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UK Casinos to Reopen on August 1

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Posted on 29 July 2020 by "T".

According to a statement made by British prime minister Boris Johnson in the morning of July 17, casinos in the United Kingdom, particularly in England, will finally be allowed to reopen starting August 1st.

Betting shops were the first allowed to reopen last month. Several retail casino businesses have hoped to reopen next in July, but lawmakers have moved the date to August 1, as confirmed by the prime minister himself.

This decision was highly praised by the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), which for many occasions had urged the government to allow gambling businesses to operate again ever since England was placed in lockdown for over four months already.

On the reopening, England casinos have placed a variety of strict anti-COVID measures to ensure the safety of their customers and employees. Such safety measures include: all seats, tables and even roulette chips must be sanitized before and after usage; customers are limited to play at one table and must sanitize their hands before and after; and each patron will have to remain seated and are not allowed to roam around when playing table games. Face masks are made available upon request.

BGC chief executive Michael Dugher welcomed the decision, saying, "After four long months of lockdown, it's fantastic to see casinos will reopen safely for business again on 1 August. I am delighted that they can now play their part in supporting the recovery of the tourism and hospitality sector.

"BGC casino members went the extra mile to meet strict COVID guidelines some weeks ago but were left in the dark as to when they would be allowed to reopen. I'd like to thank DCMS Secretary of State Oliver Dowden, Minister Nigel Hiddleston and the many cross-party MPs who supported us and worked hard to secure a reopening date."

"Britain's casinos employ thousands of people and pay millions in tax, and they were one of the few remaining leisure and hospitality businesses to remain closed."

Dugher applauded Chancellor Rishi Sunak's decision to cut VAT from 10% to just 5% for a period of 6 months. Dugher also said that the loss in tax revenue and the money spent on furlough meant that the UK government has suffered a loss of over £10 million every week, "At the moment, casinos are costing the Exchequer around £5 million a week while they are closed. Last year, they paid £5.7 million a week in tax."

To make things clear, casinos in England will be allowed to reopen come August 1, following strict protocol on public safety and social distancing. Meanwhile, casinos based in Scotland and Wales will have to wait a bit longer before any announcements on their own reopening dates will be made.

BGC had called for an end to the uncertainty for the 2,000 employees who work in Welsh and Scottish casinos. Dugher said, "The uncertainty has been awful for the 12,000 people who work in casinos in England and we now call on Scottish and Welsh governments to follow suit and permit casinos to reopen without delay. The devolved administrations owe it to the 2,000 employees who work in Scottish and Welsh casinos to end this uncertainty and help them return to work."

Casinos located in England have an employment force of 12,000 people and contribute nearly £300M in tax to the Exchequer, as well as contributing nearly £4M a week in the tourism economy.


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28 comments on "UK Casinos to Reopen on August 1"

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» UK Casinos to Reopen on August 1

 dule-vu30/07/2020 15:23:09 GMT
they will let people to go to casino,but they will not allow people to on football games,where is open space and thats say all how stupid they are!I know that on football game will come thousands of people and thats not same with 100 people in casino,but still in closed space and dont know why this would be different!
 CALICUL30/07/2020 18:33:27 GMT
The number of infected is a big lie Maragatero, my friend. In summer, viruses disappear and you really don't have much knowledge there in Argentina about these manipulations? If so, then i consider that journalists from your country have all sold themselves to system...
 maragatero30/07/2020 23:53:34 GMT
As another news tells, people (with exception) are not crazy and prefer to continue in this world...alive, instead some bore moments, and gamble compulsion unsatisfied. The Casinos can be open, the business may be open, but the thinking people try to keep safe in the middle of an infection increasing. Thanks to God, the people who don´t believe in the virus, or vaccine, or pandemic; and believes in a sinister world plan of the powerful ones to conquer the world, are only a few...
 dule-vu31/07/2020 19:46:17 GMT
but then if you allow that casinos work,then you must allow other things also!you cant close something and other things to have open and you also have lot of people there!so if you maybe need to have mask in casino,why not to let people to watch premier league live,but also with mask!they will lose billions on football,if they will stay closed!
 antonis32131/07/2020 20:21:17 GMT
English , Welsh and Scotish casinos have many employees , it's betterthese peo0ple go bacck to their works , to feed themselves and their families . Enough with these restrictions Smile I hope everything goes back to normal as planned , and all businesses open again . So many profits lost , so much tme lost with this virus isolation . This decision is one more step to the right direction
 maragatero31/07/2020 23:55:53 GMT
Boris Johnson is returning to a more restricted stage of isolation on a few city of England, so this news about the intention of open their rooms that are making these Casinos is no sense. England has one of the worst statistics of Europe in death and infected by million, so this It runs counter to all the measures that should reasonably be taken. Luckily the Prime Minister's illness made him think again!
 CALICUL02/08/2020 04:39:06 GMT
Lots of isolation that is not good for the population but also for young people who miss the opportunity to go out for a walk in nature. Normal people will become sedentary, while politicians will walk the streets quietly without o be disturbed.
 DaCapo7102/08/2020 05:32:57 GMT
Nice good news from UK ans another step to a normally life. Off course, it was ok to close the Casinos for a while, but now it seems that the people can handle this strong situation. And i´m sure, that the most people knows what they have to do.
 dule-vu02/08/2020 09:52:32 GMT
yesterday I saw pictures on tv from england,where they show beach with huge number of people on it,you cant imagine that!so nobody will stop that and nobody will say something about this,but on other hand they will still stay closed stadiums and stuff like that!very silly from boris johnson!
 antonis32102/08/2020 22:58:46 GMT
Why peole shouldn't go to beaches , go outside these summer days (for north hemishere) , lockdown during hot summer days can drive you crazy , lol . I do not know maragatero ,but if these news are true , it's for the best , as I said a step to the right idrection , for less isolation , businesses to open again , people to work again , and why not , people to have more fun again in casinos , clubs or anywhere else . Sooner or later it will happen , so much isolation not good in my opinion ........
 maragatero03/08/2020 00:38:17 GMT
It sounds like a fairy tale. Some day, suddenly, by a magical wind of justice, the ogres who make decisions in authoritarian governments, are defeated by the brave knights of the gaming industry and entertainment, and all restrictions were removed. And so the cheerful casino players and bathers came gladly to their pleasures...where is the virus? Ohh it doesn´t matter, the problem was the restrictions!
 CALICUL03/08/2020 07:13:07 GMT
I do not understand why these restrictions are in the summer, where viruses die in high heat. Covid 19 is an small virus, it is not dangerous (only politicians, globalists or mass media have manipulated) and people in hospitals have died of other diseases.
 dule-vu03/08/2020 10:48:55 GMT
antonis you can allow some thing and some not!I see pictures where they have thousands of people on beach and today I listen on news how UK will have restrictions again!for example,they will allow people to pubs only with people who live in same house!?this isnt strange for you?
 maragatero04/08/2020 00:47:32 GMT
Don´t matter yet. This is an old news, today appear the last news about these themes. Boris Johnson don´t allow to open the Casinos. The common sense had won at this time. The premier had a bad experience with the virus, he was really afraid to have died, and don´t want to be remembered like the government who make it possible to thousand of people. When the second wave of infection is appearing, have no sense to open the Casinos
 CALICUL04/08/2020 07:24:21 GMT
In Germany, one million people protested in streets against the manipulation that this Covid 19 is dangerous and people must then be restricted from wearing masks and gloves. I can't wait to see results and if citizens' evidence wins in court, then Merkel & company will pay huge compensations.
 dule-vu11/08/2020 09:30:36 GMT
two days ago I talked on phone with my old friend,who live in london for almost 15 years and he tell me that it want be easy at autumn,because they dont know what will happen,will they close everything again!he still work normal,but pubs,schools and everything isnt same!he dont know how his daughter will go in school and by what rules!
 antonis32112/08/2020 05:52:44 GMT
I don't get it , complete isolation , lockdown , then more freedom to go outside , some businesses open , then again they close them , some postponements for some businesses' opening , don't get it ... So is there a real problem ??? The way they are delng with it isn't right , the most appropriate .

Every government decides on itself different measures , but the planet is one whole , lol , , the viruses know no boundaries !!!!! They have failed solving it with this lockdown . Is it a permanent problem ?? This back and forth , open and close , allow and forbid and again allow and again forbid , all these lead to notthing . The sooner they understand it the better for the rest of us ... Until then more people lose their jobs , more get depressed .
 CALICUL12/08/2020 06:00:04 GMT
This isolation must stoped because details say a lot and that Covid is only to destroy economies of many countries and of course the people. They are trying for force mandatory vaccination... which has a much higher risk of death, than if you do not get vaccinated.
 dule-vu12/08/2020 10:50:25 GMT
antonis yes,then dont know what will happen in next weeks,they are still without information!they will probably start school,but if problems with corona will repeat,they will close it again!now he is already crazy,because they didnt had school for months and his daughter is for months at home!if you dont allow people to go football games,if you will close schools,then nothing isnt normal!
 CALICUL16/08/2020 08:12:42 GMT
How beautiful it is when watch football matches without spectators. Feel peace, player makes a noise and it sounds very good. In casinos it is totally different. You don't see people, it's boring and if play online have extra satisfaction but it doesn't compare to live halls.
 dule-vu16/08/2020 17:10:32 GMT
they are so afraid of covid,that they now have new measures in country,especially for people who will come from other countries!you have to stay 14 days in isolation,after you come from any other country,no matter was if vacation or something else!so you can imagine that they do this kind of things now,but want to let people to gamble,go in pubs and other things?
 antonis32117/08/2020 05:40:50 GMT
LoL ... They cancel some measures , then they bring them back , they take back some restrictuons , ony to replace them with others , they say things go a litle better , then say suddenly things go worse , new measure are imposed ... i use to read the news rarely , now i read them every 2 days , mainly for the measures , to see what new in my country , fines are too high lol ...

And these masks that many politicians choose to wear , in Greece , in the USA (Trump Big Smile) , elsewhere , you know , the fancy ones , the black ones , lol , these politicians seem like some evil villains from some comic books , sometimes they remind me of Shredder (from TMNT) ,.lol

Hopefully everything goes back to normality very soon , or at least on a great grade and level , cause this madness had lasted for so long . (I talk about the extreme exaggerations , not all measures or decisions Blink) . Casinos to open for all activities , with safety measures , danger is minimised extremelly Smile
 CALICUL17/08/2020 08:01:59 GMT
This truth is not Covid 19, because we will fight with state representatives. Things are getting worse. They are going to forcefully vaccinate populations where it is possible. In Romania, my government ordered 10 million killer doses and Austria 8, with 8,5 number of citizens. This is very bad.
 dule-vu17/08/2020 18:43:52 GMT
antonis you can imagine what changes they will bring again,when autumun come,colder months and when kids back to school!there will ge again even worse measures!in my country from friday we again have rule that any bar,disco or whatever cant work longer then 00:00,which is just crazy!just because 3 or 4 places on sea have some number in bars,they didnt closed them or some to give some restrictions for that places,they made for whole country!you can imagine that feeling on saturdays,when they closed down everything,they just didnt let music anymore and you could go home!
 CALICUL18/08/2020 08:29:25 GMT
Things will not stay in that way and people will start to put more pressure. These politicians with their masters make fun of our lives. They live in wealth on our money. Stole, took advantage by his companies... but now are trying to cause chaos.

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