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Enjoy All Your Favorite Online Games under One Roof at Unibet Poker

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Posted on 26 February 2021 by "T".

Unibet Poker, established in 1997, was able to uphold an impeccable reputation throughout its history and is considered as one of the most renowned poker sites of today.

Mainly serving the European market, Unibet Poker originally started out on the 24hPoker network. In 2006, it moved to Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) until finally deciding to go solo, creating its very own platform in 2014, with a strong focus on recreational players.

The best place for amateur or recreational players

The main idea being projected on the entire site is that poker is supposed to be fun, and this is seen in the way they do everything, from the design of their website to the way they present both their online and live poker offerings.

Unibet Poker has indeed built an ideal place for amateurs or rec players. Their bonus policy entails that rewards are given for completing tasks and missions and it's not based on the amount of rake paid.

Those fairly new to online poker will most likely find Unibet Poker a welcoming site because there's a low possibility of meeting many sharks waiting to seize their bankrolls. Also, it offers some solid promotions for newcomers, thus making it one of the good landing spots for brand new online poker players.

Unibet Poker's software also allows players to change their identity up to three times a day. This instantly protects new players from veterans who use tracking software. With an anonymous identity, softer games can be expected, something that every poker player is on the lookout for when it comes to online poker.

A nice fat bonus for first-time depositing players

Unibet Poker offers all new players who sign up via The BankrollMob and deposit for the first time a nice €200 Welcome Bonus package.

No promo code is needed, just sign up here and deposit at least €10.

The bonus is released in small chunks that are automatically credited to your account as you play poker. €20 worth of Poker Tickets will be credited to your account after you make your first deposit. Also, you will be given entry to 4 weekly €500 Welcome Freerolls.

Every part of the bonus equals a different rakeback percentage. For instance, the first stage gives 50% rakeback or cashback whenever you make €2 in rake, giving you €1 of the bonus.


Required Rake

















To get the full bonus, just put in a decent amount of play - you get about a 30% return (much like all other sites out there).

Players are given 60 days to clear as much bonus as they can.

Exciting Poker Promotions

Unibet Poker hosts many exciting promotions all the time. Some of them are:

As of February 2021, here are their poker offers:

Your Favorite Online Games under One Roof

Founded by Anders Ström in 1997, Unibet secured a license to operate a betting business and from 1998 they began taking bets over the phone.

As a player himself, Ström's main ambition is to share his sporting expertise to help other players make more informed bets. That's why their company slogan says "We are By Players, For Players."

Unibet launched their first-ever online betting website the next year, in 1999. Their live betting service was introduced in 2003 and then their mobile site went live in 2004.

Unibet as a whole provides a one-stop-shop platform for sports betting, online casino, bingo and online poker. Unibet is part of Kindred Group (formerly Unibet Group Plc), one of the biggest online gambling companies in the world, offering a variety of sports and betting products across many local and global brands including 32Red Casino.

Unibet is headquartered in Malta, and they are licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner for serving customers in Europe and also by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) to legally offer online gambling services to UK-based customers.



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24 comments on "Enjoy All Your Favorite Online Games under One Roof at Unibet Poker"

 dule-vu26/02/2021 15:59:03 GMT
we all know how big company unibet is and especially in betting and casino section!with poker they are not on highest level,but for some players this work just fine!when you are on market for 24 years,you can know how good they are and secure!
this thing how you can change your identity up to three time,I dont like at all and how would you know against whome you play!this is something that is much better on other sites!
 CALICUL26/02/2021 21:09:39 GMT
Microgaming Poker Network has many small rooms that stand out in the market through certain financial strategies. In my opinion, Unibet is the biggest of them, even if there is a chance to make a mistake. Anyway, this series is a good one for them.
 geseco1226/02/2021 22:38:50 GMT
It was a small and humble room, I seek to ally with several companies to grow and now it is only having great results, now the players are choosing these rooms because of the number of recreational players that is renewable for both.
 CALICUL27/02/2021 21:44:25 GMT
When poker rooms have many customers they perform and this thing is also beneficial for Unibet, if they are profitable in terms of poker. I like their latest propositions and i wish them success. I think people can play nice there for a few days to compare how good it is.
 geseco1227/02/2021 23:47:21 GMT
The objective is that the majority of players enter to grow as a community, that is not easy, it takes a lot of marketing and advertising strategy, in addition to giving you benefits, and the most important thing that you differ from the other rooms, because it does not make sense that you offer the same as all, there is the shot.
 dule-vu28/02/2021 19:11:17 GMT
every player that gamble on anything,betting tips,poker or casino,know for unibet as company and they are just so big site and famous in world and sponsor on lot of countries,clubs and events,but they must do something more to more popular in poker world and to make something better for players!
 CALICUL28/02/2021 23:28:41 GMT
their poker is too weak for other rooms in this industry, but with some modifications they can solve many good things. I see that they are very insistent to do something nice, that will bring them more image and customers of course.
 geseco1201/03/2021 06:46:36 GMT
unibet is very famous of course that it has recently had great promotions, I think they are realizing the situation, they want to grow and that is why they are doing great promotions and gifts. that is very good they should continue like this to increase the community.

 CALICUL02/03/2021 00:11:20 GMT
Unibet has few advantages and can offer more good things for its customers. This room is not to be neglected for medium players. Here potential of people is reduced in strategy and the chances of making money increase. This is nice for us.
 geseco1202/03/2021 12:44:33 GMT
There are many things that a room that wants to grow must have, I think that good offers should be designed for new clients who are starting in the world of poker, let them know that you have every intention of helping them economically with large and small bonuses earnings, that catches a lot of players so they don't leave the room, I think unibet is going that way.
 CALICUL03/03/2021 00:57:19 GMT
Most of us have to try this poker room, because the chances of running and making money are higher, than in others who have many sharks. Promotions are starting to get tempting, and it is important to focus on our game, because here is nice.
 DinGo!07/03/2021 02:11:00 GMT
If you still can play at Unibet, then for sure you need to try it. They have a very good soft, some good promotions, bookmaker and some casino games. It was always a pleasure to play there, but looks like right now they don,t allow to play people from several counries, just choosed the new way to go and looking for new markets. Anyway, if you still can play it then this is a good room.
 CALICUL07/03/2021 12:51:34 GMT
I could play there but I need to have two monitors and manage the keyboard quite easy. With one monitor i couldn't, because i can't give up two rooms, and if i come with unibet software over them, it disturbs my whole concentration. Anyway, is more beautiful than in the past here.
 dule-vu07/03/2021 19:22:44 GMT
DinGo! you want to say to us that they improved their software and that is much better then before?this is new information and it would be great if that is truth,because few years ago,when they made new one,they had so many bugs,mistakes,so I stopped playing there!also you couldnt do any preflop move,like just to call or something like that,which is stupid from my side!
 CALICUL10/03/2021 16:52:10 GMT
I would like to play with my old PC unit, which still works... because Unibet is growing and maybe i have more chances here, than in another room. This year they attracted some customers and it is more relaxing, compared to other competitors from other rooms with a higher level of play.
 CALICUL16/08/2021 20:10:10 GMT
I think Unibet doesn't need too much publicity, if players really see the value of this poker room. They can grow more if people realize that have important chances to make money. I say that because here there are not many sharks to to ruin you.
 CALICUL27/08/2021 16:23:34 GMT
unibet's reputation is growing especially after so many good promotions they offered last year, but also in 2021. Such a thing is admirable because there are not many gaming companies that offer many prizes at short intervals. They deserve to have more customers and will probably succeed with that.
 milan_timko28/08/2021 06:47:41 GMT
Played a lot on Unibet. For casino excellent games and good sportbetting.
As a pokerroom is not that popular. Tournaments are plenty and easy to get in the moneytable. Its a good pokerroom to learn and build up your bankroll. For the real pokerexperience there are other sites but Unibet is not bad at all.
 CALICUL28/08/2021 07:03:15 GMT
real words about this platform and whoever is not too talented can come here at any time
 CALICUL30/09/2021 21:16:04 GMT
Unibet has tempting offers and i think it is the best poker room for mediocre players. I am referring from the point of view of the financial possibility, related with the tournaments they offer. Here i need to move for a while, because it seems that there are good chances for some money.
 CALICUL26/10/2021 17:02:58 GMT
the time will come to play here and i hope to have an interesting profit. All you need is some money for a deposit and a stability in the game, to get the money from the losers. The poker room is fine because there are less aggressive players and this thing makes it easier for us to win.
 CALICUL15/11/2021 20:40:19 GMT
Now is a good time to play in Unibet because they have a good promotion and in December you can add another and a few more interesting things. Until then, we can train in these two weeks, to be ready to take some money.
 CALICUL29/11/2021 00:39:09 GMT
I played a little here and they asked me for the documents to keep them in evidence again. I will send them next week, because Unibet has some potential to make money and I would like to insist more on cash with them, to see how good it is here. I hope there will be weak players to win with them.
 CALICUL18/12/2021 12:38:45 GMT
Under the auspices of Unibet Poker we can play more relaxed and enjoy winning some money every month. Here we can get some dollars for beer, juice, or other entertainment that doesn't cost too much. It's not hard and you can see it with your own eyes.

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