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Unibet Poker sponsors 2021 International Poker Open in Dublin

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Posted on 16 September 2021 by "T".

For the fourth time, Unibet Poker announces they will be sponsoring the International Poker Open and will be holding scores of satellites in advance of the event this October.

Held yearly since 2007, the IPO festival is one of the longest-running and most popular poker events in Europe, with an estimated prize pool worth €250,000. Last year's event was held online in response to the lockdown measures. For this year 2021, it will once more be held live, which will take place at Dublin's Bonnington Hotel from October 20-25.

International Poker Open

  • Sponsored by Unibet Poker
  • When: October 20 to 25, 2021
  • Where: Bonnington Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
  • Main Event Prize Pool: €250,000
  • Entry Fee: €300
  • 6 Days of Events


The IPO attracts around an average one thousand entries for its Main Event, and organizers anticipate this year's prize pool to exceed €250,000. Players from all over Ireland, UK and the rest of Europe are expected to come and participate. Many Unibet players will be joining in thanks to winning their seats online.

IPO Main Event
For the 2021 Main Event, there will be six start flights, with one re-entry per flight including an online Day 1 on Unibet Poker starting at 9pm CEST on Sunday October 17.

The live Day 1s start with Day 1a at 2pm on Thursday October 21, and Day 1b the same time on Friday October 22, and Day 1c at 2pm on Saturday October 23. All three initial start flights have 40-minute blind levels.

Day 1d is a "reduced clock" flight turbo with 20-min clock starting at 8pm on Saturday while Day 1e is a Hyper Turbo with ten-minute blind levels, kicking off at 9:30am on Sunday October 24 - before the start of Day 2 at 1pm. All Day 1 players start with a 30,000 stack.

Overall, there are 17 various tournaments on schedule including the flagship €550 High Roller along with a €120 PLO Double Chance, many €100 Nightly Freezeouts, a couple of €120 Progressive Knockouts, a €120 #QUEENRULES Ladies Event, €120 No Limit Hold'em Mini Main and several super satellites for the Main Event and High Roller.

Unibet Poker Satellites
Satellites have already started on Unibet Poker on Thursday, September 9, with at least two €1 Step 1 "Flip" satellites per day. There were also at least two Step 2 €5 NL re-entries each day guaranteeing six seats into the weekly €33 qualifier. All the feeder satellites feature rebuys and add-ons.

The first of the €33 qualifiers was this Sunday September 12 at 9pm. The weekly qualifiers, which offer nine seats guaranteed for the International Poker Open Main Event, will happen every Sunday at 9pm CET until mid-October. At the last live IPO in 2019, there were nearly 100 Main Event players who won their seats online on Unibet.

Among those who are looking forward to playing in this year's €260 + €40 Main Event are Irish Unibet Ambassadors, podcast award winners and IPO regulars Dara O'Kearney and David Lappin.

O'Kearney said, "I'm absolutely thrilled that live poker is coming back, and that the first event is in my home town. Ireland is always an amazing place to play, and the IPO is a great event with lots of history."

Lappin said, "The IPO is an extra special event on the Irish poker calendar and I know that it is with great pride that Unibet Poker have sponsored it for the past few years. There such a pent-up desire for live poker right now - and players deserve a fun weekend after such a long break. I think this event will be huge!"

The IPO is headed by Nick O'Hara along with his brilliant team who are renowned for providing the highest levels of game integrity and professionalism. One of the world's top tournament directors, Nick has been running the IPO since 2013. The IPO Live Games Manager is Antonio Pataj while the Senior Tournament Floor is Glenn Doyle.

Unibet Open's Head of Events and Sponsorship Nataly Sopacuaperu said, "We're so happy to be sponsoring the International Poker Open yet again. This year's festival will probably be one of the first major festivals to resume as a live event so we are anticipating big numbers and a very special atmosphere. Certainly, the IPO has always been one of the highlights of the European poker calendar and Dublin is an amazing place to play. Unibet loves coming to Ireland and, with dozens of satellites running on Unibet, there are going to be numerous chances for players to win their seat for as little as €1."




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24 comments on "Unibet Poker sponsors 2021 International Poker Open in Dublin"

 CALICUL16/09/2021 11:21:56 GMT
Unibet poker has many good things and offers qualification opportunities for live tournaments. This thing is normal, and in Dublin there is something serious where people can play and earn some money or experience. Visit the city if you have not been there and all you have to do is try qualifications. Good luck with that.
 ligador3716/09/2021 13:40:01 GMT
Yes, I said it a while ago. That this site offers many promotions, and one of those was the unibet open tournaments. They can be classified for free. There are many freerolls, which give out tickets for satellites. Freerolls are easy. The other tournaments, it would be necessary to study a little more
 dule-vu16/09/2021 13:40:17 GMT
But this is live tournament,not online!
 ligador3716/09/2021 13:46:49 GMT
Yes, yes, I know. But satellite freerolls can be played online. That is, although the tournament is live and direct, in Dublin, you can win the entry for it online.
At the time I said that it was a very good buy promotion for Europeans, precisely because I knew that the final tournament was in Ireland.
 dule-vu16/09/2021 13:47:01 GMT
For every live tourney,poker sites give option with freerolls,but still you need to pass few stager later and you know how hard it is,so better to start from bigger levels!
 CALICUL16/09/2021 14:40:13 GMT
it's hard but we have to risk for whoever wants
 dule-vu16/09/2021 14:43:46 GMT
Its question how people will travel in dublin because of covid measures!
 CALICUL16/09/2021 16:00:48 GMT
there are many who would like to, but their number cannot be specified
 geseco1216/09/2021 22:06:29 GMT
incredible promotion of unibet, I think that in this way many will enter to play it, big prizes to distribute, last time they did it online and now they want to do it live, totally different this format to play pokers.

 CALICUL16/09/2021 23:16:38 GMT
Unibet amazes with changeable promotions
 geseco1218/09/2021 23:58:48 GMT
good promotions with great satellites to enter tournaments with great prizes, unibet always surprises us with exclusive tournaments for all its customers, good luck to all in the satellites.
 CALICUL19/09/2021 00:16:43 GMT
Good luck, Geseco. Big Smile
 geseco1220/09/2021 00:37:38 GMT
That's right my friend, you have to have a little bit of luck to get far in a tournament, it's not easy, this room gives you the opportunity to achieve it with the great tournaments that are taking place.
 CALICUL20/09/2021 01:00:52 GMT
it is not easy but sometimes we succeed
 ligador3720/09/2021 02:19:21 GMT
The way to get a ticket is not at all easy. Sometimes it is too many satellites. But, looking on the side that it is free, it costs nothing to try.
Today I in PS, I tried to play a satellite of 2.20 for a tournament of $ 33 buy-in (and a guaranteed 125k) and I was able to get the ticket. I won a bounty and was able to enter prizes. Fairly good
 dule-vu20/09/2021 05:58:30 GMT
Hope that you will make something from this satellites!good luck!
 geseco1221/09/2021 03:38:36 GMT
That's what the satellites are for, to enter the big tournaments cheaper, now you can play for 1/4 million dollars, that's incredible, what this room is doing as this is unibet, and does not stop making big tournaments that many people like.
 dule-vu21/09/2021 06:14:16 GMT
But this is live tournament and this is different then for online tournaments and who know who want to travel in dublin!probably lot of online players dont like live tournaments!
 Rogerio1021/09/2021 08:21:12 GMT
Allot of live players playes satelites for this tourney, i know some of them in my country. If you don't like to travel then better just don't play it, becouse usualy those packages you won are not convertable to money, maybe some times to transfer to other players but not usualy.
 CALICUL21/09/2021 09:08:04 GMT
Before it was good to play, but now it's Covid 19 who has turned the planet upside down. Many people do not want to get tested, vaccinated or be abused by the authorities. They don't want to have headaches. I know it's good to play, but if the laws allow it to travel without being forced to do those things, will be very good.

vaccinated people can try without problems
 CALICUL24/10/2021 16:20:58 GMT
I think that Unibet is mature enough to try other challenges of equal or greater quality. This platform and gambling company can do good things much better and it is not difficult. We will see what will happen in the next two months, because they have many surprises in recent years.
 CALICUL12/11/2021 20:16:39 GMT
Unibet is growing and needs to provide more satellites for future poker tournaments. They have potential and if the players are ambitious they will do something to offer places in their live games. Good advertising will bring them more customers and will be good
 milan_timko13/11/2021 00:32:19 GMT
I love playing unibet poker. Not overcrowded, nice promo's. Unfortunatyly the belgian goverment banned some of these promotions. So now' the fun is a bit gone. But afterall its oke to learn on a steady pace with lots a tournament were you do'g need to be playing for 8-9 hours
 dule-vu13/11/2021 00:32:55 GMT
its good site,but for me its much better for casino play!I know that you have this kind of problems,that you can use promotions,deposit offer and things like this,right?
but this promotion is over,so they will give something new!

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