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Interview with Patrik Antonius

Tags: Interview, Online Poker, Patrik Antonius.
Posted on 19 January 2009 by "M".

Patrik Antonius is the Finnish poker pro that few players dare to play against at the moment. He grew up in a poor family and went on to become a model a tennis player and later on one of the most respected poker players online. In a Swedish poker magazine he is telling the story about his life, how he went from poor to rich and living the good life.

Today Patrik Antonius is a very wealthy guy with a house in Monaco, a flat in Las Vegas, an Aston Martin and more money that you can ever dream of. It happens that he is making six figure bets just for the thrill of gambling.

Not many people know that he grew up in a very poor family in Finland.

It was a really odd place to grow up in he says. I was very poor and my parents were making a lot less than the average wage at that time. To stay in Finland once he grew up was never an option. Instead he decided to move to Gran Canaria when he turned 19 and become a male model.

Today he does not have the same money problems, in fact money is no longer an issue to this Finnish poker player.

He goes on to tell the magazine that the money means a lot to him but he would not be able to play on the high stakes as he is doing now if it was bothering him too much. "I have had a lot of up and down swings in my carrier and I have been very close to going broke on several occasions". The closest he ever was to going broke was when he lost $1.2 Million during two days playing "The Big Game".

Today he is playing on the highest stakes possible with the best poker players in the world and he is a highly respected player. He started playing poker only five years ago when he found a $1/$2 PLO cash game running at a live casino in Helsinki. One of the players at the table introduced him to the world of online poker and he started spending his time playing online instead of live and the rest is history.

Another thing that the regular railbirds are not aware of is the fact that Antonius has a really bad temper. He goes on to tell the poker magazine:

"I have broken so many mice and keyboards that I have lost count. When I play live I am better at controlling my temper but I feel that one day I will just lose it in a live tournament as well. I don't know anyone who has a temper that is worse than mine".

Even though he is one of the most respected poker players out there he has never read a single book about poker and he claims to have learnt the game all by himself. He does not like the way the poker books are written, they are all telling you to play a certain way and Antonius prefers to keep other options open.

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12 comments for "Interview with Patrik Antonius"

 zenbob19/01/2009 17:17:20 GMT
"The closest he ever was to going broke was when he lost $1.2 Million during two days playing "The Big Game"."

°-° I've never had so much money
 guille22xt19/01/2009 17:57:52 GMT
Good thing he was poor before, he will not waste his money now!
I hope someday we all become great players like him.
One of my favourites, no doubt.
 GeneYuss19/01/2009 19:38:08 GMT
Good story. I heard Patrik Antonius is one of the best headsup players.
 mello8719/01/2009 23:20:07 GMT
nice story, it's a pleasure to know about him¡ is the best headsup player¡¡¡ NICE¡¡¡
 eaziabi23/01/2009 01:32:41 GMT
i dont beleive the fact that he learned to play poker by himself i mean cmon hes playing at the highest levels with the best possible players he would have to have read at least 1 article about pot odds lol
 xxxbchxxx31/01/2009 04:34:46 GMT
I cant stand this punk he comes across as a slim ball... not my taste at all/
 flipannuskitso11/02/2009 07:15:22 GMT
Patrik rulz.. one ice cold mothafucka
 chinasyndrom27/04/2011 21:05:49 GMT
Great news article, losing $1.2 million in 2 days would give me the shakes, i'd be having nightmares for months even if i had 20 million in the bank that would be a huge loss.
 xxxYUMIxxx28/04/2011 02:14:16 GMT
yup,this man is ice cold indeed....
 cuonthefelt28/04/2011 03:12:40 GMT
He should stick to tennis. 2 more years and he will be bust.

 Hajinnho28/04/2011 12:19:21 GMT
Posted by chinasyndrom:
Great news article, losing $1.2 million in 2 days would give me the shakes, i'd be having nightmares for months even if i had 20 million in the bank that would be a huge loss.

hell yeah, possibly. But honestly I can´t even imagine playing for so much money so hard to know how you really would react in that situation.

But intresting to see how he will go on.
 arsenej128/04/2011 13:12:18 GMT
we all have the pro players we hate and cant stand to watch....but dont think any of us can talk down about a guy who is doin what we obviously all love professionally. making a great living on it and has achieved more then any of us could ever dream of....gotta give him a Thumbs Up for that

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