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Lockdown on Casinos Reimposed in Seychelles

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Posted on 03 June 2021 by "T".

Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off East Africa, has been placed under another lockdown, which means casinos have been closed off once again.

The island group may have achieved the highest injection rate against COVID-19 in the world, but government officials have deemed it right to impose another lockdown on non-essential retail and services.

Seychelles just only re-opened its borders on March 25. Tourism is the country's main income generator.

Seychelles is named the most vaccinated nation on earth, with more than 60% of its population being vaccinated already.

Despite this achievement, world health experts are concerned about a rise of COVID-19 cases among fully vaccinated individuals in Seychelles.



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36 comments on "Lockdown on Casinos Reimposed in Seychelles"

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» Lockdown on Casinos Reimposed in Seychelles

 dule-vu08/06/2021 11:04:55 GMT
hope that we will see some normal posts from now,not just spaming from member who dont know what is even covid!
if this problem is on seychelles,then this can happen on any other place and as we can see uk tourists had time till today to back in their country from portugal,because if they dont,they will need to stay for 10 days in isolation when they back from vacation!
so this situation is on other continents too!
 geseco1208/06/2021 20:00:39 GMT
A great concern on the part of the population, because in reality they are not responsible, because although they are vaccinated, experts indicate that the infections are increasing every time, we do not take care of ourselves and we think that having the vaccine we will not get infected again , we should be more aware of this.
 CALICUL08/06/2021 22:25:38 GMT
Some experts said that the virus is in vaccine. Why do i have to get a "vaccine" that is in trials until 2023, to become a lab rats? more than that who does it, may get sick again and it can be passed to others. I don't want to be their experiment. Seychelles will lose even more money now and will be bad for business.
 geseco1209/06/2021 23:51:27 GMT
Now nothing is known 100%, everyone pulls for their malevolent objectives, the laboratories have made a business, instead of promoting aid to the population, now the vaccines are 80% effective, this should worry us so as not to lower our guard even when we get the vaccine.
 CALICUL10/06/2021 00:29:04 GMT
the vaccine is ineffective, because it does not provide immunity. It is a colossal lie, but i do not know what will happen with these restrictions and when they will reopen in the Seychelles. Many people talk about arrests about Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, etc..., but i don't think so and this masquerade will continue with wave 4. People will become more nervous because jobs or vacations can be lost and it is aberrant not to let people have fun with casinos or other things.
 dule-vu13/06/2021 11:06:37 GMT
it would be nice to see some news about situation at this moment and will they stay closed or they will open something on seychelles!also in other countries there are problems and we can see that on football games they dont allow lot of people!
people have problems,but we will see what will happen after summer!
 CALICUL13/06/2021 14:13:46 GMT
Seychelles has 1,067 infections reported in the last 7 days per 100,000 people. This is something absurd and is not about that. Politics and the economic part are guilty here, because they are trying other things here... Who wants to believe lies, must follow next few months and to see the results.
 antonis32114/06/2021 19:20:22 GMT
I haven't taken a shot of this vaccine , i think I have to do it , cause they will be asking for papres to prove this vaccine test shot so as to be able to go to some places , lol , I do not know if there are fines to those who do not do it , sh** .

ANyway , now measures in Greece are even more better for the people , less restrictions , they say by 1st of July we mighty be even able to walk 24/7 outside with no restrictions in freedom of movement , we will see . now if the measures come back 1 month later , that will be one hell of a joke Smile Foskolos still lives , lol Smile
 geseco1215/06/2021 03:40:11 GMT
We must become aware and take care of ourselves if we want to eradicate this virus from the planet, we wait for the vaccine and we do not take care of ourselves, we vaccinate ourselves and we continue to lead our normal lives without taking preventive measures.
 CALICUL16/06/2021 15:56:45 GMT
I saw a news where members of the US Congress said that this Covid 10 is a scam. Now i don't know how real the news is, but if it's true, i would like people to realize that they have been fooled and must take severe action. I want everyone guilty to pay.
 antonis32118/06/2021 19:44:51 GMT
I read in the greek news that the 4th wave of the pandemic for the COVID-19 will come in the Fall , lol , I hope this is fake news , or else it's a joke , why get back the meaasures for 2 months , so as to get ill , then on Automn reimpose the measutres for some months more ?? I do not know ,I am puzzled , causei other countries I think I reas they also take back restrictions and peoople are also free to walk without masks ....
 CALICUL18/06/2021 20:59:48 GMT
I don't think it's a joke because this thing with 4th wave of Covid 19 pandemic was announced by several politicians. Many people do not understand what is happening and that this work is a lie. Their goal is to vaccinate and to destroy many lives. We need riots in Europe, America, etc ... to get rid of this subjugation, where business goes bankrupt, including casinos. Seychelles is one of the victims.
 dule-vu20/06/2021 17:52:38 GMT
now its hot time in most of europe and nobody think about covid,closing anything and people just want to have normal summer and to travel,so thats why in last days its low number of people who want to take vaccine!nobody know what can happen on autumn,same as it happen in seychelles,but also in last day that is in russia!
hope that we can enjoy in normal summer and that we stay out as much as we want,not like in my countey when everything is closed in midnight!
 CALICUL21/06/2021 10:41:35 GMT
Let's see from the autumn how the 4th wave will come and there will be much harder riots than now. I think they will become even more aggressive... because humanity is stressed by this planetary mess, which was introduced forcibly by politicians... at the behest of those who lead mankind. Casinos will begin to show dissatisfaction and they will protest in future, if this lie will continue.
 antonis32122/06/2021 17:28:06 GMT
I believe 90% of people are aware of the comedy , they know they are stunts , actors in this play , the best win more the worst lose all , like in a recession . The rest 10% (idiot plebs) are suspicious , enough not to believe all exaggerations . 4th wave , 5th wave , 6th wave , wtf , yes to mask , no to mask , games with psychology worldwide , totalitarianism at its finest , at least now there is no illussion whether there has been any real democracy anywhere in the planet the last century (at least) , lol
 dule-vu22/06/2021 22:26:27 GMT
I know antonis that lot of things are strange,lot of rules that we make fun,from closing everything till that you can be inside bar,but you can be outside and nobody ask how many people will be there (thats rule in my country)!but still there is something that we still dont know,but at least would be good that all people have normal summer,if they will again close everything on autumn!
 CALICUL23/06/2021 11:36:29 GMT

That is the truth Antonis321, but many peoples do not see this reality because they do not have the ability to think. Others have an interest in hiding the truth. The most real proof is that politicians refuse autopsy for people who died ''because of Covid 19''. In this way humanity loses a lot: business, jobs, money, freedom etc...
 antonis32123/06/2021 11:40:27 GMT
Yes dule-vu , until the police officers catch you and then you have to depend on the good mood and understanding of them , which is sth they lack of here in my country . They get very ;little money , so imposing fines for nothing is always a pleasure for them . I think the fine is 150$ , which is big , if you consider many who are unemploed or work for 300$ or for 700$ minimum salary , but even with 1000$ or 1500$ , 150$ is not nothing I believe . Now things are better , on the Fall we'll see how things are going to be . the illnesses and the strictness from authorities for restrictions and fines .
 CALICUL24/06/2021 14:07:34 GMT
Even if the casino wants to reopen, there are many people and laws that are on the side of politicians. Doctors who are experts do not decide for humanity, but politicians teach us medical lessons... Antonis: In Romania were many abuses and the aggressive and abusive police imposed many fines. There were fines of $ 5,000 if you do not justify your presence on the street, when peoples were forced to stay in their homes. The judges annulled police decisions but not all fines.
 CALICUL15/08/2021 19:50:12 GMT
in the meantime a journey here has changed and many countries can travel there without a entry visa and it is not necessary a vaccination against covid 19. A test and face masks are required, but also to respected their rules.
 CALICUL15/09/2021 10:29:30 GMT
For those who want to fly there: Currently, Seychelles International Airport is open for commercial flights. Foreign nationals must take a negative test for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, performed 72 hours before arrival in this state, to obtain permission to enter, regardless of whether they provide proof of vaccination.
 CALICUL22/10/2021 14:58:12 GMT
winter is coming and a lot of problems are announced again with this invented pandemic. In some countries they have introduced travel restrictions, with a mask on their face, etc ... Lockdown will be in several countries again. I think humanity needs to come out to fight these impostors who are destroying humanity exactly as they showed in the Hollywood movies. I suppose that Seychelles will be closed again.
 CALICUL11/11/2021 20:31:01 GMT
Unfortunately, protests continue in many countries because this lie must end. Mankind has lost enormously in every way because it does not take action, and instead of walking freely everywhere, we have restrictions because of a lie who called Covid 19.
 antonis32111/11/2021 23:57:08 GMT
Better have a Corona saga , followed by financial recession , and why not one-two ''sideshow'' not major conflicts in one of the '' aggression hotspots'' for this cause on the planet , rather than a WW3 , if you know what I mean . So having this in mind , I guess I don't mind if this soap opera series go on for 1-2 more years , (lol???) , until the big guys ($$$$$) decide the social adaption and the system correction is finally done ........ Aww crap!
 dule-vu12/11/2021 00:09:30 GMT
so why they dont have free bads in hospitals in some countries then?

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