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High Stakes: Sickest hand ever? (VIDEO)

Tags: bad beat, high stakes, phil hellmuth, poker, sickest hand.
Posted on 17 June 2010 by "T".

Phil Hellmuth hasn't been doing all that well at the poker tables in the past few years, and he has been criticized by some of the best poker players in the world because he refuses to understand that poker has changed and that he can't play the same style as he used to "back in the days" when he was successful. It's clear that Phil Hellmuth doesn't care much about what others think about him and his game, however, he loves to criticize others - especially after bad beats.

There are lots of video clips on youtube and similar sites where one can see Phil Hellmuth cry out loud, complaining after a bad beat. Even though Phil believes, like other successful poker players, that luck is just part of the game and that a good player will win in the long run, he still thinks that he's losing lately because of bad beats. Well, I have to agree with him after watching this hand, at the same time as I think it was a bad move from him to deal the hand 4 times.

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28 comments on "High Stakes: Sickest hand ever? (VIDEO)"

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» High Stakes: Sickest hand ever? (VIDEO)

 Heinar17/06/2010 09:46:59 GMT
lol ...this made my day got to love the black guy
 watoba17/06/2010 10:23:30 GMT
LoL see phil helmuths face after he losing a hand is everytime fantastic.He looks like a little child a few secounds before crying.Phil helmuth is the funnyiest player ever LOL
 Pjot17/06/2010 13:03:40 GMT
Helmuth has his blowups and they should harass him from time to time. I love it when he loses against some "idiot from northern Europe!". But this clip, I don't know. It's just a bit too cruel, even for him.
 dozn0117/06/2010 16:05:47 GMT
hahahaha should of done a phil ivey and only run it once,
 Fackinas17/06/2010 16:27:07 GMT
Posted by T3ddyKGB:
why is everyone so happy except phil - too funny.
i just didnt get the point why he asked to deal the hand 4 times...just stupid as tony says.

 jevo17/06/2010 17:41:29 GMT
I dont really like Hellmuth, which is pretty standard but, watching Daniel Negranau act like that made me cringe - totally out of line imo!
 mikzu8717/06/2010 19:36:52 GMT
that was sooooo funny....
 KDRPKR17/06/2010 22:08:44 GMT
I think that if there weren't any cameras present it would be much worse @ jevoooo, it's about money and there are no robots at the table, in this case its phil hellmuth and you know he's gonna give you more money after a beat, so daniel is not being a jerk and if you know anything about poker you know what he's doing. Phil wanted to run it 4 times cause he was kind of slowrolling and felt guilty about it and also this would make him look good on camera because running it twice, three times is kind of his thing to minimize bad beats (stupid if you ask me but im not a highstakes-player), this totally backfired and it was great television and daniel maybe did get a bit excited for several reasons, yes but I dont think he was out of line. Phil is out of line a whole lot of times, I do kind of I think maybe like his pokerstyle but as a person he's a fuckin douche, the kind of person that does not sometimes act like he's better than other people (not just in poker) but actually believes this to be a fact, douche! I didnt think much of viffer peat either until last PAD cashgame he came in and busted Phil in like 2 hands, I had no sympathy for Phil because immediately after he is talking about how he outplayed everyone on the table but still busted (WTF? YOURE THIS BLIND?) while it was obvious he got outplayed almost every hand, no problem there but just get the fuck out the building or atleast say you had a bad day, douche!

Oh ps. thanks to Doomdy for posting this vid a year ago..
 kinogomes18/06/2010 08:23:22 GMT
The helmuth face in the end is priceless jajajaajajajaja.

i would feel bad for him, but after i saw hundreds of videos of him getting rude qwith other players, i just think its funny heheehehehehehee.
 engrey18/06/2010 09:56:18 GMT
Phil is so fucked up in the end Big SmileDD
 xxxbchxxx20/06/2010 02:30:51 GMT
I love this guy... he's just a classic poker head.
He thinks he's the nuts and everyone else is just a fish.
The fact is he's a great player i dont think anyone will disaggree with that but the fact he gets so worked up abnd takes everything soooooo seriously is just funny funny funny.
If thwere was a prize for the best actor it'd have to go to him yeah!.....
I'm sure he's just acting this part as people expect it of him.
 Fackinas20/06/2010 07:21:04 GMT
Posted by T3ddyKGB:
why is everyone so happy except phil - too funny.
i just didnt get the point why he asked to deal the hand 4 times...just stupid as tony says.

 ZmxPowah20/06/2010 07:48:05 GMT
I must admit it's really funny video.
I already saw it at some other forum...
Good for Phil cause he was so "i am so great" but the guys around after while starts to be annoying as hell not funny imho.
 D9e7J0aV8u26/06/2010 23:21:47 GMT
ok it is sick but not the sickest i have ever seen
 Funope02/07/2010 19:10:55 GMT
Hahaha, I love the video. The reaction from Phill is predictable.
 dule-vu03/07/2010 00:57:21 GMT
he bury himself,beacuse give him a chance to win and cards was lucky and on his side!then he can be mad,when do such a stupid move...
 mikzu8714/07/2010 00:06:15 GMT
daniel's laugh is the best part in this vid Big Smile
 oliver08229815/07/2010 20:57:18 GMT
the guys a nut..., but that was even nuttier
 hascojorge10/12/2011 17:13:04 GMT
WIG played this so bad
 TheMachineQC10/12/2011 18:43:19 GMT
Yeah I agree with hascojorge, the loose cannon played very bad. It looks like a freeroll trap from a retarded player.
 initiator10/12/2011 20:48:46 GMT
I play alot of live poker.dont mind loosing a hand like that but what really pisses me off is when people all call for a bad beat, and when it comes they all cheer. Its one of the worst feelings in the world. One just feels like the whole world is against one. I can just sympathise with Phil. I also dont do that to others. I think its a BAD poker etikett. I dont like people that rub salt into wounds for there own pleasure.
 Jibberish11/12/2011 03:47:47 GMT
what are you talking about losing player over the past couple years... did you miss this worlds wsop? im pretty sure he was player of the year up until the main event only to get overtaken by the well running ben lamb. phil is by far definately one of the best poker players, he just gets frustrated some times.

years wsop* not worlds wsop lawl
 TheMachineQC12/12/2011 00:47:50 GMT
Yeah saying Phil Hellmuth is bad is just dumb, he knows his maths and he's very experienced. I wouldn't be so scared of him cash games, but in a tournament, hell yeah! He sure knows how to trap people. But I agree sometimes his reads are off, and he plays bad when he's on tilt or thinking too much.
 schwabo12/12/2011 02:47:40 GMT
Great video,but if I was there Daniel will get few punches and chair in his head after his smile,after he wouldn't smile anymore.
 ulster12/12/2011 02:54:19 GMT

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