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HighStakes: Gus Hansen takes a break from the highest stakes

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Posted on 07 September 2009 by "T".

The past few days, Gus Hansen, the Danish poker pro, has been playing on much lower stakes than he usually does. There are many theories why he has moved down in stakes. One of them is that his bankroll isn't what it used to be, and therefore he can't afford to play against "durrrr", Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey, and other big names at the highest stakes. Another theory is that he finds the opponents at the lower stakes much weaker. 

So how is Gus doing at the lower stakes?
It seems like he is doing very well at the lower stakes. He also seems to play more comfortable there than at the highest stakes at Full Tilt poker. It will be very interesting to see if he stick to the "lower stakes", or if he decides to move up in stakes again. However, Gus Hansen, has had a rough 2009 with around 2 million dollars lost, and most probably much more on other things next the poker. For example he lost a lot of money when the best tennis player in the world (Rafael Nadal) surprisingly lost against the Swede Robin Söderling in French open.

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30 comments on "HighStakes: Gus Hansen takes a break from the highest stakes"

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» HighStakes: Gus Hansen takes a break from the highest stakes

 7zeljko707/09/2009 13:53:19 GMT
that crazy luck had to leave sometime... at least for a whyle... Big Smile
 Calmplay07/09/2009 14:51:16 GMT
Never thought one day that news would have come... poor him but I think he can rebuild by playing at those lower stakes vs weaker players...
 TheRoboDuck07/09/2009 15:21:00 GMT
This is just a small break to enjoy his life and his money. Blink There would be no better time, when you are in a big downswing. I can´t imagine that a player like him will would quit forever. He is to good to quit and he know it!
 ih8usukouts07/09/2009 17:34:42 GMT
Sometimes in life you have to take a step back to take two steps forward. I am curious to see what his next move will be
 Fakiry07/09/2009 17:45:35 GMT
It shouldnt be easy for a so well known pro player like Gus Hansen to go down in the stairs of poker. This must be some kind of experience he is doing. Or perhaps he will dedicate more to poker now, and he is studying his way of play along with unknown players, people who he strategicaly doesnt know ,to turn things more interesting and to develop his own level.
 twinsun07/09/2009 20:16:08 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Poor Gus. "Only" playing with $50 and $100 blinds. Must be like playing with play money. Smile

 B1gfoot07/09/2009 21:44:41 GMT
Gus Hansen in my books is one of the great players and think this downswing is somewhat of a blessing in disguise, HS is his field for sure and belive playing lower limits may be a bit disheartning but will improve his game 10 fold, no doubt in my mind he will be back on top with vengance.
Gl Gus.
 Plexo07/09/2009 23:05:25 GMT
"has had a rough 2009 with around 2 million dollars lost" That cannot be only a downsing. May be he is not so good to play against Ivey and Dwan.

This do not mean that I think he's a bad player. I totally respect him, he is good, but for me Ivey and Dwan are two poker's genious
 Dellbo9908/09/2009 01:02:49 GMT
Posted by Plexo:
"has had a rough 2009 with around 2 million dollars lost" That cannot be only a downsing. May be he is not so good to play against Ivey and Dwan.

This do not mean that I think he's a bad player. I totally respect him, he is good, but for me Ivey and Dwan are two poker's genious

I do believe it is a case of Gus been the 10th best cash player in the world but he only ever plays the top 9.

however it is very easy to have a $2M down swing just though variance when you play heads up PLO at the stakes he does. Heads up PLO is probably the most swingy game in the world.
 SuperNoob08/09/2009 06:54:59 GMT
i think he'll be back some time later when he has recovered from those losses, surely must be missing the thrills of high stakes
 PokerJosh08/09/2009 16:43:57 GMT
why playing in high levels, when there is easy money down there Blink
 vonkie196708/09/2009 18:20:18 GMT
He was up 170k yesterday Smile
 MasterY08/09/2009 22:56:15 GMT
To racpxt:

Rafael Nadal is the best tennis player - not just on clay anymore

But the days of interesting tennis are long gone - I remember the days where there were potentially 25 winners of the french open. Also Wimbledon wasn't just a two-way possibility.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have ruined the exitement of watching tennis for me.

Gus will be back!
 nebu09/09/2009 05:40:27 GMT
2008 he has one of his baddest downswings with like 1.002.000$ over two months.. and during the aussie millions 2008 he played 3 days in his hotel room online and won 1.009.000$ and he saied rather he looses one mill and wins it back as otherwise Big Smile he also saied that 1mill isnt his baddest downswing but with 2 months it was his longest so far..
 braskalas11/09/2009 21:32:29 GMT
racpxt, oh man you got to be one of the most stupid ppl on the eart -.-' Rafael Nadal WAS the best player in the world when Söderling beat him... Roger federer was ranked nr.2 and Nadal nr.1 so please don't say anything more you are so stupid... and after french open he was injured and away from wimbledon = MUCH rank points away...
 DarkPrince18/09/2009 07:26:41 GMT
This should be a lesson for all amateur players out there. Even when your bankroll grows, it is not always a good option to move up to higher limit poker. Even the best of the best can find themselves losing alot of money.

Remember what stakes brought your bankroll and that making fast money is not an option in poker.

Stay confident Gus, your cold decks will soon turn around. Smile

 rednatic18/09/2009 08:05:09 GMT
that is so true... normally i have a run of good month follow by a month of bad run and it has been going on and on and on and on and on till im so fedup that normally after the good month is over i quit playing poker for a month then starts over and over again lol ! Tongue
 Eeben18/09/2009 14:45:42 GMT
Posted by racpxt:
Every player has to do a move down somewhere during his career to recover from a big downswing and regain confidence.

And there is an error on the new: "...lost a lot of money when the best tennis player in the world (Rafael Nadal)...", he isn't the best player in the world, just the best player in the world on clay surface, just that. Federer > Murray > Nadal.

Gus rocks Smile hope he will get back on track soon .
 nebu18/09/2009 15:18:33 GMT
dudes like him dont die Big Smile
 Btownd8720/09/2009 20:16:11 GMT
Gus is much too aggressive at higher stakes.
His Pot Limit Omaha game is ludicrously loose.

Ha that rhymes
 joulukinkku03/10/2009 19:51:46 GMT
OuuuuhMy Goood ! Poor Gus... He is much down in this year that I feel symphaty for him. Bad luck follows Gus everywhere he goes!!! I hope the best of luck to him at the future
 Mordo14/11/2009 14:38:03 GMT
He play lots of pots. But his lucky is far away from Phil Ivey for example.
 psycokiller14/11/2009 15:55:30 GMT
Hansons style most closely resembles a lag (loose aggressive). As such, his bankroll will suffer swings when he doesn't catch favorable flops. Moving down limits is probably the best thing for him to protect his remaining bankroll and get his game back on track. Thee have been other pros that have done this in the past, and there will be others after Gus.
 Mast3rKush14/11/2009 16:38:26 GMT
Gus is an EXCELLENT live player, his instincts on the table are actually scary good. But online, i'm not sure if he keep up with the likes of Durrr, isildur1, or even Ivey, who have made probably more than $30million together playing online, whereas Gus at those stakes just seems to lose pot after pot.
He will be CRUSHING $1000NL though, mark my words.

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