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Gus Hansen is running good at the moment

Tags: brian townsend, full tilt, gus hansen, high stakes, tom dwan.
Posted on 19 May 2010 by "T".

The danish poker pro Gus Hansen has been running extremely good in the past 2 weeks, and he's also the one who has won the most money during this time. However, it has been a tough struggle for Gus as the swings have been sick. Anyhow, he ended up winning not less than $476,603 last week and we can only hope that his winning streak continues so that he make up for some of the losses he had last year.

Brian Townsend had a very tough time at the poker tables last week. He lost $580k and we can only hope that he will run better this week.  Tom "durrrr" Dwan also lost quite big last week ($392k). However, it probably didn't hurt his bankroll so much.

TOP 5 winners and losers of the previous week:

1. Gus Hansen, $476 603

2. Phil Ivey, $343 769

3. thecranium $203 689

4. harrington25, $175 971
5. David Oppenheim, $172 777

1. Brian Townsend, -$580 512
2. EarlyCry, -$407 093
3. durrrr, -$392 049
4. NEKOTYAN, -$109 680
5. Mr Zahmat, -$103 705


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10 comments on "Gus Hansen is running good at the moment"

 Miloutre19/05/2010 10:06:26 GMT
Go Gus, go!
 SonFelix19/05/2010 10:51:23 GMT
Good for Hansen!

I´m happy too see him see winning great amount of money but I would be also happy to see myself winning pots like that Big Smile

 Calmplay19/05/2010 11:14:38 GMT
It's just a question of time before we see him starting to lose money once again at the high stakes BUT having a nice winning streak just before the WSOP is the perfect thing that can happen to him...

We might see him winning his first ever (lol) WSOP bracelet this year Cool
 Funope19/05/2010 17:34:56 GMT
And Phil is a steady second. I think he is the best player at the moment.
 IslandJack19/05/2010 17:56:17 GMT
Good for Gus!
I like this guy. Whoever has not read his book "all hands revealed"...
Read it! It's a blast, really. Smile
 DAGOR19/05/2010 20:02:49 GMT
Hello everybody!
It's nice to see him win again. For it seems that for a time he was seen rather in larger losses than the reverse.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 EimsbushKing19/05/2010 20:04:33 GMT
i never heard of a downswing for ivey,he keeps winning k after k after k.

sick human
 mazas19/05/2010 20:05:18 GMT
ivery also on good way so both are really good

good luck all
 micke_lezee20/05/2010 23:24:57 GMT
Gus is really one of the BIG ones in the poker world, and he still keps proving it. He, helmut and Ivy are unstoppeble!!

I wish him (Gus) all the luck att the tables
 SuperNoob08/06/2010 06:48:38 GMT
gus hansen keeps on having these swings cos of his playing style, he needs a long winning streak to cover up his losses.
townsend is having a tough time ever since isildur went busto, just cant win.

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