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If you earn money is ok, but if you do not win a lot of money, you will lose a lot of time with these games.
NetBet Poker activates again of approximate 1 month in my country and i did not know.
I'm not impressed because they have few players, but they boast with plenty of freerolls and i have not seen too much freerolls.
Unfortunately, there are no free games like in the past with 1, 5 or 10 euro tickets.
They do not offer because they do not have players.
Is sad. Blink

In all the rooms of iPoker there are three daily freerolls, two of $ 25 and one of $ 50. In Netbet that is all, maybe one weekly freeroll for UK players. In Coral there are two promotions more: One daily lottery with 10 prizes for +- 2000 tickets (you can win a ticket each day that you open the poker´s client) and my loved "Winner takes all" that run each hour of the day. Blink

I notice you're an expert in the freerolls games of I Poker Network. Cool
There is nothing wrong with this, but unfortunately i look in the lobby of NetBet Poker and i do not see anything interesting.
I would like to play something good but it does not exists. Hmm...
Maybe in the future the situation will be good.

More a connoisseur than an expert Big Smile I played in William Hill, Net Bet, 770, Titan, Coral and some more. The only one that I keep playing, as you know, is Coral Poker. Could you access to this room? I think you can like the "Winner takes all" tournament. As it has only one winner, the ICM calculation don´t exist, it seems like a big table of cash with only one bank for each one Tongue

At this point i have only NetBet, but i'm not satisfied with their games.
I would like some small tournaments, but with more players.
I would like some turbo satellites of 15, 20 or 25 cents for games of $1.10, $2.20 or $3.30.
In this way there would be more qualification places for NetBet tournaments.
In this way they will attract more players.
In Coral Poker you won 1st place in Winner takes all?

Only first place take the 5 $E, is really funny. There you can lose with AA or win with 27o. There are a lot of fish and the top players of the site, not for the prize only if not for the challenge. Win this tourney have an especial taste and run in each hour. I play one or two by day and win one or two in a year! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

I played very little there and i liked the color of Coral Poker.
After a short period they restricted.
NetBet has a heavy color that damages the eyes.
Blue to black color is very disturbing.
I do not want to look at the settings but i think that it can not be changed. Confused

Surely you can change the look of the tables, avatar, and cards in the setting of the tables. But if you don´t like the color of the lobby, this has not solved. But if this is the case, you can keep hiding the lobby almost all the time. By the way, if you are fine playing in 888poker and you like to play in only one room...what´s the problem?

Well my friend, I can see the end of this thread, unless until I turn years again! Big Smile Big Smile I continue recommending the Coral room of all the options in ipoker. I´m sorry you can´t try it. But you don´t like to play in many poker´s rooms, I remember your saying about it. So if you have 888poker, Party Poker and Poker may be happy!

I do not have Party Poker.
I have 888, Pokerstars and Unibet.
Of approximate one month i have again NetBet, but i would like to have Party Poker.
I noticed that they did not have that software like in the past and is much better with his poker game. I would like as NetBet to make good changes for us, but unfortunately, they do not change anything and the color of their software is horrible. Sad

Ok, and what about Unibet poker? I hear that there was a good promo running. I don´t remember if this is a rake race a bonus or what, but it had a lot of publicity. I was registered there a couple of years ago, and I didn´t finish to understand the lobby. I remember that there weren´t freerolls or so a very little schedule...

Unibet has some freerolls to offer cash but i do not play here.
Their software can not be changed and that bothers me.
Many poker rooms lose money and players because they do not have a better software.
If the software is modifiable then it's easier for the players.
Their Lobby is not difficult to understand but disturbs our monitors when we have many tables open.

My friend, you know what say the saying "A gift horse in the teeth not look". If you have access to only three rooms and you be disgusting about 888poker have to like a bit your options! If you are in an isle and there are only coconuts, you have to learn how exquisite they are, no matter if you like it or not Big Smile

It is true and i appreciated it a lot this thing but now i can not appreciate what is now.
They instead of doing well, they have done more to annoy the players.
If you want players to come and play in your room, you do good things.
When you do bad things, then the players will not come. Blink

CALICUL, I asked for it in another thread: why you don´t try to play live poker in a Casino? I think that the current cash table in a Casino may be a bit intimidating, but time in time there have to run some tournament with low buy-in and it could be a good experience to leave the computer for a while. Don´t you think?

I did not leave the computer, but i left in proportion of 80% my poker games with real money.
Now i only play 20% poker with real money and some freeroll games.
I play Far Cry 5 on my PC because i'm bored and disappointed with poker.
I played on sports betting and i have no luck but here is another situation.
I hope luck will come sooner Cool

Live poker in Casino, I know you understand me. Don´t you want/can/like go to a Casino to play a tournament there? I want it, I have to know how it is, but I´m afraid for that. Time ago I had the excuse that the casino where played the tournament was a little far to my house. But in the last months, the tourneys are playing neer of me...I have to gather courage and go there!

If people are good, then you do not need courage to play in live game(s).
If there are bad people around the casinos then is not good and you you have to avoid these casinos. It's not hard to do this and to play.
All you have to do is to pay for your entry in live game and to be focused when you play. Cool

But, did you? I´m afraid for the situation, the context, the solid chips, the croupier, afraid for don´t understand what I have to do, for making mistakes and feel shame. I think that I have to leave the cave and go to the Casino once to see what´s the matter. Perhaps if I were there I could leave my fear Blink

My friend, when you get there you will talk to someone who is employed there.
It is very easy to ask for 2-3 tips.
When you sit down at the table you have your chip stack.
Then you play carefully because in live game you do not have to play many times all in.
Here you play according to the players' moves and your decisions.
Live poker is different.
Here if you do not bluff more hands you lose.
Players are experienced but not all.
Here, you do not catch a straigh, color or full very often and you must to play a good poker.

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