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Brian Townsend cheated against Isildur1

Tags: Brian Hastings, Brian Townsend, cheating, Cole South, full tilt poker, isildur1.
Posted on 21 December 2009 by "T".

Last week rumors that Brian Townsend, Brian Hastings & Cole South had been cheating against Isildur1 started circulate on the web. It all started after that someone got to know that Brian Townsend, Brian Hastings & Cole South had been going through thousands of hands Isildur1 had played and also discussed different strategies on how to beat the Swede. They could do this thanks to that Townsend had been using a program that is not allowed at Full Tilt poker. Full Tilt took action sraight away after getting to know this and they punished Townsend by giving him warning and removing his red pro status for a 1 month. However, Brian Hastings and Cole South didn't get punished as Full Tilt couldn't see that they had broken any of their rules.

This is not the first time Brian Townsend has been breaking the rules at Full Tilt poker. Back in August 2008, Townsend got his red pro status removed for 6 months after that Full Tilt found out that he had been using multiple accounts playing cash games. After this, he apologized in his blog. It will be interesting to see what he writes this time. It will also be interesting to hear what Isildur1 has to say about all this.


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32 comments on "Brian Townsend cheated against Isildur1"

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» Brian Townsend cheated against Isildur1

 Tchungpo21/12/2009 17:48:15 GMT
Waw, that's sick.... Sometime pro's are not really fair play, that's disappointing !!

Gogo Isildur, take your revenge !! (why not a live heads up ^^ then we see who you are)
 paulparadiis21/12/2009 18:12:54 GMT
I don't know if i'd call that CHEATING. Everyone would do that, if they had the chance! Club
 racpxt21/12/2009 18:59:39 GMT
Posted by paulparadiis:
I don't know if i'd call that CHEATING. Everyone would do that, if they had the chance! Club

Yes it is.
"Everyone" would steal a 500€ bill if they had the chance, so if everyone would do it isn't a crime? Of course it is. And I believe your "Everyone" should be replaced by "Many".
 Yuki55521/12/2009 19:20:29 GMT
See, Isildur is very fine poker player and please stop saying he's stupid, no BR management and so on, people just cheated against him, its normal he looses a lot. Thumbs down for Townsend Thumbs Down
 MANUEDO21/12/2009 21:14:36 GMT
Ban him definetly would be the right thing to do: rules are rules and this is second time he broke them, Doesn't matter if he's a pro or if he's sponsorized by FT or by other rooms
 BhStaljin21/12/2009 21:33:12 GMT
Why would they ban him or anything like that,they still are smart,and players like townsend are making a lot of rake for a full why ban a player that make you that much point in that....
 shokaku21/12/2009 21:43:10 GMT
Posted by BhStaljin:
Why would they ban him or anything like that,they still are smart,and players like townsend are making a lot of rake for a full why ban a player that make you that much point in that....

As a red pro he would get 100% rakeback. So banning him makes them some money, if he shold continue to play.

Looks like Hasting got his red pro status removed too.
 M3turbo21/12/2009 22:34:35 GMT
LOL don't mess with FTP's rules they will f_ck you up Big Smile

[x] post contains irony
 ivobessa121/12/2009 23:45:26 GMT
he should loose the money because ha cheated
 psycokiller22/12/2009 01:08:20 GMT
In this instance, the money involved will require a lawyer and at least 1 lawsuit.
FTP, I assume, will be looking into their program and making refinements to prevent a reoccurence in the near future.
Personally, I can't stand cheaters in anything. All the cheaters here should have been banned at least 6 months and have a complete review of their histories to prove that this is an isolated case or a trend with other players as well.
No poker site wants bad publicity ( Absolute and Ultimate Bet) for there is nothing to gain and everything to lose. FTP will need to do more to fix this problem
 AA-Daelt-AA22/12/2009 01:30:44 GMT
Posted by M3turbo:
LOL don't mess with FTP's rules they will f_ck you up Big Smile

fixed Big Smile
 FreeCash4u22/12/2009 04:48:57 GMT
rigged, INSTA-LIFETIMEBAN plz!!!!
 dozn0122/12/2009 06:07:27 GMT
i agree fixed, rigged, INSTA-LIFETIMEBAN
 ih8usukouts22/12/2009 12:15:47 GMT
What a joke. Now if the "average" player like any of us BRM members pulled this crap we would have our accounts closed and funds would be seized. Boo-Hoo take away the "red pro status" for a month, I'm sure not earning rakeback for 1 month is going to kill his bankroll now that he has much more in it due to cheating.
 LaBaiz22/12/2009 15:48:27 GMT
I don't think that just red pro status removal for a month is a good enough punishment. Maybe this is why Isildur1 has left the FTP poker room. ;(
 SuperNoob23/12/2009 00:57:54 GMT
what a joke of punishment!!!!!!!!!
the main thing is hasting escaped without any after openly admitting using databases
Posted by arthurcastro
Isildur needs lawyer

he needs to reveal himself first , lol
 Plexo23/12/2009 05:05:00 GMT
Pffff No comments. His funds should be frozen. At least his winnigns from Isildur.
 shokaku23/12/2009 06:10:34 GMT
Posted by SuperNoob:
the main thing is hasting escaped without any after openly admitting using databases

Hastings didn't use the database, he just used the info that Townsend extracted from the database. At least, that is what he claims.
 doomdy23/12/2009 09:06:51 GMT
(Source: PokerNews)
Interview with Isuldur1:

There has been a lot of controversy regarding your match versus Brian Hastings. Were you aware before reading it on ESPN that Hastings had been able to study hand histories from matches you had played with others?

I had no clue about this, as I don't follow the forums or many poker sites. I had no idea. A few poker friends told me about it, and then I finally decided to see for myself and read it on the site.

Had you played Brian Hastings prior to the $4 million session?

I had played him before at no-limit hold'em, as well as a little pot-limit Omaha, so this was not the first time we played together; however, we also did not play very much.

We're sure you've thought back on the losing session quite a bit. Was there anything that was strange about the session when you look back?

In the days leading up to the session with Hastings, I played with Brian Townsend and Cole South a lot. They were always waiting for me. The last session where Hastings won all the money, it just felt like something was wrong. Everything that could go wrong for me did. Every time I tried to pull off a bluff of some kind, it felt as if it was being picked off. At the time, I just thought it was crazy luck, but now, knowing they shared a lot of their analysis of hand histories with each other, it makes a lot more sense. I feel like Hastings, and even South and Townsend when we played the last few times, had an advantage over me.

Since the session, have you had any conversations with Brian Hastings?

No, nothing.

Have you reached out to Full Tilt Poker at all?

Not at this time, no I have not.

Were you aware of the Full Tilt rule that states: "The use of shared hand histories provides detailed information on opponents a player has little or no personal experience playing against, and is deemed to be an unfair advantage. Violating this policy is subject to the maximum penalties for prohibited software use?"

I was not aware of the exact rule that you just mentioned, but since seeing that it is in fact a rule at Full Tilt Poker, I think I am going to put through a formal complaint, as I think this is a case where the sharing of hand histories directly affected the match I played with Brian [Hastings].

Now that Brian Townsend has come out in his blog and admitted to compiling a database of about 50,000 hands he and others played against you to analyze your play, do you feel like you deserve to get a portion or all of your money back from the session?

Yes, I do feel like I deserve to get something back. I feel that Hastings had a big edge over me due to the hand history database. They were able to dissect the exact way I was playing because they analyzed the hands so precisely, and it was impossible for me to adjust, as I had no idea they were doing it.

Even though this information is not out there, since they admitted to sharing hand histories, how can I be sure that all three of them did not have input on the hands while we were playing?

Have you ever discussed hand histories with friends, or peers about any of the players you played in the big games on Full Tilt, or against any opponent for that matter?

I have never in my life studied hand histories. I have never studied books, or watched videos. I always have just played poker and played with every player who wanted to play me. To be honest, I never even studied my own hand histories.

What's next for Isildur1? Do you plan on getting back into the action?

Well, honestly I am going to stay quiet for a while now. I am planning on putting in the request to Full Tilt to look into this further, and until I hear back, I don't plan on playing much poker on the site.
 SuperNoob24/12/2009 19:48:38 GMT
nice post doomdy
now that isildur has stepped up to take the matter to fulltilt, think we might see some serious action now.
Posted by shokaku
he just used the info that Townsend extracted from the database.

isn't that illegal too?
he also admitted sharing hand histories
 shokaku24/12/2009 20:00:22 GMT
Posted by SuperNoob:
isn't that illegal too?

What, talking with friends over the game?

Posted by SuperNoob:
he also admitted sharing hand histories


But it is naive to asume that the 30k hands Townsend used, were not those from South and Hastings.
 SuperNoob24/12/2009 20:24:20 GMT
"This year Brian T., Cole, and myself have spent tons of time reviewing our own and each other's play, discussing hands, and analyzing our opponents ."
"Brian, Cole, and I each played against him (isildur) some, reviewed our play extensively, and studied his game as well. No, we didn't ghost each other, it was one player per hand, but we were always there to offer each other encouragement and provide good constructive criticism."

he didn't admit sharing hand history for isildur game but as u said it'll be naive to assume that.

Posted by shokaku:
What, talking with friends over the game?

that fineprint on poker sites is always hard for me to understand, Tongue
 B1gfoot26/12/2009 19:32:34 GMT
Brian Townsend has had his Full Tilt Poker Red Pro status suspended for one month in light of all this.
So FT know or belive what he has done is wrong, so should isildur1 now get compensation?
 PatrickHenry07/01/2010 09:13:32 GMT
i kno right its crazy how can u win and lose so much money guess its worht a gmable worth taking
 pmgignac18/01/2010 17:02:19 GMT
he should be banned for ever try this if your not a red pro and your out for ever that sure
wy do those guys have more than everyone else
dont think its fair

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