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2024 WSOP Event #55: $250,000 Super High Roller won by Santhosh Suvarna for $5.4 Million

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Posted on 27 June 2024 by "T".

Santhosh Suvarna has quickly captured the approval of poker fans worldwide, despite being a relative newcomer to poker.

The Indian casino mogul has enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity thanks to his appearances on cash game and tournament streams.

Never backing down from the highest stakes, once again, Suvarna has proved he's more than just a VIP as he dominated the biggest buy-in event of the summer, the Event #55: $250,000 Super High Roller No-Limit Hold'em.

He even outlasted some of the biggest stars in this event, including Adrian Mateos, Mikita Badziakouski, Jeremy Ausmus, Chris Hunichen and Phil Ivey.


2024 WSOP Event #55: $250,000 Super High Roller

  • From: June 21 to 23, 2024
  • Buy-in: $250,000
  • Prize pool: $18,675,000
  • Entries: 75

Suvarna earned his second WSOP bracelet after topping the field of 75 to claim the lion's share of the $18.6 million prize pool. He defeated online poker pro Ben Tollerene in a heads-up match to grab the $5,415,152 that was set for the top winner.

Despite being in control for most of the finale, Tollerene missed out on a crowning moment, but the $3,537,135 runner-up prize should still be a great consolation. Chris Hunichen rounded out the podium finishes, and it was his chips that allowed Suvarna to pull off the unlikely comeback against one of the best heads-up poker players of all time.

While Hunichen may have had the biggest rail, Suvarna had several fans of his own, with the likes of Hustler Casino Live stars Nik Airball and The Professor cheering him on.

Airball said as he watched his friend pose for winner's photos: "He's just, like, the sweetest guy you can find. He's just always happy, always nice, always cheerful, always helpful. It takes a lot of balls to just pony up to 50K or 100K etc and battle all the wizards. He's got no fear, and he gives it his all. And I think it's f****** awesome. It's great for poker. It's great for everyone. And I'm really happy for him."

Final Table Action

Suvarna said after he won:
"I'm feeling very happy. Every day, I'm learning. I'm doing very good."

Santhosh Suvarna stats
Suvarna is an avid poker player. When he's not tending to his business ventures or spending time with his family, poker is the only thing on his mind.

His first bracelet was at the 2023 WSOP Europe, where he reigned supreme in the €50K Diamond High Roller.

Thanks to his victory on the 2024 WSOP Event #55, Santhosh Suvarna now holds his second WSOP bracelet along with the biggest payout of his poker career, worth $5,415,152.

Suvarna's total live cash earnings are now at the $13 million mark.

2024 WSOP Event #55: $250,000 Super High Roller - Final Table Results






Santhosh Suvarna




Ben Tollerene




Chris  Hunichen




Matthias Eibinger




Charles Hook




Taylor von Kriegenbergh




Jeremy Ausmus




Mikita Badziakouski




Sean Winter




Adrian Mateos




Phil Ivey




Jonathan Jaffe




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30 comments on "2024 WSOP Event #55: $250,000 Super High Roller won by Santhosh Suvarna for $5.4 Million"

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» 2024 WSOP Event #55: $250,000 Super High Roller won by Santhosh Suvarna for $5.4 Million

 geseco1230/06/2024 02:26:17 GMT
The Indian casino magnate has been lucky enough to win a big buy-in tournament, it has been a very exciting tournament, and this player at the end of many hours of playing has had a profit of more than $5,415,152
 dule-vu30/06/2024 02:31:58 GMT
He can spend who know how much money when he have for just one buy in 250 000!
 geseco1201/07/2024 02:42:15 GMT
Anthosh Suvarna, an Indian poker player and businessman based in Dubai, owned Rockets Poker Room in Bengaluru. He has a lot of money to play these expensive tournaments with high level players, now he was given the opportunity, and he won a large sum of money.
 dule-vu01/07/2024 05:02:10 GMT
This high roller players are crazy! For him this buy in is like we pay 25 $ for buy in!
 SickCallJoe02/07/2024 01:52:46 GMT
Congratulations to him woooowa casino owner who plays that good !!!!!with all the professional players in this field wow again!!!!

This is the first time I see a casino owner play that well against all that professional players in that difficult overview huge congratulations to him and let's see how he will play in the future and if you will win more money in this kind of game
 geseco1202/07/2024 03:08:32 GMT
They have a lot of money, he is also a great businessman, he would not worry if he loses money, now he plays more relaxed, despite this he has won this great tournament for him, it is expected that this will motivate him much more to continue playing the big games .
 dule-vu02/07/2024 06:11:11 GMT
for this kind of players this is nothing!
 Haymore27702/07/2024 12:09:01 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
Haymore write just to write! You dont have to be high skill player when you have money for this kind of buy in!

True, having the financial means to enter a poker tournament doesn't necessarily require you to be a high-skill player and luck can play a role.
 dule-vu02/07/2024 12:23:59 GMT
 antonis32102/07/2024 12:49:53 GMT
Congratulations to him , tough competition , at this stake . Big names and what a huge buy in . 250.000$ , crazy amount of money . So his victory , his 1st place prize is 25 buy ins for this event ?? Wow . He could easily have a downswing or an upswing a player at these stakes

And I see Phil Ivey cashed 500.000$ for his 11th place ? That's sth from getting nothing .
 dule-vu02/07/2024 12:50:15 GMT
yeah, what you expeect when there was only 75 players!
 geseco1203/07/2024 03:24:58 GMT
Many congratulations to this player, this businessman has achieved a great victory in the largest tournament of this event, it will surely not be the first nor the last, I always see him playing expensive games, another surprise will come soon for him for sure.
 dule-vu03/07/2024 06:09:23 GMT
He cant play anything else then high roller stake games when he have so much money!
 geseco1209/07/2024 03:00:11 GMT
many say that he is very new to poker and that is why he has caught the attention of many players, Santhosh Suvarna has won event no. 55 of the WSOP 2024: entry $250,000 for $5.4 million dollars, congratulations on him , shows that he can battle with the greats of the circuit.
 dule-vu09/07/2024 05:02:03 GMT
This is only for big gamblers!
 geseco1211/07/2024 03:40:35 GMT
This millionaire is very happy to have won this great tournament for more than 5 million dollars, although money is not his main objective with this game, glory is what he seeks most and that is worth much more.
 dule-vu11/07/2024 05:57:18 GMT
ofcourse that money isnt anything for him when he can spend 250 000 dollars on buy in for single tournament!
 antonis32111/07/2024 07:32:30 GMT
I wouldn't pay more than 1k for a live poker tourney . I would play higher but in only if I had won the ticket via a sat . These guys have talent and huge bankroll . 100K or 250K $$$ in just one game . Lol . I can not even imagine me doing it . Crazy Big Smile
 dule-vu11/07/2024 07:44:16 GMT
you can imagine how much they spend on other things in life, when for just one game they can spend 250 000 and not to regret if they lose!
 geseco1213/07/2024 23:46:55 GMT
These men are at another level, paying an entrance fee of 250K DOLLARS to play a tournament that you can lose and go home with nothing is a great player, these players are used to doing it always, that is why they are high level players.
 dule-vu13/07/2024 23:58:35 GMT
Dollars with big letters...
 IVKA0614/07/2024 13:01:16 GMT
Neviem si predstavit zaplatit vstupenku za 250.000 dolarov,a zisk z tejto vstupenky je v nedohladne,na začiatku prakticky nulový. Ved 250.000 dolarov niekto v našich končinach nezarobi za celý život. Gratulujem mu Smile
 CALICUL14/07/2024 13:04:14 GMT
people who win a lot of money in a very short time, that's why poker is beautiful, but in the present case it's about professionals and not people who play slots and win. Here the mind counts and of course in the end the one who played the best wins.
 geseco1215/07/2024 00:34:41 GMT
I think that poker is a game that can reward you several times throughout your life, but when it comes to slot games you have to be very lucky so that you can win something big, but that is what it is about always having fun.
 dule-vu15/07/2024 00:35:14 GMT
He still talk about it and slots that has nothing with news...

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