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Macau Lawmaker Wants to Get Proof that ‘Radiation Tables' are Safe for Casino Dealers

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Posted on 22 January 2020 by "T".

Some casino dealers in Macau have complained that the new ‘smart' gaming tables in casinos are making them ill. This prompted a lawmaker to demand published data from operators and regulators to prove their claims that the new technology is safe for everyone.

Trade union representative and lawmaker Ella Lei told Macau Times on Monday that if this data existed, she strongly believes it "should be disclosed to ease laborers' worries."

Lei continued, "Some previous complaints we received were about the heat emitted from certain devices under the table. Operators were contacted to see whether the situation can be improved or if use of the devices could be suspended."

Officially known as casino-chip attribution systems (CCAS), these tables utilize radio-frequency identification (RFID) signals to track chips and log bets.

However, casino workers call them "radiation tables", as some of them believe the tech is harmful to their health. In February last year, a petition circulated by MGM China workers complained that they had been exposed to "unknown electrical technology use" which some are blaming for their respiratory problems.

Is RFID Tech Dangerous?
Since the mid-2000s, casinos used RFID technology, as tiny transmitters were first embedded in chips at the Wynn Las Vegas. This tech helped prevent chip counterfeiting, and it also enabled casinos to track play data so they could get more insights about their customers' gambling habits.

CCAS tech goes even further. Nowadays, antennae are embedded in the table itself which can log every bet and every result for every session, in real-time! Information can be immediately relayed to the dealer, calculating and confirming stack totals for table fills, buy-ins, credits and color-ups in just a fraction of a second.

On the other hand, pit bosses and other casino officials can get a real-time view of live game play, along with quick access to reports.

The World Health Organization (WHO) admits there is public concern that electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated by RFID readers and other wireless devices may be harmful to human health. WHO's own research showed that "EMF exposure below the limits recommended in internationally adopted guidelines has not revealed any known negative health effects."

Watch the video how the RFID poker table works:

The Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau has reassured employees that the tech is safe, citing reports compiled by entities in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore, which approved the use of the said technology.



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9 comments on "Macau Lawmaker Wants to Get Proof that ‘Radiation Tables'' are Safe for Casino Dealers "

 dule-vu23/01/2020 09:30:02 GMT
maybe this look strange,but for this wouldnt be suprise if its truth!with today technology everything is possible,but this would be very bad for dealers if this is right and ofcourse they are scared about health!we will probably seen soon whats happening with this!
 CALICUL23/01/2020 11:35:21 GMT
Technology is becoming more dangerous and people don't trust in many devices. We see what happens with 5G and is very dangerous. I can not pronounce about these tables but we let the experts to do their job. They will say how much radiate.
 bowie198423/01/2020 16:49:01 GMT
It's China after all, so the safety of their workers are not even in the top10 on their list of workplace importance. Also, RFID is really not that safe technology when all things considered in fact it is extremely hackable, hence why they sell those wallets with RFID blocking.
 roeish323/01/2020 17:37:07 GMT
It makes sense that the RFID tables generates heat, and this could cause headaches is exposed to it for too long but I doubt if the radiation it generates is dangerous. They usually check these things and my bet is that the phones in their pocket has a bigger effect
 dule-vu24/01/2020 11:38:44 GMT
this question will come in every part of world,now only question is when!new technologies offer many things and much easier,but they can bring some bad things and now somebody need to ask questions and to test tables!its not easy to be on this tables every day for few hours!
 CALICUL24/01/2020 14:14:10 GMT
Technology radiates to all people and she's not as good as some persons think. Peoples ''become zombies'' when they are near electrical poles or antennas. The same with different devices with bigger radiating power. Humanity suffers because of it.
 maragatero24/01/2020 23:25:08 GMT
Well, it´s awesome!I ever have suspicious about the technology with wich a casino can make some trick to you in a table. Wich migth be the little difference between the chips control and the play control. How much about the casino´s technology is supervised for the law? Really, this news awake all my conspirance theory!
 dule-vu25/01/2020 12:00:14 GMT
technology give us lot of good things,but on some levels they can be bad!I dont say that I am sure that this tables are bad,just that when dealers say that something is wrong,somebody need to investigate this and to see is this truth!
now in my country in few cities they want to put 5 G,but people are against that and today will be protests in this towns!
 CALICUL25/01/2020 14:47:30 GMT
There are experts in this field and they can say exactly this thing ( unless a musemalization is attempted ). Anyway, from my point of view those tables will stay there for few years or more. I don't think the money invested will be lost because in case of elimination they will wait for the damage to be recovered.

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