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Viktor Blom speaks out about the day when he lost $5 million

Tags: brian hastings, brian townsend, cole south, isildur1, viktor blom
Posted on 03 August 2011 by "T".

In a new interview with one of Europe's biggest poker magazines, the youngest living poker legend Viktor Blom, from Sweden, speaks out about the day when he lost $5 million to Cole South and Brian Hastings (the biggest loss in his career) and what crossed his mind when it was reveled that South, Hastings and another 3rd player, Brian Townsend, had collaborated and made joint statistics of how he played hands. When Full Tilt found out about cheating they removed Townsend's pro status for 30 days. However, South and Hastings got away with it.

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HighStakes: Gus Hansen's attack on Phil Ivey

Tags: angry, attack, cole south, fight, gus hansen, phil ivey
Posted on 27 August 2010 by "T".

When Cole South and Gus Hansen were playing a tough H.O.R.S.E. heads-up match the other day, Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius decided to join them at the table. However, neither Cole South or Hansen wanted them at the table as they wanted to move on with their heads-up.

Patrik Antonius left straight away when he understood it was a heads-up game and that they didn't want any other players at the table. But Phil Ivey had no plans whatsoever to leave. Both Cole South and Hansen tried to convince Phil Ivey to leave the table several times, but it was like talking to a wall. Phil Ivey refused to leave the table or answer them. After a while Ivey's ignorance became too much for Gus Hansen....

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HighStakes: Durrrr and Ivey make up for losses from last week

Tags: cole south, durrrr, gus hansen, high stakes, loan, phil ivey
Posted on 26 August 2010 by "T".

Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Phil Ivey were one the top 5 list of last week's biggest losers. Both of them lost a few hundred thousand dollars each that week, but it didn't take long before they got their revenge. Yesterday, Ivey and durrrr were playing extremely well and ended up grabbing the 1st ($588k) and 2nd ($530k) places on the biggest winners list. Let's hope that the winnings keep rolling in for these two - because it's a lot thanks to them we have such fantastic and crazy high stakes games going at the moment. 

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Gus Hansen lost all his money - asked Cole South for a loan

Tags: Cirque du Soleil, cole south, full tilt, gus hansen, Guy Laliberté, loan
Posted on 25 August 2010 by "T".

The danish poker pro Gus Hansen has been running extremely bad in the past couple of years. In the beginning of this year, however, he started off in the best possible way by winning a few hundred thousands and it almost seemed like he was going on a winning streak and would take back some of the money he lost.

But it didn't take long before he started losing huge amounts again. And now it almost seem like 2010 will be his worst year ever as he has been on the top 5 list of the weekly losers many, many times this year. Not a very good sign even when it comes to some of the world's richest and best high stakes players.

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HighStakes: July - a disaster month for durrrr and Phil Ivey

Tags: Cole South, high stakes, NEKOTYAN, Patrik Antonius, phil ivey, tom dwan
Posted on 03 August 2010 by "T".

July was a terrible month for some of the poker world's best players, and notables such as Phil Ivey, Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Cole South all ended up on the month's top 5 losers list. Luckily one notable managed to make it to the top 5 winners list and saved some of the high stakes world's reputation. Patrik Antonius had a fantastic winning streak last month ($614,000), he played very solid poker and was never really in danger of losing.

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High Stakes: Isildur1 returns to the tables

Tags: brian townsend, cole south, comeback, high stakes, isildur1, patrik antonius
Posted on 01 June 2010 by "T".

In the past 1,5 month, Isildur1 almost hasn't played anything. Last week, however, he finally made a small comeback and played about 8000 hands. Lots and lots of spectators were following their favorite mystery swede and watched him win about $50k. Even though Isildur1 won - there is not much to say about the sessions he played. No remarkable plays whatsoever.

Are we ever going to see Isildur1 play the same crazy games as back in 2009? Many Isildur1 followers seem to have their doubts about that. Personally, I'm quite sure that it's not the last time we get to see Isildur1 winning and losing huge amounts of money. Lets hope I'm right!

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Video: Isildur1 wins $800k from Cole South!

Tags: cole south, comeback, full tilt poker, high stakes, isildur1, plo, pot limit omaha
Posted on 10 March 2010 by "T".

Yesterday, the mysterious Swede Isildur1 and Cole South started playing $100/$200 PLO (Pot Limit Omaha) on several tables. Then they moved on to playing $200/$400 and at last $300/$600. This was probably Isildur1's best session so far against Cole South as he ended up winning about $800,000. It wasn't all about who took down the biggest pots in this session, it was more about Isildur1 playing his very best game.

Its great to see that Isildur1 has been doing so well since the comeback. It seems like he have learned something from the mistakes he did back in 2009, when he played too long sessions and easily went on tilt. Maybe he's playing so good and focused this year because he's staked by someone who gives him expertise coaching (Tony G??!!)?

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HighStakes: Cole South is unstoppable

Tags: cole south, full tilt poker, HighStakes, PostFlopAction
Posted on 02 March 2010 by "T".

The Full Tilt pro Cole South just keep on winning, and at the moment - it seems like nothing and no one can stop him! Last month, he was the biggest winner online with almost $2 million in winnings. This year, Cole South has won almost $3,5 million and because of that he's the one who has won the most money this year.

Other players that have been doing well so far this year and in the previous month are PostFlopAction (February:+1,559,469 Total winnings: +$2,570,307), Tom "durrr" Dwan (February:+1,003,270).

Players that didn't do so well last month - Brian Townsend (-1,293,778), Zigmund (-$872,856), Brian Hastings (-$794,875), Urindanger (-646,305).

Lets hope that March will be even more action-filled and thrilling than February was!



HighStakes: Cole South keeps on winning

Tags: Cole South, high stakes, isildur1
Posted on 25 February 2010 by "T".

Cole South had some very nice results last year - and especially in the end of the year - he could thank the Swede Isiludur1 for that! 2010 seem to be no different than the previous year for Cole South as it has started in the best possible way for him. Last week, for example, he became the biggest winner - $903,000 plus. Other players that did well that week were PostFlopAction (+$688,000), Zigmund (+$676,000), Isildur1 (+$637,000) and Brian Townsend (+$635,000).

2 players that didn't do so well last week were Patrik Antonius (-$924,000) and Brian Hasings (-$1.2 million). However, we can expect these two to be back in business very soon. It will be interesting to see who the biggest winners will be after that this week has come to an end.



High Stakes: Great action last night

Tags: cole south, full tilt, High Stakes, illari sahamies, patrik antonius, tom dwan
Posted on 27 January 2010 by "T".

Even though the action at the high stakes tables isn't the same like in the end of last year when Isildur1 played, there are still some games going on once in a while. Last night, the action was really on at Full Tilt poker when pros like Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Cole South, Illari Sahamies and Patrick Antonius tried their "luck".

Big winners of last night came to be Cole South ($257,000), Illari Sahamies ($436,000), Tom "durrrr" Dwan ($132,000). All of them played quite short sessions, but still made a good profit. In other words, it was a good day at work for all of them.

A player that had a tough time at the poker tables last night was the Finnish poker pro Patrik Antonius. It simply wasn't his night, and nothing went his way (like it did the most of time back in 2009). When he finally decided to give up, he had lost $826 000 in just 434 hands. Even though $826 000 is a lot of money, Patrik Antonius probably isn't crying out loud since he won about $9 million last year.



Isildur1 wants his money back

Tags: brian hastings, brian townsend, cheating, cole south, full tilt poker, isildur1
Posted on 28 December 2009 by "T".

Not long ago, Brian Townsend got his red pro status at Full Tilt removed after that the poker site found out that he had been using a non-allowed poker program to collect hand history against Isildur1. Townsend had also shared the information he had collected using this program with Brian Hastings and Cole South. However, neither of them got any kind of penalty from Full Tilt poker. This made Isildur1 really upset, and now he wants his money back, or at least some of it according to what he said in a recent interview.

"I do feel like I deserve to get something back. I feel that Hastings had a big edge over me due to the hand history database. They were able to dissect the exact way I was playing because they analyzed the hands so precisely, and it was impossible for me to adjust, as I had no idea they were doing it.
Even though this information is not out there, since they admitted to sharing hand histories, how can I be sure that all three of them did not have input on the hands while we were playing?"

Isildur1 about the future and if he will continue playing at Full Tilt poker after the scandal.

"Well, honestly I am going to stay quiet for a while now. I am planning on putting in the request to Full Tilt to look into this further, and until I hear back, I don't plan on playing much poker on the site."



Tony G comments on the Brian Townsend scandal

Tags: brian hastings, brian townsend, cheating, cole south, scandal, tony g
Posted on 22 December 2009 by "T".

Brian Townsend has been in the center of the storm since last week when he got his red pro status removed (for a month) by Full Tilt after that they found out he had been using a non-allowed program to save hand history against Isildur1, and also discussed and shared this information with Brian Hastings and Cole South.

After this, Brian Townsend wrote in his blog that he was the sole one to break Full Tilt's terms & conditions and that Hastings and South had nothing to do with it. Brian Townsend probably thought that he would get some peace and quite after writing this. Unfortunately, for him, this "scandal" has now been taken to another level as many other pros now have started giving their opinions and thoughts on the Brian Townsend scandal. One of these pros are Tony G.

"The world of poker is a very complex structure built around players, the online poker sites and casinos that provide the games, the limits and games played, rake, backers, and a lot more, and in the end, trying to provide the best game possible that helps everyone.  The entire situation with Townsend, Hastings, and Cole involving their combined knowledge and play against Ilsuldur1 leaves a bad smell in the air for everyone, especially for Full Tilt since Townsend is one of their Red Pros. As a player, I would like to see Townsend be more committed to giving his attention to doing what being a Red Pro demands at Full Tilt."

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Brian Townsend cheated against Isildur1

Tags: Brian Hastings, Brian Townsend, cheating, Cole South, full tilt poker, isildur1
Posted on 21 December 2009 by "T".

Last week rumors that Brian Townsend, Brian Hastings & Cole South had been cheating against Isildur1 started circulate on the web. It all started after that someone got to know that Brian Townsend, Brian Hastings & Cole South had been going through thousands of hands Isildur1 had played and also discussed different strategies on how to beat the Swede. They could do this thanks to that Townsend had been using a program that is not allowed at Full Tilt poker. Full Tilt took action sraight away after getting to know this and they punished Townsend by giving him warning and removing his red pro status for a 1 month. However, Brian Hastings and Cole South didn't get punished as Full Tilt couldn't see that they had broken any of their rules.

This is not the first time Brian Townsend has been breaking the rules at Full Tilt poker. Back in August 2008, Townsend got his red pro status removed for 6 months after that Full Tilt found out that he had been using multiple accounts playing cash games. After this, he apologized in his blog. It will be interesting to see what he writes this time. It will also be interesting to hear what Isildur1 has to say about all this.



HighStakes: Isildur1 lost $2,7 million dollars

Tags: Cole South, Isildur1, Patrik Antonius, Tom durrr Dwan, Ziigmund
Posted on 02 December 2009 by "T".

On Tuesday night, Isildur1 and Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies were once again playing against each other. In the previous heads-up match, Ziigmund crushed Isildur1 and won around $1,5 million in just 600 hands. This time was no different than the previous session as Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies once again dominated and got the Swede on tilt. After 1123 hands, Isildur1 had lost a bit more than a million and Ziigmund decided to call it a day. Ziigmund's decision to stop for the day just made the Swede even more frustrated and angry.

A very tired, frustrated and angry Isildur1 started to make fun of Ziigmund in the poker chat by writing stuff like "How can you stop playing when you are winning and I almost can't keep my eyes open". Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies didn't let Isildur1's talk get to him, and he left the table $1 million richer. Isildur1, however, had no plans on stopping after this as he started playing against Tom "durrr" Dwan, Cole South and Patrik Antonius instead. Isildur1 continued playing bad the rest of the night, and after he had lost about $2,7 million, he finally gave up and went to sleep.


Phil Ivey won over a million dollars playing 7-game

Tags: 7-game, Cole South, full tilt, gus hansen, phil ivey
Posted on 09 October 2009 by "T".

A new variant of poker called 7-game has become a very popular high stakes game at Full Tilt poker recently. A few days ago, Phil Ivey, won over $1,000,000 playing 7-game against different high stakes players. It seems like Phil Ivey can handle all poker games there are. This is very, very impressive if you ask me!

Other players that really enjoy the new game are for example Gus Hansen and Cole South. South dominated the game at first when he and Gus played heads-up, but then Gus managed to win back most of the money he had lost. Many of the pots when these two played landed on around $100k-$200k. With other words it seems like both of them are very comfortable playing 7-game.

What is 7-game?
7-game is a mix between the 7 different games below. Usually 10 rounds of each game is played before it switches to another game. For the ones that master all the 7 games in 7-game (like Phil Ivey), there is a lot of money to be made as many poker players who tries 7-game out are newbie's when it comes to many of the games.

Game 1: Fixed limit Holdem
Game 2: Fixed Limit High/Low Seven Card Stud
Game 3: Fixed Limit Razz
Game 4: Fixed Limit High/Low Omaha
Game 5: Fixed Limit Seven Card Stud
Game 6: No Limit Texas Holdem
Game 7: Pot Limit Omaha



Heavy weekend for Gus Hansen

Tags: Cole South, gus hansen, high stakes
Posted on 03 August 2009 by "T".

Things are not going Gus Hansen's way lately. The usual flow in his way of playing poker is far gone. Not to talk about his usual "luck". Last weekend he lost around 1.4 million dollars. All this money, mainly lost to these 2 players - Cole South and Brian Hastings. The game these three played was Pot Limit Omaha, and it stood clear from the beginning that someone is going to win big...and someone is going to lose big. The big loser came to be, Gus Hansen. Gus simply couldn't get anything going this time and another big losing session was soon a fact. The biggest pot played was between Gus Hansen and Cole South. It landed on the stunning amount of $446,583 and Cole South won it with a nut flush. Let's hope that Gus Hansen will get back in shape as soon as possible. Because he's for sure one of the most entertaining high stakes players to watch.

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