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partypoker Hot Tables Triggered 110,000 Times since Launch

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Posted on 07 April 2021 by "T".

Since partypoker launched the Hot Tables promotion on March 11, more than 110,000 Hot Tables have already been triggered, and the number just keeps on growing!

How many Hot Tables have you encountered so far?

Around 50% of cash game and fastforward players have been seated at a Hot Table since their launch, with 29% of all players winning a Hot Tables prize at least once a day. This incredible promotion is rewarding even more partypoker players and the best thing about it is it's being done daily!

Here's a breakdown of the Hot Tables triggered from March 11 through April 5:

The above statistics will be updated each week. Head over to the Hot Tables page for the latest updates.


Hot Tables - What are they?

Hot Tables is a new and exciting feature available to fastforward and cash game players on partypoker, giving them the chance to win a massive, boosted cash prize at any moment!

How it works:

Sign up for a partypoker account here.

Play selected No Limit Hold'em (NLHE) or Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) cash game or fastforward tables from $0.05/$0.10 to $0.50/$1 for the chance to receive a random boost!

Hot Tables randomly trigger and if your table gets a boost, an extra prize will be added (between 1 and 500 big blinds) to the pot.

The winner of the hand gets the whole prize, so one quick win at a Hot Table could bag you a cash prize PLUS the pot itself!

Thousands of Hot Tables trigger every single day.

Why not hit out cash game and fastforward tables now on partypoker and see if you win up to $500 extra for playing your favorite games?

Why are Hot Tables Awesome?

First of all it's free, and one of the things that make Hot Tables awesome is it allows partypoker the chance to reward many of their cash game players. Hot Tables replaced their Daily Cash Leaderboards, which was not to everyone's taste, but it is better for the cash game ecology overall.

The Cash Game Leaderboard rewarded a select few players who had the time, ability and diligence to log some serious volume at the tables. Hot Tables makes the reward system fairer by not discriminating against those players who like to jump into a single cash game and have some fun for 30-minutes or so.

Of course, those who play more are likely to see more Hot Tables trigger in their games, but the fact Hot Tables are random keeps everything on a level playing field regardless of you playing one table for 30-minutes or 10 tables for eight hours.



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25 comments on "partypoker Hot Tables Triggered 110,000 Times since Launch"

 Cesar1407/04/2021 16:15:09 GMT
This incredible promotion is rewarding many players who play in this room, and the best that they get rewards daily, the news shows us that they have already been activated since its launch 110 thousand times, and they continue to increase, this does not have to stop, This is how the room will grow with these great offers.
 geseco1208/04/2021 04:06:04 GMT
I think the room that is doing things the best is partypoke, it is giving away a lot of money in these hot tables that have started a long time ago, and it is already giving away thousands of times at the tables, I think this initiative gives more, the players will enjoy .
 dule-vu08/04/2021 07:33:43 GMT
they grow with this numbers every weeks and give more and more prizes to players!they are now on over 110 000 tables,so we can expect even bigger numbers!maybe there are most of lower prizes,but still they give something on cash tables and for regular players!most of time you dont get anything then money that you get when you win from other players!
 CALICUL08/04/2021 18:26:57 GMT
you win or not this is the situation, but it's always good to receive incentive gifts and to raise your bankroll. When poker rooms have a way of offering we must not refuse. I had situations when i won 2-3 dollars and after that i increased my bankroll at 50 dollars or more. Party Poker has a lot to offer but you have to insist for that.
 Rogerio1008/04/2021 18:37:55 GMT
It would be interesting to see how much they give to the players in actual money numbers. And then compare to other promotions like leadearboard who was there before this promotion, just to see which promotion give it more away, and if the more or the less players win. Another catch is that you must win the hand, so players probably try to hard to win it and it of course change very much when the prize hit the tables.
 geseco1209/04/2021 05:05:37 GMT
The good thing about partypoker is that they launch promotions that help the player, these incentives are growing, and now they play them at these levels they will appreciate it very much, other rooms should do the same to make the game more exciting and profitable at the same time.
 Cesar1409/04/2021 13:28:36 GMT
These gifts they give us for playing we must appreciate it, however small it may be, in the long term it will be a lot of money, I believe that poker is a long-term game, there will be the profits of your game, that the hot tables continue in party !.
 CALICUL09/04/2021 18:35:29 GMT
any player who knows how to do wagering can participate in a lot of promotions in several rooms. They win tickets or money and after that they can win to withdraw. In Party Poker it's a good promotion, because many gamblers are happy with that.
 Rogerio1010/04/2021 05:26:55 GMT
You don't need to participate that's the best part of this promotion, insta cash on acount and can cash out. You need of course a luck too to win the hand, or skill whatever you want to say it. I am still waiting if they will do somethin for the lowest two limits, realy don't understand why they don't include them in this promo.
 geseco1210/04/2021 05:52:06 GMT
That's right, friend, they should also include for lower limits, most players would appreciate it, hopefully they can include it, this partypoker promotion has helped many to earn extra money, the tables continue to come out faster, to play more often.
 CALICUL10/04/2021 20:25:40 GMT
it is interesting for those who do not want to participate in the promotion, but they want to play. When they will occupy some tables, will automatically enter in this scheme and cannot avoid it. This is the situation and everyone will have to accept it.
 Cesar1411/04/2021 00:56:00 GMT
In poker what you need to win is perseverance, I believe that these promotions make the game more fun and you are rewarded for playing, that will make the player more willing to play poker despite having a bad day, in limits low there is nothing but they should take it into account.
 geseco1211/04/2021 07:25:33 GMT
Every day that passes the prizes in partipoker are better every month, this room is promising very good things, now you will enjoy the great hot tables that have been made available a few months ago, I think this will be appreciated by the entire poker community, because of somehow we are making money with this format.
 CALICUL11/04/2021 21:44:56 GMT
I like this promotion if it's the same as it was in 888, and if i could play here, i was giving you some tips about party poker games or their promotions, but some are identical as in other rooms, others are changed. When you don't want something, try other things or migrate, but this room is big and good.
 Cesar1417/04/2021 01:40:35 GMT
That's right, we players look at the best rooms, with promotions like this one, it actually helps you economically to be well with very good rewards, I have enjoyed several hot tables, and I want you to continue and not stop, that is the ideas of all we play poker
 geseco1217/04/2021 05:04:25 GMT
It is good to know that partyoker continues to distribute money through hot tables, many have been able to play this game format and have won money, and I think the room is offering many formats of this type to thank its players.
 CALICUL17/04/2021 09:30:25 GMT
party poker at the moment can afford to offer a lot of prizes / promotions / freerolls etc... because it really is a big room. I think it's the 2nd in the world, but i certainly haven't checked. Even if this room left a few countries remained in top.
 Rogerio1017/04/2021 16:51:25 GMT
The promotion is great, they had similar prmotions on gg called cash drops but there all players were fighting for all the pot. So sometimes things was getting crazy, like pushing all pairs, Ax preflop for some players. What i try to say is you must adapt your game a little, becouse some players try to win it too hard, and with good reads you can do some calls that you will usualy not.
 CALICUL18/04/2021 10:25:17 GMT
I know about that promotion is great, because i participated in one and i think was identical but in another poker room. Whoever sees this can try, because in the end he can recover his invested money, but he can also have a profit.
 dule-vu18/04/2021 13:30:03 GMT
probably next week we will have news about new numbers on this promotion and probably arround 150000 hot tables!for every regular player at party poker,everything that come extra on table is great,but to run just for this prizes isnt good choice!would be good to see some member from forum that have some prize from this promotion!
 DinGo!18/04/2021 17:46:53 GMT
It will be good if they can let the low limit players with small bankroll also try to play it, but on low limits. This will be good, because right now you need to play at 0.05/0.10 and you need to have a pretty good bankroll to play it.
 geseco1226/04/2021 01:43:54 GMT
It is true that, they should do it for the lower limits so that they can enjoy this promotion, it will be expected so that they can do it, they are one of the best poker rooms and they should not forget that part, we will be aware.
 Rogerio1026/04/2021 08:07:15 GMT
Yeah i don't understand that either why they didn't include all the limits, like it was before on leaderboards. I mean you still get weekly rakeback which is ok but you could get allot more with this promotion, i expect that they will have some promotions for lowest limits also soon.
 DinGo!27/04/2021 22:33:58 GMT
This is what i,m talking about. I remember a couple of years ago they had promotion with click cards and everyone can play it and you would need only to make a minimum rake at the lowest limits, it was really cool promotion with good prizes and everyone can participate and build the bankroll.
 CALICUL29/04/2021 17:50:33 GMT
the money offered by party poker cannot be too much, if the players do not wagering more. Everyone wants to create a nice bankroll, but it is not so easy if the players do not support this thing. As long as they play will bring commissions for this room and P.P. to attract more customers will offer better prizes in promotions which will be more easier to win.

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