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Negreanu's "Top 5 Young Poker Pros of the Future" list - Isildur1 is one of them!

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Posted on 21 September 2010 by "T".

For Daniel Negreanu there is no doubt whatsoever that the high stakes player Isildur1 can be anyone else than Viktor Blom from Sweden. Well, at least if we should believe what Daniel writes in his latest blog entry - "Top 5 Young Poker Pros of the Future". Daniel praises Isildur1 and call him a legend in the poker world, even though he never played against him.

"I've never played against him, but people I respect have told me that his NLH skills are remarkable and he approaches the game like no other, absolutely fearless and fun to watch." writes Daniel is his blog.

Other players who get amazing feedback in Daniel's "Top 5 Young Poker Pros of the Future"-list are Jason Mercier, Bill Reynolds, Tom Dwan and last but not least the norwegian poker pro Annette Obrestad.

Top 5 Young Poker Pros of the Future - text taken from Daniel Negreanu's blog.

5. Annette Oberstad: She has an online deal which basically ensures that she'll be showcased on many made for TV programs, and being a woman is one of the key reasons she'll get a lot of invites. That's not the only reason, however, as she had so much success prior to her turning 21 that there was a lot of hype surrounding Annette's results when she turned 21.
Annette is also very outspoken and has been quoted with some real doozies in her short career as she really doesn't pull any punches. In her first magazine interview she called Ted Forrest "The weakest player at the table" and has since called out women , claiming that they " all suck at poker" and also implied that she'd love to have Doyle Brunson at her table. 
She's also been featured on TV with plenty of controversy, from berating Huck Seed about his play in the Doubles championship, as well as showing some frustration on ESPN against respected pro Chris Bjorin.

Annette combines the skill and brashness that would excite TV producers because you can never be sure what she'll say.

4. Bill Reynolds: This kid is the most unknown player on the list and is just 21 years old. He plays online as Altum Altrus and recently qualified to play on the The Big Game. That episode has yet to air, and Bill's only other televised appearance was at the PCA High Roller event that took place in January.

Bill wins the award for being the most witty young player in the game, and he also seems to have a natural knack for what it takes to make poker entertaining. He's talkative, but not abrasive, and has a cool look about him. A bit "out there" fashion wise and a recognizable mop of curly, blond, locks that make him look a bit like a young version of Chip Reese.

3. Viktor Blom: Not yet 21 years old this kid has become a legend in the poker world and what he did was reminiscent of Archie Karas when he made his epic degen run at the craps table. Blom took on the world's best... all of them, at the SAME time! 
The way he manhandled Tom "Durr" Dwan in their heads up matches made the poker world take notice, and whatever this kid does, people will watch. I've never played against him, but people I respect have told me that his NLH skills are remarkable and he approaches the game like no other, absolutely fearless and fun to watch.
A tall, skinny, unassuming kid, people would watch him because of his poker skills and not so much his banter. He definitely has a "presence" at the table, but he lets his 7 bet all in over bet bluffs do the talking.

2. Jason Mercier: Mercier is the ultimate live tournament grinder who's also had success online. Since coming on the scene he's consistently been atop player of the year leader boards and he puts in a ton of volume each year. How long he can keep that up is debatable. He reminds me of myself in my early 20's when I was grinding the low buy in tournament circuit in the late 90's.
When Jason is at the table he plays table captain and is a player you don't want on your left. He's relentless, tricky, fearless, and smart. That's a pretty good combination.
Jason also has a unique look about him, and let's face it, that matters. Jason doesn't do a ton of talking, but is likable and says the "right things" in interviews.

1. Tom Dwan: Durr has already arrived on the poker scene and has become one of the central figures in the poker world, garnering plenty of attention for his Durr Challenge, his bracelet bets, his epic battles with Viktor Blom, and also his domination of televised poker. He brought life to High Stakes Poker when he was invited. Durr is a throwback to the old school player, an action guy not afraid to give a little action to get some. He is the anti-nit. 
What I witnessed at the WSOP this year when Durr was heads up for a bracelet that would have crippled plenty of bankrolls, including mine, had he won, was like nothing I'd seen in years. 
Durr has made so many creative plays on television that gets the public and the forums talking for weeks. Likable, unique, and a great player. He always makes watching poker on TV more interesting.


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17 comments on "Negreanu''s "Top 5 Young Poker Pros of the Future" list - Isildur1 is one of them!"

 oliver08229821/09/2010 13:38:04 GMT
i didn't read of isildur1 in the list... maybe the title is wrong...
 sirthomas21/09/2010 14:30:36 GMT
Viktor Blom = Isildur1 - at least according to Daniel Negreanu Smile
 cobbs66621/09/2010 15:39:18 GMT
wheres my name?
 B1gfoot21/09/2010 16:04:47 GMT
Quite funny that he writes this as I see Negreanu is becoming somwhat of a player of the past.
But these guys have been playing 6-8 years now and are already top players, its like calling the sky blue.
I just see this as stupid, in the future they wont be young, so the young players of the future are then middle aged.
Im sure what he means is some of the great young players around today are....thoses guys that we all already know.
 shokaku21/09/2010 18:28:18 GMT
Dwan isn't a player for the future. He is a player of today. And only time can tell if this Isildur guy really has a future in poker.
 ZmxPowah21/09/2010 18:39:37 GMT
Haha he looks quite funny at that picture... like he just waked up~
Anyway i hate Annette Oberstad... i just don't like how she looks (yea i like nice girls) and what she talk. No resp for her.
 edr_00721/09/2010 19:43:29 GMT
I think tom dwan is now one of the best players, and it is all about time to get in the top five list. I am agree with negreanu´s opinion, dwan could be the best in a couple of years. Good Luck Tomm
 jporp21/09/2010 20:08:29 GMT
Dwan is the best poker player nowadays. A really talent player.
 parrix22/09/2010 08:16:33 GMT
Posted by ZmxPowah:
Haha he looks quite funny at that picture... like he just waked up~
Anyway i hate Annette Oberstad... i just don't like how she looks (yea i like nice girls) and what she talk. No resp for her.

hes thwe best
 astra422/09/2010 08:33:25 GMT
he is really good
 Aggro66623/09/2010 20:15:37 GMT
this speculants and lucky aggro donks come and go... there are quite a lot of better players out there, with better skills, but with a good Bankroll Management and decent winnings. they will be still playing and earning, even when Mr. durr and Mr. Ilisidur sleeping under a bridge...

and the ugly fat girl, forgot her name, that thinks that poker skill has something to do with her aggroluck style , will drink together with them the cheapest rum available
 mazas24/09/2010 08:12:40 GMT
Blom uis count like Ilsidur but still nobody know is this true or not but list is really impresive becouse these players are really agresive and quite good
 rugmuncher6829/09/2010 14:53:25 GMT
i would like to marry annette oberstad,shes funny ,witty and very aggressive,would love to go all in with the nuts Blink
 SuperNoob14/10/2010 14:58:27 GMT
isildur for future??
sure, tho only if he could find never ending cash supply for him, lol
tom dwan surely has a gr8 future ahead of him unless he messes it up himself.
 whamboozeled14/10/2010 19:57:31 GMT
I think thats a very boring and stupid list!!!

Taking 5 players who already have proven themselves by beating the shit out of the rest of the table. It is like naming Spain as a good football-team or calling LeBron James a good basketball player.

thats not news, thats just zzzZZZZzzzzz

 $k07/01/2011 10:36:42 GMT
there must be some kind of mistake my name is not up there wtf?
 mazas07/01/2011 11:04:39 GMT
my name also not included here but i am still quite young and want to be ont top 5 Big Smile
joke but its really interesting to see how will this year they willl go

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