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2010's TOP 5 winners and losers: durrrr and jungleman12 up $4 million each

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Posted on 14 October 2010 by "T".

After a kind of quiet week at Full Tilt's nosebleed tables, we think it's about time to summarize 2010's high stakes results. The 2 biggest winners this year are, not really a big surprise, Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Daniel "jungleman12" Cates. Both Dwan and Cates have won over $4 million dollars each and, at the moment, it looks like their winning streaks aren't over yet. Other big winners this year are Phil ivey (+$3m), Andreas "skjervoy" Torbergsen (+$2,5m) and LokoIsback (+$2,44m).

Who the top 2 losing players this year are, just like the top 2 winners, is not such a big big surprise either. Gus Hansen has been running quite good in the past week, but he has a long way to go as he's down almost $3.7 million this year. The second biggest loser is Brian Townesend, the man who won some serious cash against Isildur1 in the end of 2009, he's down $2.5m so far this year. Well, the results below speak for themselves.

2010' TOP 5 winners/losers list with 2,5 month to go.

1. durrrr $4,028,872,00
2. jungleman12 $4,001,593,00
3. Phil Ivey $3,081,107,00
4. skjervoy $2,506,417,00
5. LokoIsBack $2,443,085

1. Gus Hansen -$3,679,550,00
2. Brian Townsend -$2,534,059,00
3. Matatuk -$1,539,661,00
4. Cole South -$1,449,856,00
5. Zee Justin -$1,442,585,00


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4 comments on "2010''s TOP 5 winners and losers: durrrr and jungleman12 up $4 million each"

 Kristan15/10/2010 12:50:08 GMT
Dwan FTW!

Dont know if Cates is going to stay on top in furure aswell but one thing is for sure - Dwan will snap this year also the player of the year title with those results Thumbs Up
 Chaosman8815/10/2010 14:01:35 GMT
I'm not quite sure. If Cates wins the Durrrr challenge he could take a serious adventage on the race!
 K1dPoker16/10/2010 02:42:35 GMT
Durr is a beast Blink. I figured that gus hansen would be the #1 loser haha ;]
 SuperNoob16/10/2010 20:33:43 GMT
who r the guys on 4 and 5 position. skjervoy and LokoIsBack , never heard much abt them.
durrr is having a gud time after losing big to isildur and ivey is always in top winners Blink

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