020 21:40:37 GMT
These two players had some great fights in their sessions and we can only congratulate them for that. We can't accuse one or the other of playing poorly because it's not that easy. We need to be realistic and see summaries then let's talk with a player mentality about it.
 antonis32117/05/2020 22:55:45 GMT
LOL . One player demands 15K hands , another 25K hands , another 35K hands , Perkins 50K hands , lol . If Perkins didn't have a 400K max loss limit , with 50K hands he would lose many millions , LOL . Some demand $100K or $150K or $200K sidebet , two have agreed for one million , lol , one of them Perkins , alright HE has the money Smilelol . Perkins challenge will be completed in the next two sessions , guarantee victory for Galfond , don'tcare even watch one min lol . I will wait for the Jungleman , to watch many parts of the live stream on twitch , gl to him Smile

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