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Macau Far Ahead of USA In Terms of Individual Casino Revenues

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Posted on 28 July 2015 by "T".

In Global Betting and Gaming Consultancy's latest edition of its Global Gambling Report, one can read about the world's most successful casinos in 2014. The report showed that the overall global gambling market increased 3.2 percent last year to over $450 billion.

The U.S. casino industry was worth just under $62.16 billion in 2014 - just about $17 billion more than Macau's. However, in terms of gross gaming yield (GGY), several individual casinos in Macau generated much more than U.S. casinos. The best performing casino was Galaxy Macau with $5.85 billion in GGY, and in second and third place were another two Macau casinos: Grand Lisboa ($3.82b) and City of Dreams ($3.72b)

The top performing U.S. casino was Wynn Las Vegas, which made a $690 million profit. However, according to calvinayre, many Las Vegas casinos generate less than half of their total revenue from gaming these days. 

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5 comments on "Macau Far Ahead of USA In Terms of Individual Casino Revenues "

 shokaku28/07/2015 09:37:34 GMT
This is not to surprising. Gambling in Macau is comparably new, while Vegas (and Atlantic City) do business for some time now. Put on top the difficult economic situation in the west, and the outcome was to be expected
 pochui28/07/2015 11:45:54 GMT
"according to calvinayre, many Las Vegas casinos generate less than half of their total revenue from gaming these days" - the way i see situation, this is more a plus than a minus. diversification of revenue streams is always a welcome thing, since it makes you more prepared for tsunamis and global warming.
 klash2328/07/2015 15:16:20 GMT
Some of those numbers are amazing-$450 billion is spent gambling and that is not including all the blackmarket stuff.It just shows that if you have a good casino there is a fortune to be made even with all the new regulations.
With these numbers it is understandable why Governments are trying to get a bigger piece of the pie.
 Fakiry29/07/2015 10:52:25 GMT
Do you guys know why that second biggest casino from Macau in terms of gross gaming yield is called Grand Lisboa? Because, before being independent, Macau was a Portuguese colony, which capital city is Lisboa (Lisbon, in english, although i'm a defender that names shouldn't be translated), and so the name should be like a memory from those times. Apart from this little brain candy, it was known by the common sense that casino industry in Macau is the biggest. Being closer to China and Japan also turns it more attractive and practic to visit to Asian players, and even to Russian players, than Las Vegas.
 bowie198410/08/2015 11:24:38 GMT
Either they are thriving because of the asian economic boom/bubble? or China and it's territories have the least shrewdiest gamblers of all time. Don't get me wrong asians know a lot more about math than me, but this revenue does not come from european tourists I think...

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