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HighStakes: Gus Hansen is unstoppable

Tags: durrrr, durrrr challenge, gus hansen, Ziigmund.
Posted on 31 March 2009 by "T".

Last weekend Gus Hansen won another million when he took on some of the world's best poker players on the highest limits on Full Tilt poker. Neither of Gus opponents stranded a chance against him and he seemed unstoppable. Gus Has now won over $4 million dollars in just 3 months time.

After last weekend's session Gus Hansen left the table with over $1 million in profit. None of the highstakes players like "durrrr" and "Ziigmund" standed a chance when Gus Hansen put in the second gear and took down the biggest and most important pots of the game. The Dane is simply unstoppable at the moment and has now won more than $4 million dollars this year, and with that he has taken care of the big loses he had in the end of 2008.

A player that isn't doing so well at the moment is Tom "durrrr" Dwan. "Durrrr" has lost over $3 million this year and is also losing the durrrr-challenge at the moment. If he loses his own challenge it will cost him another $1,5 million dollars. But it's a long way to go so anything can happen.



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16 comments for "HighStakes: Gus Hansen is unstoppable"

 lion6831/03/2009 14:40:24 GMT
iI guess Gus Hansen decided to see the money on the pokertable just as it is, just pokerchips.he gets rid millions of that and made millions of.Surely you may have a nice filled real live bankaccount to do this.
 shokaku31/03/2009 16:23:18 GMT
End of March. The time of the big wins. Gus with more than a million over two days. Then Antonius with a 900k win. Now durrrr with a 700k win. Did Guy return to the tables. Blink
 lomax31/03/2009 17:10:35 GMT
Gus Hansen is siply a wizard of poker. What an incredible player!
 MANUEDO31/03/2009 17:29:59 GMT
And Lomax of course lost half a million against me Big Smile Big Smile
Too funny, I like kidding Big Smile

Non ti preoccupare ti darò la rivincita..... Big Smile quanto me piace sparà cazzate su sto sito
 BatemanX31/03/2009 17:39:12 GMT
He is really, really a great player.
 polevaulter31/03/2009 18:26:17 GMT
lucky rich monkeys playing poker
thats a joke
 fochizza31/03/2009 22:06:05 GMT
"Neither of Gus opponents stranded a chance against him"

"None of the highstakes players like "durrrr" and "Ziigmund" standed a chance when"

I think standed should be stood? Blink
 Uktnz01/04/2009 07:12:08 GMT
Nice player
 alcapone6702/04/2009 00:18:04 GMT
A very great player
 Skyggeman02/04/2009 08:17:11 GMT
And lots of the other pros refer to him as a FISH - donkaments
 pua1904/04/2009 13:31:05 GMT
haha hes the one of the greatest players...
nevertheless , I dont like his game style.
 xxxbchxxx12/04/2009 11:38:49 GMT
Now call me ignorrant but i dont know these two other guys Gus is playin?
are they long time players?
Who can shed some light 4 me? Confused
 shokaku12/04/2009 12:04:14 GMT
Posted by xxxbchxxx:
Now call me ignorrant but i dont know these two other guys Gus is playin?
are they long time players?
Who can shed some light 4 me? Confused

Durrrr and Ziigmund?
Watch the newest season of HSP.
 Dellbo9912/04/2009 15:49:54 GMT
He's lost quite a bit in the last 10 days - according to Gus TV.

There's been a big queue on Gus's tables on Full Tilt for at least a week now. The opposition must fancy their chances.
 mirked12/04/2009 16:35:49 GMT
I would like to meet him on HU, but guess I have to little money on my bankroll Tongue
 SektorFlop02/06/2009 12:47:12 GMT
egyszer én is Gus Hansen nyomdokaiba lépek

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