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I think that the poker´s players are improving permanently. The level of the current playing is highest that the level a few years ago. The fishes are too much more informed and the regs are studying all the days. So you couldn´t expect good results if you are doing the same move that was a winner move years ago. We have to think what we can do, not all is a conspiracy!

There are many situations where you can say there is a conspiracy, but the software conspires against me.
I played many games and some players have a fantastic luck.
Why they have this kind of luck?
I did not have such a luck in all my poker life with exception of freeroll games.
Why others can and me not?
Because i know this thing very well and i'm right and i,m furious. Angry

I have no luck in my entire life. I don´t win the lottery, the contest, the random gift in a supermarket, etc. And other people have too much of it. I didn´t win any Mob Draw and our friend Axelerator won a lot of it. The luck has not a fair distribution, you couldn´t claim for it. But you can play in poker´s game with low variance (like cash, not tournament!) and study to improve your playing Smile

I have nothing to improve for my level.
There are weaker players than me who wins tournaments and beautiful sums of money.
You do not understand one thing.
This software does not want to offer good cards for me, but for others players make gifts over gifts. How can i win without the help of the software?
Not even professional players can not win without help from the software.
When the cards do not bind you lose in 100% percents. Sad
Is poker online not live...

Hey CALICUL my friend "...nothing to improve..." seems too much! Daniel Negreanu keeps training and study...I don´t know. It would be very discouraging for me if I know that I have nothing to improve in my playing. What would be my challenges, my projects, what would I do? I could think in play some WOSP, or teach poker. What are you doing?

The first lesson to learn is ... that ther is more that you don t know than you know.

The second lesson even if you study hard this won t change...

There will be always more you do not know....

So that s life.... full of answers

These were two good lessons Smile but what about the epilogue on this.
Any chance you meant to say : So that s life.... full of questions,
instead of : So that s life.... full of answers... or i got the whole meaning of the post
completely wrong here? Smile

I am not referring to my level skills.
I was referring to that:
I can earn money at my level of play, but the software does not want to offer the cards, that other players receive.
I can not win a MTT game with bluff after a bluff.
Every player needs good cards to win during the game and those who win receive these cards but me not.
That means i can not win with those horrible cards which i receive.
I tried with over 200 games in 7 months and i noticed this very clearly.
They do not let me to make money and no one can contradict with me because i have many evidence.

Posted by Mober:
These were two good lessons Smile but what about the epilogue on this.
Any chance you meant to say : So that s life.... full of questions,
instead of : So that s life.... full of answers... or i got the whole meaning of the post
completely wrong here? Smile

It s how u see it.... a life is full of questions or full of answers that u have to find Worship Worship

In our language we also say :

One fool can ask more questions than 10 scientists can answer

or intellect comes with the years ... but you will have to wait some more years

Dear Mober, I choose the life full of answers to be found, or questions to be answered. I choose to be an actor, not a spectator.
CALICUL my friend, we can´t do anything with the software of the poker´s rooms, only claim about their conspiracy. But this it does not leave me calm if I continue losing there. So I´m trying to do something with the other side of the game: my skill to play.
And thefly131, the matter is that you should choose the question that makes the difference if you answer that, not any silly one! Blink

Unfortunately, i will not be able to wait for a few years.
I am resigned with poker in this room.
I am very disappointed and nobody can change my mind.
From now on, i will play only freerool games of pleasure and if i win something, i will play a a relaxing poker without too much concentration. Smile

If it is a way that keeps you calm and happy...go for it! I complicate me with the learning stuff because I thought that I need to make some regular economic income with the poker game. Before it, I played only freerolls and only when I have desire and time. Make money here is a hard and stressed job! Blink

Well let s be realistic … the chance of becoming a professional poker player is small, real small.

As it would be easy there would be a lot of pro's

It needs a lot of dicipline and studying

If you have to combine this with a job and family life … makes it even harder.

I am just happy that I achieved the level of "not losing player" which means I play poker and on the very long term my bankroll increases… but it will not make me rich

I'm just like you Thefly131.
I did not lose money with poker but i did not win too much money.
I have a profit of 5000 dollars approximate in all rooms.
The problem is that: i played a lot of games for that and for me this profit is too small.
Many players says to play many games and the luck will come ( there are those times when players get very good card offered by generous software ) and you will win a nice prize.
Well i did not have that kind of luck and i'm disappointed because i did not manage to reach at a final table.
It's strange to me and that bothers me.
Because of this my confidence has fallen.

Well I just see poker as a hobby, to relax after a day of work.

I lost a bankroll in the past of 800 euro due to bad bankrollmanagement I received a ND bonus of 50 dollar and built it toi +/- 800 euro s in less than 2 months ( after work hours) I went up the stakes but forgot to go down when I faced some losses. Trying to get back the lost money ....

So learnt my lesson and just play for fun. My total bankroll is about 500 euro ( at 2 sites) and it s enough for me to keep on playing at low stakes

CALICUL the way to know where are you about the winner race is to calculate your winrate (bb/100 hands), and look for the stats of a good players of the games that you play, so you could compare and take notice if you are in the expected rate to your level or the variance (or the cospirancy) are stealing your money!
And thefly, I´m working to make a regular withdraw around $500 monthly, I only dream with make me rich Big Smile

I play relaxed poker.
The stormy period was in the past Smile
If you play more nervous you lose and is not so good.
To be angry at poker is not a good decision.
I did not make calculations for how much i would like to win in every month.
I left the fate to decide, but the fate is not generous with poker or sport bettings.
I will insist to play in the future and i will see what will be.

I know that you don´t make a project to the poker playing. But you are disgusted about the money that you won and you thought that with your skill you have to win more money. So I told you about the real possibility to clear that with calculate your current win rate and comparing with others player of the same skill Blink

Today I played five tournaments between Coral poker, Grey Snow poker and 888 poker and in all of them I found whales (big fishes!) and in all the facing with them I make really bads beats!! The variance had a debt with me and today she paid me all of it!! What a pleasure, AK vs AA, 77 vs QQ, 78s vs AK...and I smile all the time!

I do not calculate nothing if i'm not interested in this calculation.
Why me must to calculate current win rate of other player?
This is poker and all rooms should be neutral.
Unfortunately this does not happen and that's not normal.
What does this mean?
That you win by certain rules that have to be respected?
Not after a neutral software?
This is not good and i'm disappointed.

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