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Heavy weekend for Gus Hansen

Tags: Cole South, gus hansen, high stakes.
Posted on 03 August 2009 by "T".

Things are not going Gus Hansen's way lately. The usual flow in his way of playing poker is far gone. Not to talk about his usual "luck". Last weekend he lost around 1.4 million dollars. All this money, mainly lost to these 2 players - Cole South and Brian Hastings. The game these three played was Pot Limit Omaha, and it stood clear from the beginning that someone is going to win big...and someone is going to lose big. The big loser came to be, Gus Hansen. Gus simply couldn't get anything going this time and another big losing session was soon a fact. The biggest pot played was between Gus Hansen and Cole South. It landed on the stunning amount of $446,583 and Cole South won it with a nut flush. Let's hope that Gus Hansen will get back in shape as soon as possible. Because he's for sure one of the most entertaining high stakes players to watch.

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15 comments on "Heavy weekend for Gus Hansen"

 AvegZ03/08/2009 19:34:30 GMT
Shape up gus!
 B1gfoot03/08/2009 19:44:58 GMT
Since when did the cards matter.
 Davoodoo03/08/2009 21:01:09 GMT
Thank god he didnt lose to durrr ... yeah when you run out of luck you cant win in poker.
 racpxt03/08/2009 21:16:18 GMT
Hey mr. Hansen!
How big is your bankroll?
Do you do bankroll management?
How do you earn your living playing against big guys all the time?
 dianakyra03/08/2009 22:39:59 GMT
I think he will get broke soon !
 cyclonisz204/08/2009 03:23:35 GMT
quit while you have a couple million gus poker is for sharks. shoulda quit when you had 10+ mil :<
 ih8usukouts04/08/2009 08:46:52 GMT
Prob just pocket change for him
 shokaku04/08/2009 08:55:31 GMT
Posted by dianakyra:
I think he will get broke soon !

Just down ~150k for the year at Highstaksdb. Nothing to extreme.
 AlwaysOnPot04/08/2009 13:33:23 GMT
I was actually watching a bit of this game. Gus was a calling station.
 scl197504/08/2009 14:27:47 GMT
hes a maniac at the tables,but he lives fast he maydie fast,well his bankroll is,nothing is forever so hope he got some good investments. Thumbs Up
 Fakiry04/08/2009 17:54:19 GMT
Cole South had a bad 2008 but seems to be recovering this year. Gus Hansen is not the best oponent to someone who is thinking in winning big, but this time it worked out fine! Congrats to Cole and lets hope Gus to come to the winning siede again!
 Calmplay04/08/2009 18:46:40 GMT
Where is the Gus we used to know? The one who was hungry for winning sessions... whatever it was MTTs or high stakes poker... Shock come on Gus Dollar Dollar Dollar
 SuperNoob05/08/2009 02:43:16 GMT
Whats luck got to do with it when you act like a calling station, you'll surely lose money. hope he can recover and start winning again.
 aspas205/08/2009 09:20:40 GMT
wow too much money!! cmon gus!!!
 Tchungpo05/08/2009 18:07:20 GMT
Well gus, good luck ! we all know that he is a great player, lets wait for a big rush from him !!! and there he will make a lot of money... or be out of the poker world Tongue

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