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HighStakes: Durrrr and Ivey make up for losses from last week

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Posted on 26 August 2010 by "T".

Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Phil Ivey were one the top 5 list of last week's biggest losers. Both of them lost a few hundred thousand dollars each that week, but it didn't take long before they got their revenge. Yesterday, Ivey and durrrr were playing extremely well and ended up grabbing the 1st ($588k) and 2nd ($530k) places on the biggest winners list. Let's hope that the winnings keep rolling in for these two - because it's a lot thanks to them we have such fantastic and crazy high stakes games going at the moment. 

As we all know by now, Gus Hanson has been running extremely bad lately. But yesterday it was finally his turn to win some money again. When Gus called it a day he had won $266,531 and took care of the 3rd place spot.

Cole South, the guy who denied Gus Hansen a loan last Sunday, ended up being one of the biggest losers yesterday. Maybe it's he who has to ask Gus Hansen for a loan soon? That would be an extremely funny situation. Don't you think? Smile

Here are yesterday's top 5 winners/losers

durrrr, $588 975

Phil Ivey, $530 659

Gus Hansen, $266 531
jungleman12, $122 769

skjervoy, $93 126

NEKOTYAN, -$382 148

Cole South, -$303 870

Patrik Antonius, -$276 899
cadillac1944, -$135 571
Ziigmund, -$125 642



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12 comments on "HighStakes: Durrrr and Ivey make up for losses from last week"

 AbuDhabi26/08/2010 15:42:00 GMT
durr n1 Smile
 Kristan26/08/2010 17:34:09 GMT
Dwan FTW Thumbs Up.
& Im very happy for Gus aswell. About time to show some positive results Worship
 beto20x26/08/2010 23:45:08 GMT
good luck guss you are the best Smile
 Aggro66627/08/2010 04:19:09 GMT
fantastic, how fast made Gus so much money with the free Bankroll he got here... or is he not the member schweinegus here? Smile
 edr_00727/08/2010 06:33:31 GMT
well done gus, you really desrve it, nice work, enjoy!
 cornel728827/08/2010 07:05:09 GMT
good luck to bouth!!!!!!1
 corneliu728827/08/2010 07:17:46 GMT
gl to bouth
 rattacha27/08/2010 09:05:37 GMT
Ivey rules.
 AbuDhabi27/08/2010 14:54:51 GMT
And today durrr is losing hard with jungleman in durrr challenge...

it can be about 500k in the moment Big Smile
 Funope27/08/2010 19:26:52 GMT
Cole got a lot of his money back again.
 Supererou28/08/2010 20:13:00 GMT
Today I saw durrrr playing at fulltilt.He bought in 60k dolars and made 600k out of it.He's very good.
WTF, cornel7288 and corneliu7288...multiple accounts???
So dumb... if you have two accounts at least don't post in the forum from both of them.You might get caught.
 AnbuBlackOPs29/08/2010 12:49:41 GMT
phil rules

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