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Man who won $1.2M on Tiger's Masters now bets $100,000 for him to win Grand Slam

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Posted on 14 May 2019 by "T".

James Adducci, the man who made headlines last month when he won $1.19 million after betting $85,000 on 14:1 odds for Tiger Woods to win the 2019 Masters, has now taken some of those winnings, $100,000 to be exact, to bet again on his favorite golf legend to win the Grand Slam this year.

With 100:1 odds from the same SLS Casino in Las Vegas where he made his Masters bet, 39-year-old Adducci is looking at a whopping $10 million payday in case his prediction would come true.

He told ESPN after the Masters, "I don't have interest in the odds Tiger is going to get at the PGA, I'm looking at the Grand Slam. I'm really thinking Grand Slam this year to tie the record, Masters next year to beat the record - that's how I think this is going to go. I think he is going to do things we've never seen before."

Adducci claimed his wager on Tiger Woods to win at Augusta National was his first-ever sports bet, and this time the $100k bet is just his second one.

Adducci said to Golf Digest, "Tiger has history winning at Bethpage, and he won at Pebble, by the biggest margin in history. This is a very unique situation. That's the way I'm thinking about it. We know that with every win, the energy level will get amped up. His game gets elevated. The expectation-does he play well under pressure? He's the definition of excelling under pressure. That's how my brain works."

Tiger Woods is a 15-time major winner in the world of golf. Those people who aren't into golf still know the prominent name of Tiger Woods. Many people believe he's one of the greatest golfers in history, and he has proved once again his prowess in the sport after he thrilled fans at Augusta National with his Masters victory.

However, bear in mind he's 43 years old already and had just won his first major since the U.S. Open in 2008. Therefore, with Adducci hoping that he wins 4 majors within the same year is quite an impossible task, but let's not forget that Woods does have a ‘Tiger Slam' on his portfolio - holding all four major titles (though not in the same calendar year) when he won the U.S. Open, The Open and the PGA Championship in 2000 and the Masters in 2001.

Being able to complete the first Grand Slam since Bobby Jones did it in 1930 during the pre-Masters period would definitely be an excellent achievement for Tiger Woods. If that really happens, then it would be even more excellent for Adducci.



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14 comments on "Man who won $1.2M on Tiger''s Masters now bets $100,000 for him to win Grand Slam"

 CALICUL14/05/2019 17:08:32 GMT
It is bizarre to make the first bet in your life with an amount of 85.000 dollars. Even if he says it's a premonition, this bet is too high. Bet 2 is even more interesting. If this man gets 10 million dollars with this bet of $100k will be arranged for life.
 greatgame315/05/2019 09:24:28 GMT
It seems crazy this bet I think maybe the most difficult thing in the world of sports is to win the GrandSlam in golf, for me it is almost impossible, only Bobby Jones in 1930 won the four tournaments when it was not known as the GrandSlam, but remember that tiger in 2000 won 3 out of 4 only he escaped precisely the Master that already won this year, despite all this I still think that this bet was crazy but he won 1.2M is risky, almost impossible to achieve but I justify that he wants to go for more especially because he is not an expert bettor he seems more like an occasional gambler.

Greetings and please excuse my English
 pajalnick15/05/2019 10:30:30 GMT
This is of course a very cool news .... 1 bet of 85,000 dollars ... that it was generally ... anticipation of Victory ... or He saw his winnings in a dream ... if the second one works, it will provide him with money for life ... This of course it's very cool if the second bet plays ... wait a bit ... it is interesting to know what happens to this person further
 dule-vu15/05/2019 12:02:53 GMT
ofcourse for him this 85000 $ isnt much,when he can make this kind of bets on tiger to win masters,after all problems that he had,but he made great payout on this bet!he had nice feeling for this and you can imagine what will be if tiger wins grand slam,10 million in pocket!
 Mober15/05/2019 12:41:07 GMT
I wonder how much money he has in the first place to put a bet like this.
Betting 85k on this bet is crazy alone Smile
He got lucky and got a good pay off.
But he is still trying his luck with another huge bet.
This time the payout will be even bigger. Lets see if he is going to be in the news
once more Smile
 crankmuppet15/05/2019 13:09:30 GMT
News yesterday reported that Tiger and his business partner (and girlfriend) are being sued in a wrongful death suit.

Allegedly a young bartender at Tiger's restaurant in Jupiter FL was himself over served after work at the restaurant and tragically died after crashing his car when leaving the establishment.

Troubles like this could well affect Tiger's mental game. His results after the golf club incident with his ex-wife went downhill and he had issues for years after.

This could make the possibility of the slam even more of a long shot.
 bowie198415/05/2019 18:32:18 GMT
I would not put a bet on him because after his glorious weekend in Augusta all of his odds for the events remained on this year's calendar dropped significantly so him doing anything is no longer holding value like it did before he won three weeks ago.
 pajalnick16/05/2019 10:50:49 GMT
Tiger Woods, of course, is a wonderful golfer ... and the fact that his results are not very good now does not mean that nothing will change in the future ... He just doesn’t have a simple psychological atmosphere now ... I think after visiting a psychologist something will change and he will start playing again, just like a few years ago ... that is, very good
 dule-vu16/05/2019 15:13:56 GMT
probably they will give lower odds on tiger in next days or few days before tournament,because people will try to bet on him and such a high odds,when they see how he won this first place at masters,so anything can happen!maybe he will be good as he was before few years!
 bowie198416/05/2019 21:21:39 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
maybe he will be good as he was before few years!

Maybe, but it's still golf - so nothing is given. I would have a hard time justify putting long speculative bets on this sport let alone doing it multiple times within a year or so.
 pajalnick17/05/2019 10:57:00 GMT
Of course, bets with such high odds are quite risky ... But if this happens and your bet is played, then you get a great win ... what we see in this success story ... a person risked a large enough amount of money and got a great win. ... but maybe he was told something by Tiger Woods during a personal meeting.
 CALICUL17/05/2019 17:42:25 GMT
It's not just risky because he is very brave. You can not make the first bet in your life with a huge amount of money if you do not know something. However, that means courage and i would like this man to earn 10 millions of dolllars.
 victor09621/05/2019 12:34:09 GMT

the player Adducci, was a daytime merchant from Wisconsin who describes himself and is 39 years old, raised all that money with the victory of Woods and made the decision to publicly reveal his triumph. For my part, I was stealthy and I went back to see the achievement of another million hahahaha
 dule-vu22/05/2019 11:54:07 GMT
Posted by bowie1984:
Posted by dule-vu:
maybe he will be good as he was before few years!

Maybe, but it's still golf - so nothing is given. I would have a hard time justify putting long speculative bets on this sport let alone doing it multiple times within a year or so.

yes,I am also not so much in this sport,so would be hard for me even to bet 1 $,beacuse I dont watch this sports,but know some rules!this man probably have lot of money and watch golf,so he can try bets like this and he only need one to get big profit!

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