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Daniel Negreanu accused of being a racist

Tags: bet, black entertainment network, Daniel Negreanu, pokerstars.
Posted on 14 August 2009 by "T".

The Canadian Poker pro, Daniel Negreanu, is at the moment in very stormy weather after that he wrote some personal thoughts about the American TV-channel 'Black Entertainment Network" in his blog. Here are some parts of the blog post that have made so many people upset.

"While I was playing a mixed 400/800 game, listened to music, and watched BET (black entertainment), it suddenly hit me. How on earth can a TV channel have this name?

"I know that there are black artists standing for the entertainment in this show and that they are targeting black TV viewers. And of course there is nothing wrong in targeting a specific group of people. But is it really okay to call a channel for Blacks Entertainment Network?!"

Daniel continues..

"I watch the channel, and I hope that's no problem. It's just the thought if for example a guy in Alabama would start a TV-network and call it "White Entertainment Television/group". My Guess is that people would get really angry and upset then."

This blog post has been talked about by lots of people all over the world the past few days. Some American poker magazines has gathered up and criticized Daniels Negreanu for what he wrote, and even called him racist. What Daniel Negreanu thinks about the critics he has received for this blog post - is still not known.


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71 comments for "Daniel Negreanu accused of being a racist"

Displaying only the 50 latest comments. To view all comments, please visit the forum thread:
» Daniel Negreanu accused of being a racist

 EimsbushKing14/08/2009 21:33:48 GMT
he´s absolut right,i can´t understand that somebody calls him a racist just because of that statement.

one word : RIDICULOUS
 Dellbo9914/08/2009 21:47:07 GMT
found a link I can post check Dexter out guys

 Whiskerer14/08/2009 21:56:51 GMT
Hehe i thought about Dexter too, I was certain that he was the reason for the accusation
 ChoonT14/08/2009 22:47:20 GMT
i think the people are very jealous and guileful
wtf they think to infamise him this way for nothing?
 capinheiro14/08/2009 23:38:47 GMT
I think that's just plain stupid! A guy with so many blog "readers" should choose his words better! Smile
 hudpaul15/08/2009 00:48:08 GMT
i thought it was a free country to say what you want..but i guess it aint....
 Endurx15/08/2009 01:59:02 GMT
there is no racism in what he said, no big deal everyone can say what they think
 Davoodoo15/08/2009 09:40:39 GMT
Lets start a white only TV channel ! ... i remeber the poker show "blacks only poker" what the f... then we would be allowed to have a "no blacks allowed poker show" !

Just silly ...
 SuperNoob15/08/2009 11:20:14 GMT
I don't think there is racism in that blog, what he said is absolutely true. he's only being accused because he's a white guy and these critics are looking for some publicity
 T3ddyKGB15/08/2009 11:44:51 GMT
no racism at all, just the truth.

imagine its called white entertainment television as negreanu says. they would go on rampage and crucify those who work at this company.
 Xryan15/08/2009 14:28:29 GMT
From a european perspective it is completely silly to call him a racist. This whole discussion shows how political correctness leads to thought barriers. In Germany nobody calls a German with turkish origin a turk-german because he simply is german and therefore we call him a german!!! Most of them (over 95%) are so well integrated into german society that they even dont watch turkish tv which can be broadcasted via satellite.
 Connie8015/08/2009 15:05:32 GMT
Why are they angry for? Daniel was just thinking right!
 pwned55515/08/2009 18:27:00 GMT
dunotra did you even read what he wrote? There is nothing wrong with what he said. In fact I agree with what he said it's most likely the truth. Bottom line though nothing wrong with what he said and people are morons. I really doubt anyone important has actually criticized what he said. Tell me if someone other than a random dumb railer says something about this blog post.
 GG15/08/2009 19:55:35 GMT
IDIOTS!!! He is completely right - EQUALITY for all...
 GeneYuss16/08/2009 01:36:51 GMT
lol, if anyboby is racist ,its black entertainment for targeting African-American audiences..

Daniel's response: “As for the article the guy wrote, I think he was brilliant. He threw out a big, eye-catching title like ‘Daniel Negreanu a racist?’ and it did wonders for the site. They got lots of hits. It’s a really low class move to try and increase traffic at your site that way, but hey, it really does work.”
 RaulDuke16/08/2009 10:24:18 GMT
I wouldn't go as far as calling Daniel a racist.
Everybody has their opinion, it doesn't really matter if it's about being black or not.
As a minority I don't feel the slightest bit offended.
People should grow up and stop listening to intently
 dianakyra16/08/2009 14:53:20 GMT
it is al about positive discrimination
 MARCEL12316/08/2009 18:30:09 GMT
these days you get acused of being a racist so quickly
i think it says more about the people that concider it racist then about Daniel....
they're the ones that emmediatly go think Racist!
 zerouts16/08/2009 21:55:16 GMT
MARCEL123, I couldnt say it better... What Daniel was trying to bring in focus (imho) was how Blacks are racists. It will be not long till they start thinking on slave the whites as a reply for the past times... (little paranoic, give me a discount XD)
 Micah-H17/08/2009 12:14:12 GMT
there is nothing rascist in he's statements get a grip. he actually talk about a rascist tv station calling it blacks entertainment is rascisme
 watoba17/08/2009 18:43:56 GMT
I can´t/want believe that Daniel Negreanu is a racist.But thats is for all racist equal they white´s/red´s/black´s or green´s FUCKED UP!!!!!!
 pootsman17/08/2009 20:03:06 GMT
That's just idiotic, american magazines should get a brain and think a little.. daniel said that the name "Black entertainment network" is a bit racisted because everyone would go on tilt when a white entertainment network would start broadcasting. He is absolutely right so everyone should stfu jou..

I don't know.. sometimes it feels that americans are a bit childish and make an elephant out of a fly for no reason.
Let the man live and kick ass in poker.. Smile
 thundereagle19/08/2009 21:10:57 GMT
Why would they criticize white anything when we know its pretty much white everything. And remember Hitler got his knowledge on how to kill jews when he seen what the royal asswipes and their rich followers was doing to all the First People of North and South America, not to mention all over the world. If North and South America will ever be the proper name to call these lands. These lands had names and a few Nations here already that were and are still sovereign, still Nations. They also had governance in place not yet matched by any system of gov't set up by these barbaric people from the so called old world. As far as I can see racism is and will always be alive and well where those Old World people are concerned. They have NO honour and since first contact they have never treated any First people of any lands world wide as their equal.
FUCK Daniel Negreanu if he was still poor his society would not give him a pot to piss in and he'd be frowned upon like all the poor white people of the world, by his own kind!.. They dont even respect each other much less anyone they consider minority..etc.
Never forget there was a bigger holocaust on these great lands now called (fictitiously) North and South America. And fictitous govts set up. Remember also whites were from Clans as well and they had totems. Not ruled by tyrannical families like the queen/king and their hordes of asswipes. And they had older true religions from God. Not the ones dreamt up so they can kill, torture and murder other people who were the true owners of their territories. And in the Old World all white Clans had a territory on the lands of the Old World where barbaric people of their own kind took over because greed set in to them. Greed is an ancient "DISEASE" brought to all corners of the Earth by the barbaric kings/queens. Papal Bull was a Law (dreamt of - fictitious) that said it was okay to go and kill ANY First people of any lands, set forth by the so called vatican. They did that because the First peoples would not accept these newcomers bullshit. Just as barbaric as any king/queen. The popes really are barbaric even to this day. Genocide is a crime towards humanity doesnt matter who does it and just because so called royalty does these crimes and their rich partners and followers did not and does not mean it was or will ever be okay.. And these great lands were not discovered, there was people there already and similiar land all over the world still belongs to the original inhabitants. Fictitiuos treaties forced upon all First people of those lands world wide is a crime.
You never seen or heard of any of these First peoples land ashore in england and say that they discovered lands and started systematically/barbarically Genociding them and trying to force their cultures on them. They had no greed and shared everything and all were treated equal.

Yes racism is alive and well inside Negreanu and anyone who has beliefs from the Old world!.

 RIgnace19/08/2009 22:58:29 GMT
I dont understand why that is considered racist, it seems like an innocent observation/question
 Whiskerer20/08/2009 01:00:43 GMT
Not even that, it's just a joke really, imo. But I do agree that racism is all too alive even today, you really shouldn't deny it.
 GeneYuss20/08/2009 07:29:54 GMT
Negreanu, racist, no way man!

 Btownd8720/08/2009 15:58:00 GMT
It's true, If there were a W.E.T. station, blacks the world over could be justified in thinking it was racist. Why the double standard??? Simple. We white people do not have the strong community sense that blacks have developed. It is this sense that makes having a targeted TV station viable.
 AllanQ20/08/2009 21:52:31 GMT
How can he be a racist? He is from Romania (actually from Toronto, but his parents are from Romania). Here in Europe people from the "East Block" are commonly considered as 2nd
class citizens.
 buhay21/08/2009 16:16:59 GMT
No racism in his words for me. More- he's right about WET. Theres no word for discriminating white people? why?
 JKLB88824/08/2009 11:33:36 GMT
Well my christ i am absolutely flabbergasted by peoples attitudes. The reverse racism rubbish is a pathetic tired excuse for bad behaviour. White people who have no idea what it's like to be discriminated against because of the colour of their skin have no right to even discuss this issue. The mobos for gods sake yes really lots of black people in music but how many at the top by comparison? - a white tv channel? - i watch them all day everyday. GET A GRIP AND GET A LIFE.Don't talk about stuff you have not an ounce of understanding about. Most of these contributions are just knee jerk reactions to a white person being called a racist. Point of fact, i know not the man so his racist ideology i am not aware of BUT what he said was unnecessary and i believe just another statement to get him more coverage ie a little bit controversial. The rest of you need to go back to school and take a sociology class or two seeings as life seems to be teaching you nothing.
 ladyjac24/08/2009 18:53:29 GMT
 T3ddyKGB24/08/2009 19:04:59 GMT
quote:"White people who have no idea what it's like to be discriminated against because of the colour of their skin have no right to even discuss this issue".

i totaly disagree but i just picked out this sentence as its the most bull**** ive ever heard. regardless of the skin color ANYONE can be discriminated.....
look, this is exactly what negranu meant.
 ThrillerRees24/08/2009 21:22:38 GMT
soo stupid, negreanu is known for being a funny guy, some ppl just took it the wrong way
 Koss24/08/2009 21:36:41 GMT
I found nothing wrong of what he said. People just misunderstood totally.
 SUPERULTRA26/08/2009 15:10:46 GMT
People calling him racist or silly are the racists! His comments are stating that he does need see any need for black and white to be separated...Sucks living in a world full of white media people wanting to put anything a white man says as racist..There goes freedom of speech. Cheers Mr Media.
 ih8usukouts26/08/2009 15:55:01 GMT
He's not racist, he hates them all!
 Jewcifer10/09/2009 21:15:07 GMT
Boy, having too much down-time can be bad for your opinions... eh? Guess that's why we like Daniel for his table skills and accute bad-beats on H.S. poker and not his pointless observations about T.V. That's why I play poker... t.v. sux. I mean who cares? I do disagree with Daniel about labeling a station, I say label them all, cuts out the guess work. Hope they go ahead and have a poker channel... that would be cool. L8R
 rednatic11/09/2009 05:10:29 GMT
lol i find what he says make so much sense that the "judges" of racism is fucking retards hahahaha
daniel roxs
 zekii12/09/2009 01:36:27 GMT
yeah it's judging of racism and not racism Smile ... and he's got a point Blink
 7zeljko712/09/2009 08:43:45 GMT
how many words can be spent on 1 "who cares" topic?
 SetDueces12/09/2009 09:30:13 GMT
"From a european perspective it is completely silly to call him a racist. This whole discussion shows how political correctness leads to thought barriers. In Germany nobody calls a German with turkish origin a turk-german because he simply is german and therefore we call him a german!!! Most of them (over 95%) are so well integrated into german society that they even dont watch turkish tv which can be broadcasted via satellite."

you certainly dont live in berlin....integrated?? the fuck...
 dozn0112/09/2009 12:13:30 GMT
right so if i had a tv channel and called it.. white man only rules the world, is that racism then ???
 Flippedchips23/01/2010 23:54:51 GMT
the people who are going crazy about this are stupid, i know there is racism in the world but this clearly is not and yea black people were slaves but its not like white people have never been slaves i mean ffs, just black people had a bad time when europe was taking over the world and even these days u get the sex trade slaves in europe and they are most of the time white, black people who blame all white people for everything are stupid, yes white people did make fortunes of slavery but it was the way of the world for 1000s of years and i would bet if if black people were ruling the world in they days they would have been doing it to like the black people who sold black people to the whites in africa! lol wonder how bs il get over this but its true
 gatorcountry24/01/2010 00:19:32 GMT
I think this is hilarious and i agree with him a 100 percent anytime a white guy does something that involves races they auto say hes a racist and are quick to jump on a white man
 psycokiller24/01/2010 06:59:03 GMT
Do we really have to see the racist card again. The way the question was brought up was a hypothetical one. To see that a grooup was quick to throw that card out there proved the real point that he was suggesting. The underlying point was that there was no way in hell that any broadcast or publication today would or could proclaim to be white entertainment and not be attacked as a racist movement. It's okay to be proud to be black or aboriginal or asian but as soon as someone says their proud to be white, out comes that racist card and let the public execution begin.
 robkey6924/01/2010 09:27:11 GMT
danny seems a really nice guy and i can't see him having a bad bone in his body off the poker table.
 teteban24/01/2010 13:47:16 GMT
This doesn't seem racist at all...in fact he's saying it would be racist to have a White ET...
BTW I dunno how noone came with this "Negreanu is racist" thing when he was mocking Scotty Nguyen talking all the time Tongue (which by the way he gets it spot on Tongue)
 pokkerimees24/01/2010 14:07:01 GMT
i did read Negreanus post and didnt see anyrhing racist in it , so probably its like " what you see is what you get". There was a movie with Eddie NMurphy, who played paranoid actor, who refused to play in the movie, because there was 999 times K in the text and that means ofcourse 333 times KKK
 pmgignac24/01/2010 14:47:03 GMT
its a real big joke... I makes a lot of joke on black people but there just jokes I know a couple of jokes on white people and find them much more funny
i got 4 friends that are black and i listen to hip hop all day long .
am i a racist... dont think so... is negrenu a racist ... it was only a constatation i think the only thing it prooves is that he got a brain and he can use it not the guy is a racist ..its realy anything
 MANUEDO24/01/2010 16:51:11 GMT
It's interesting to see how many comments have been left on this post; I think it's always good when you talk about racist and discrimination for ( here in Italy too ) it's a problem still.
Don't have undesrtood what exactly he wanted to mean but I don't think he's a racist; I would be really surprised of it

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