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EPT Vilamoura: Antonio Matias Wins Against Pierre Neuville

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Posted on 24 November 2009 by "K".

Playing poker just for fun and winning in the end must be overwhelming for others, but not for a man named Antonio Matias, a 54-year-old Portuguese travel agency director.  He may be kind of disappointed when he missed to see his much awaited football game earlier, but that did not made him lose his concentration on playing poker.  In fact, he was seriously playing.  He has beaten other 322 adept poker players to achieve the Portuguese EPT title with the last opponent being Pierre Neuville.

Matias’ cards were 7Diamond 8Club while Neuville's were 10Spade JHeart.

The 5 cards presented on the table were JDiamond 7Heart 8Heart 7Club 2Club, which obviously made Matias the winner of PokerStars EPT Vilamoura.

Antonio Matias shall be leaving the table with a hefty amount of €404,793 while Neuville shall go home with a nice €257,681.  Indeed, these two deserve their victories as they have seriously fought off their opponents and have given the world of poker a very memorably entertaining and exciting tournament.

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10 comments on "EPT Vilamoura: Antonio Matias Wins Against Pierre Neuville"

 MANUEDO24/11/2009 14:59:26 GMT
I'm very happy to read this.
An unknown player who wins an important tournament.
I heard many complains about organization and restrictions but he was very able.
 fejset24/11/2009 15:40:35 GMT
All new players are unkown to me,, Thumbs Up
Big Smile
 racpxt24/11/2009 18:29:19 GMT
Great achievent for a non full time pro.
Glad first EPT here in Portugal got won by a Portuguese, with a second one on the final table, and somo ITMs too.
Lets wait for next here, I hope to build a good bankroll to play many satelleties for the next EPT in Portugal.
 Lutenatik24/11/2009 19:08:09 GMT
Go portugal!!! every1 else got pwned Big Smile
 paranoid25/11/2009 07:33:45 GMT
excellent work by an unknown player...but I must say that luck was with him and a great flop for him too...but poker need luck also Blink
 mazas25/11/2009 09:50:32 GMT
another big Tourney and price given 4 unknown players so pro teams was kicked out some problem with whem they become only big loosers of all tourneys............ its just very sad . Sad
 Fakiry27/11/2009 16:36:04 GMT
Who would say a portuguese player would get the first prize, hein? Congratulations to António, he really knew how to show all stars who came to Portugal to play this tourney that portuguese players also know how to do it! Finally we are starting to show our poker skills to the world. First we win at home, then, we will conquer the world, you'll see..
 Xiku27/11/2009 18:39:35 GMT
yeaah baby, chip it to Portugal Big Smile
 ZmxPowah27/11/2009 19:47:41 GMT
It's rlly sound nice that unknown player win big tournament... people could think so they can too... and loose big amounts of cash haha ^^.
 SuperNoob03/12/2009 09:12:58 GMT
more and more unknown players winning EPT events, maybe its because of lack of participation from the pros . but anyways congrats to the winner

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