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WPT Bay 101 shooting Star: Steve Brecher takes home the tournament

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Posted on 23 March 2009 by "T".

This weekend the final table of the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star tournament was played. On the final table were 6 players, Chau Vu, Thao Le, Tony Behari, Chris Moore, Kathy Liebert and Steve Brecher. Steve Brecher and Tony Behari, both with over 2 million chips each were in the lead. The most notable of the 6 players was Kathy Liebert who played her 6th final table in WPT.

First and second to get knocked out were Chau Vu and Thao Le. Both of them were quite short stacked when the final table begun, and it wasn't a big surprise that they went out first. Third player to leave the tournament came to be Tony Behari who had a huge stack on the final table but still couldn't get things working this day. Chris Moore was on third place before the final table started and that is where he ended up as well, after being knocked out by Brecher when both of them moved all-in on the flop 9Heart5Diamond4Diamond. Chris with ADiamond - KHeart and Brecher with KDiamond - 3Diamond. Turn & river came 5Heart - 6Diamond and Brecher took home the pot with a flush. This left Brecher and Kathy Liebert heads up, and 54 hands later it was all over when the blinds were 25,000-50,000 with a 5,000 ante and Brecher was ahead with almost 7 times the size of Liebert's stack.

This is how the final hand was played out
Liebert raised to 175,000 and Brecher moved all-in with AClub9Heart. Liebert calls with QSpade10Spade.

Flop comes 6Heart6Spade2Spade, Liebert now has a flush draw. The turn card is 2Club and makes double-pairs on the board.

The river card is a 4Club and Brecher takes home the pot and the tournament with 2 pairs with an ace kicker.


Final table outcome:
1st: Steve Brecher - $1,025,500
2nd: Kathy Liebert - $550,000
3rd: Chris Moore - $291,500
4th: Tony Behari - $230,000
5th: Thao Le - $180,000
6th: Chau Vu - $135,000


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4 comments on "WPT Bay 101 shooting Star: Steve Brecher takes home the tournament"

 MANUEDO23/03/2009 20:42:45 GMT
I always like champions, try to find out something from their way of playing.
Congratulations to the winner for the prize too.
 -janne199023/03/2009 23:50:38 GMT
I think i can't hold over 2 million chips in tournament. Coungratulations.
 doomdy24/03/2009 07:45:57 GMT
The thrill of winning a big tourney with all the chips in front of you omg, this must be amazing feeling Smile
 Deevill70024/03/2009 13:22:57 GMT
I watched it in tv... I had chills so I can't imagine what he feels ;p

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