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PokerStars most brutal TV commercial ever

Tags: banned, commercial, germany, pokerstars.
Posted on 16 November 2010 by "K".

"Play poker online - It's safer." is the "slogan" at the end of the banned PokerStars commercial that has upset and fascinated thousands of poker players around the globe in the past few days. In the commercial one get to see the winner of 2009 EPT Dortmund, Sandra Naujoks, and a few other poker players killing each other, in the most brutal ways, over a game of poker.

This commercial has already been banned in Germany and probably it won't be shown on television in any other country either, so here's your chance to see the most brutal poker commercial ever (NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS).

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31 comments on "PokerStars most brutal TV commercial ever"

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» PokerStars most brutal TV commercial ever

 Supererou16/11/2010 17:22:03 GMT
 Davoodoo16/11/2010 17:27:10 GMT
Very well done commercial, time to make a deposit perhaps ? Tongue

Thats what poker looked like when doyle was young ...
 Kristan16/11/2010 19:14:11 GMT
LOL - safest poker online network should be in the beginning - its a long commercial and some people would not want to watch it to the end after all that kiling spree. I like it, reminds me little of 007 Casino Royale Blink Thumbs Up

edit: it really seemed like its cut out from poker world that was 30-40 years ago when Doyle was young like Davoodoo says lol.
 jpoblong16/11/2010 21:27:05 GMT
probably it wont be seen on tv. so i suggest lets play on line its safer..
 jessthehuman16/11/2010 23:15:20 GMT
HAHAHA that's awesome. but WTF were they thinking ??
 shoveandtilt17/11/2010 00:11:36 GMT
Brilliant!!! Viral viral viral....and it has worked...!
 dule-vu17/11/2010 00:27:45 GMT
yeah its brutal!somebody would love it,somebody would hate it!who love aggressive,this is for him!just wonder who is author of this commercial?
 Pandelo17/11/2010 00:48:01 GMT
fabulous, great pokerroom!
 oliver08229817/11/2010 01:59:40 GMT
Posted by racpxt:
As a video it is great and extremely fun. But as a commercial it can be a total disaster. Poker still have a negative image, ads with this type of content will not help it at all.

it gives a wrong impression on live poker... Sad
 magatt96617/11/2010 08:18:34 GMT
omg. I am a great fan of quentin tarantino and can see his style here....I'm just wondering if pokerstars engaged him for the making of this spot.

great spot imho.....not for tv anyway
 ZmxPowah17/11/2010 08:55:46 GMT
I saw it already somewhere and i think it's worst crap i ever seen....
When i was watching it first time i was like <facepalm> most of times...
Pseudo action movie for americans... for myself.
 mazas17/11/2010 09:24:38 GMT
not good bbut its true some people come here to do show and worst show is more funny then the good so they decision was here and u can watch it or not i prefer not D:
 schmoyster17/11/2010 10:13:55 GMT
I've posted this video before in this thread It was widely discussed on poker forums since August.
The fact is that Poker Stars didn't acknowledge that they have anything to do with the production of this commercial Smile There were rumors, also, that the German members of the Poker Stars team were suspended. Still it's hard to believe that PS is not involved Cool
 photolong17/11/2010 15:28:31 GMT
would make me want to play poker anyway he he he ....
 magatt96617/11/2010 16:00:02 GMT
Posted by photolong:
would make me want to play poker anyway he he he ....

live or online ? Big Smile Big Smile
 Yuki55517/11/2010 20:05:03 GMT
I think its a pretty good video, and not so violent (im pretty sensitive, and i had no problems at all viewing it). It changes from usual poker commercials and im sure there are much more violent adverts for other stuff.
 cona8018/11/2010 11:22:53 GMT
the best what i ever seen
 SuperNoob18/11/2010 18:09:00 GMT
good ad but they showing bad image of live poker and adding to the negative publicity of poker. dont think many people will like watching this ad but they might not wanna play poker either Tongue
 BadeaCR18/11/2010 23:44:00 GMT
I don't think this is a good commercial and the huge investment to make it wasn't justified.
 xdomagojx12/12/2011 12:31:13 GMT
First time seeing it. Awesome commercial Big Smile

Sure it s justified BadeaCR, any kind of publicity is good especially when the authorities bann you.
 jovicakralj12/12/2011 14:30:11 GMT
I saw this 1 year ago and you write it in NEWS :O

Ups, this is posted 1 year ago hahhahahah
 Jibberish12/12/2011 20:56:16 GMT
lmao i thought this was funny
 retribution12/12/2011 21:49:29 GMT
Uhmmm, yeah I usually laugh at this sorta stuff, but it's a little graphic and over the top. Also, what's with the BRM logo at the end? I would assume BRM likely didn't make the video, so why would their logo be in it?
 parabroen12/12/2011 21:57:41 GMT
I liked the good pokerstars marketing should not be seen with an evil eye that is the reality but as a fianl notionally have to defeat them all to be the best
 gazza200912/12/2011 21:57:54 GMT
Totally agree with this its with it ok for us folks but some may not agree

Its probs not even a real pokerstars advert lol Question

Maybe BRM made it haha

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