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High Stakes: Isildur1 on very low stakes

Tags: broke, Full Tilt poker, Isildur1, low stakes, Tony G
Posted on 28 January 2010 by "T".

Isildur1 probably doesn't need a closer presentation since he was the most talked-about person in the end of 2009 thanks to the millions of dollars he won and lost in no-time. Anyhow, we all know that Isildur1 ended up losing everything he had won, and also that he lost about 2 million dollars from his own bankroll. After this, Isildur1 disappeared from the high stakes scene for a while, and then he returned a few weeks later playing $5/$10 NL. This time, the unknown Swede lost about $400 and didn't seem to care about the money at all (who can blame him?).

Now, after a few weeks of complete silence, he's once again back at the poker tables. But, unfortunately, it's on even lower stakes than last time - $0,25/$0.50 NL Holdem. Isildur1 sat down at the table with $10, which he lost later on after that his pair of kings was beaten by three of a kind 5's.

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Isildur1's 2009

Tags: brian hastings, Brian Townsend, full tilt poker, high stakes, Isildur1, low stakes, scandal, Ziigmund
Posted on 05 January 2010 by "T".

The hottest poker news of 2009 were mostly about one player, Isildur1 from Sweden. Isildur1 came from nowhere and won almost $6 millions in a couple of weeks and then lost it all + another $1.5 million in just a few days. After that, Isildur1 had another upswing and was plus for a day or two before he started losing again. Even though Isildur1 lost so much money, many of the world's best poker players praised the young Swede by saying that he is an outstanding poker player who just needs to avoid playing such long sessions and that he should stop playing PL Omaha and stick to NL Holdem instead.

The big scandal
Isildur1 made many poker players even richer when his game wasn't at its best. For example, he lost about $4 million dollars in one single session to Brian Hastings, and also a few more millions to Brian Townsend, Cole South, Illari Sahamies, Phil Ivey etc. Shortly after this, Isildur1 disappeared from the high stakes scene and it seemed like it could take long before we heard about the unknown swede again. However, it didn't take long before Isildur1 once again was in the headlines as a big scandal was about to be revealed. It all started after that Brian Townsend got his red pro status removed by Full Tilt for a month because he had used a non-allowed poker program to collect data from the games against Isiludr1. And according to different rumors, Townsend had shared this information with Cole South and Hastings. However, neither of them got punished in any kind of way by Full Tilt. After that Isildur1 got to know about this, he said that he will ask Full Tilt to give back some of the money he had lost, and that he probably wouldn't play at Full Tilt anymore.

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