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Set Up Your Own Private Home Game on 888poker!

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Posted on 07 April 2020 by "T".

Thinking of setting up your very own private home game online?

Find out how you can do that on 888poker and invite your friends to play!


How to Set Up your Own Poker Home Game

Creating your private cash game or tournament at 888poker is very simple and easy:

  • Login to the lobby & click on the 'Play with friends' tab (if you don't see the tab please click on "extra games" located at the top of the lobby.)
  • Click 'Create New Game' and choose either 'Tournament' or 'Cash Game'
  • Fill in your desired 'Game name', 'Game password', 'Starting time', etc.
  • Click 'Create'
  • Your created 888poker Home Game will appear in the lobby

How to Invite Friends to your 888poker Home Game

Invite friends to play in your home game using either these two methods:
1. Email

  • Enter your email address on the confirmation page
  • Click ‘Send' & you'll receive a unique message with your game details
  • Forward this mail to your friends & contacts

2. Share

  • Copy and paste a link wherever you like! Paste it on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Zoom, chats, forums or even in emails and invite your friends to play!

How to Join a Friend's 888poker Home Game
If you already have an 888poker account:

  • Login to the lobby & click the 'Play with friends' tab
  • Click 'Join a game' and enter the game name & password*.

* These details are in the email invitation or social network invitation page.


If you don't have an account yet at 888poker, join now through BankrollMob to get $88 Free + $700 on deposit (NEW700) + access to exclusive promotions! 

888poker ambassador Chris Moorman gives you a quick and easy-to-understand video tutorial how to set up your own home game with friends:


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36 comments on "Set Up Your Own Private Home Game on 888poker!"

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» Set Up Your Own Private Home Game on 888poker!

 maragatero11/04/2020 01:23:50 GMT
No antonis321, as far as I remember this is the first time that 888poker make this feature. I saw it in PokerStars few years ago, but I was leaving of playing there, so I never make a game for friends or play in one of it. But the best way of play in this option maybe the tourney or sit&go. As I readed there, it is difficult to make. The system is more adjusting to the cash games.
 dule-vu11/04/2020 09:26:14 GMT
I dont think that will have much success at their site and that players wouldnt play as much as they think that will!especially younger players,they more like other ways of poker and faster games,not to find 10 firends who will play it!they dont have so many players who will play it online poker!so this will be small thing for 888 poker!
 CALICUL11/04/2020 10:43:06 GMT
At Home Games you can play official money games and virtual chips. It may also be free where you receive nothing. Here you can learn good tactics, that will help you, in front with other players, that will play in tournaments and do not know them. Play if this kind is good for you, guys.
 antonis32111/04/2020 20:31:03 GMT
maragatero , if it's the first time they introduced this frature , well , it was about time Smile PokerStars has its own for a long time, PartyPoker also . it can come in handy . for some games to be sheduled and played . I don't know how sucessfull it will be , time will show . Individuals might try it , more probable players with many followers , some forums maybe , i don't know yet . Private games are interesting to be played sometimes , especially if it's for real money , not just play money , lol Smile
 maragatero12/04/2020 01:32:48 GMT
As I said (write), I knew the PokerStars option (I don´t know the PartyPoker feature), but I never played it because I was leaving that room. So 888poker, where I play a lot actually, bring to me a new opportunity. And I take the idea of CALICUL, that it could be a tool to learn the game. You can play with friends and try different strategies, showing the cards at the end of the hand...
 Mober12/04/2020 11:58:34 GMT
With all the restrictions now and the lock downs, that is a good move.
It can bring friends and not only together to enjoy a game.
Although i have to say that family and friends gathering still going on.
Not to the same extent as before but they do exist Smile
I dont know about other countries, im talking about the situation, that i know in first hand here Smile
 antonis32112/04/2020 13:56:10 GMT
Besides Pokerstars , I think I have seen home games in Partypoker streames on twitch , I have to try and search if his is 100% true and if there are games , like freerolls , for streamers' watchers Blink 888poker has its own homegames now , if some of their streamers schedule some freerolls rher or nice low buy in games , I will play . Or if Bankroll Mob schedules one day a special freeroll there only for members who will play this home game Smile
 dule-vu13/04/2020 11:20:11 GMT
they made this thing only because of this situation,so dont know how much was this in their plans and to make this home games in normal situation!so dont believe that they will make some big success from this and that they will have benefits from it!but thats just my opinion!
 CALICUL13/04/2020 12:41:26 GMT
I would like to participate in some games with Maragatero, Pajalnick and a few other mobsters, to have a little fun. Sometimes relaxation is needed, because at the moment i am a little upset. My government keep people in the house with COVID 19.
 antonis32113/04/2020 18:37:29 GMT
Homegames are fun , if you need some more cool , relaxed , less worrying sessions , with friends or some known to you players , relatives , or friends , or players from forums , players from some chat rooms , etc . But ofcourse , if you need very nice games with very big or huge profits , classic tournaments from the main lobby is the primary choice . Also the sngs and cash games there , very nice prizes .

But if you feel you can trap a fish , especially a whale,
that you know , a ''friend'' of yours , who doesn't know very good poker , why not settle a homegame and take his money , his bank savings , his house , his pants , his wife ???????
LOL , just kidding Big Smile
I like personally playing homegames only with players from forums or twitch streams Smile
 CALICUL14/04/2020 12:49:41 GMT
I would have preferred to relax at some interesting games on poker rooms, because COVID 19 it was perfect situation for the sites to do more satelittes and very good tournaments. They proceeded differently and unafortunately this thing did not happen. Home Games is good for fun and skills.
 maragatero14/04/2020 23:47:44 GMT
It would be nice CALICUL! pajalnick, sandmanilo, and the other mobster that chat a lot with us. Who works in some security force, I forgot his name... And we could invite some new friends like antonis321, but we know who is the person that we never would invite, don´t you think? If we want some fun and relax some people shouldn´t participate!
 dule-vu15/04/2020 11:13:55 GMT
ha,ha,like I would run to play with players like you are!you can find maybe one more player to play with both of you,nothing more from this forum!players who play only when something if free or with buy in with 1 $,that something that every players "love"!but just continue to comment on corona,freerolls and slots that you never play!thats level from both of you!
 CALICUL15/04/2020 14:10:43 GMT
You are right. Sometimes life needs to be changed a little, to change its usual behavior. Routine is not always good and if it is not modified, then boredom occurs. I want to play with some mobsters & policeman from Montenegro ( I forgot his name lapsus just like you ) but maybe we'll do that in future.
 antonis32115/04/2020 15:02:49 GMT
If they advertise and promote it alot , via their streamers or with another way , this homegames feature in their lobby will have success and be profitable for them on the long run . Pokerstars homegames are well known and successfull , partypoker I believe the same .I don't know for other pokerrooms , if they have or not , but 888 poker could take advantage of this home-isolation crisis and make these homegames a win-win situation , both for players and for the pokerroom .

Players who don't trust playing with unknowns , or want to have an edge playing with knonw people to them, such as friends or relatives , with whom they have played in the past and know how they play more or less , homegames is a solution . Or if they just want to have a fun , and absolute control over the money that they spend Smile

But if they want to play realpoker for big prizes and not just the homegames with the limited action , prizes , then better try the real games in the lobby . These corona virus times , tournaments are more and with much better prizes , you can find many loose players , a decent knowledge of the game will guarantee you more profits nowadays Smile Also other kind of games have opportunities to seek and exploit of . They could try both of them, speking of the newcomers to 888poker these days Smile

 maragatero16/04/2020 01:03:56 GMT
That is the man CALICUL, the police man of Montenegro, I don´t remember his name too. But that table might be very funny. That is what I think about playing with friends antonis321, all the knowed players could play to take a good time and, maybe, to learn something new. With this spirit, you could relax and leave the need of win at any price!
 CALICUL16/04/2020 14:35:58 GMT
The friend you are talking about is called Vaci38 from Macedonia. He is a more talented player than us, because he has level 200 + in 888 poker. He has not commented on BRM but he probably does well with his bets and games. Friendly matches will be good for us, if we wants.
 antonis32116/04/2020 23:11:59 GMT
Level 200 ???? Shock Shock Shock Shock OMG !!!!! I have reached 20 level in the past , the best I could do , so hard for me to ladder up through the various levels , although it's not difficult generally , especially for soem who play more expensive tournaments or other games , everyday , who are better or way far too good , also for teh ones who play casino slots , particularly if they good or very good at wagering money a lot on the slots before leaving break e
even or with some profits Smile

I am not good so I struggle in leveling up ,on 888poker , on other poker rooms to get more rakeback , etc . I hope in the future to do better Smile

100 level , 200 level is simply awesome !!! These guys have also some juicy 888poker club freerolls , if they are very good they can win some extra cash !! These must be very tough guys for a poker game , not the ones I would choose for a home-game with real money , except if it's a very friendly with very cheap low buy in , but don't think they would play such games , at least not often , LOL . Smile
 maragatero17/04/2020 12:26:16 GMT
That is him, vaci38! Good friend, he always write in a kindness and funny way. But be in the +200 level is not the same that be a talented player necesary. It says to us that the player spent much money than us. The level are linked with the rake that you make, and specially with the sport bets. So, vaci38 maybe a talented player, but not only for the level of Poker Club. I was level +5 after years of playing only freerolls, and in my S&G experience of five-month I got level+34 playing sits of $ 0,10 and $ 0,40
 antonis32117/04/2020 13:18:31 GMT
Posted by maragatero:
That is him, vaci38! Good friend, he always write in a kindness and funny way.

Then I couldn't match with this guy , I 'm on a different level Big Smile
Just kidding Smile
Very nice of him to be like this , and to have achieved these victories and that club level on 888 poker Smile

Level 34+ is nice maragatero Smile To achieve level 5 there isn't easier task to accomplish on 888 poker , even if you play for pennies , this 888 poker club level is possible for anyone . I got this level and started playing the 5+ freeroll while I was playing other games (although the prize is very small for this level ) , only with the freeroll tickets and the bonus tickets they gave me initially , without depositing if I remember correctly Smile Nice way to start building easily your bankroll there Smile

Yes , I know , having a level of 100+ , 200 + or more (if it's possible I don't know ) doesn't mean you are very skilled player always , some might just be whales losing a lot but their bankroll is unlimited due to thir income , the might have very few earnings or not at all form poker , everything is possible , not everyone can be a winner !!! But I believe most players on this level are experienced enough to crash fish from lower levels , take their money and have big winnings , then play more and more games , leveling up more and more , also faster Smile

 CALICUL17/04/2020 16:26:15 GMT
This year i gave up playing so much in 888 poker but i have level 84. I participated in many Big Fish satellites and won many tickets of $5.50, 16.50 or 33 dollars. I raised levels but it was not enough to have good achievements here. Someone told me that after level 120 you can achieve more.
 maragatero18/04/2020 13:47:42 GMT
Good for you CALICUL! You can have interesting week end, because the biggest freerolls are playing there. And yes to both mobsters, the points to rise the level can be earned playing gifted tickets or that which you win in the satellites, without using your own money. But is a longer way than opening your wallet. Anyway, we are agree about 888poker is the best place to make a free bankroll
 CALICUL27/04/2020 13:02:53 GMT
I didn't have a successful weekend because i forgot to register for level 40 and 50. With the next (60) i was quickly eliminated and for 80 i won 80 cents. Sometimes i forget because i was talking on Facebook with a person very dear to me. We talked a lot (few hours) with short breaks but that is the situation.
 antonis32128/04/2020 20:56:57 GMT
calicul level 40 ?? level 50 ?? wow man , I couldn't get to these levels , no way Sad I needed to play far more games to get these levels , very difficult for me , it would destroy my bankroll cause I am not good . The prizes for these games must be very good , in comparison to the prizes fro levels 5 or 10 Smile Ofcoursefor more levels , it really worth playing these games for some extra bankroll cash Smile

Anyway I have not tries their homegames , I willdo this in the near future , see how it is , if you cn join a club or they are stricly only for friends-known people .
 CALICUL02/05/2020 21:44:34 GMT
I'm level 84, but it's not very big because we do this thing in time. 888 poker does not offer very good cards in their freeroll games and very rarely you can accumulate a serious gain. I wish for they to be a better room and me with my abilities to make money. Their software destroys me on turn/river many times and my dreams are destroyed.

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