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Patrik Antonius will lose $5 million if Full Tilt goes bankrupt

Tags: black friday, full tilt poker, patrik antonius, pocket kings lrd..
Posted on 25 October 2011 by "T".

In an interview that was released last week Patrik Antonius spoke out about the Full Tilt scandal and the money he will lose if the poker site goes bankrupt.

"This one person made an attack on me, saying I had only $100 in my account. He was right but he's not right that I'm not a very big loser in this," Antonius told the poker magazine in Cannes on Day 4 of the WSOPE Main Event.

The person Antonius is referring to is Noah "NoahSD" Stephens-Davidowitz, and Antonius is very concerned how he got his account balance and why he's telling everyone about such a confidential information.

A lot of money at risk if Full Tilt goes bankrupt
Antonius confirms that his own Full Tilt account only contains $100, but he will still lose a lot of money if Full Tilt goes under as a few players owe him more than $5 million and many of them won't be able to pay back unless Full Tilt Poker sees the daylight again.

"A lot of people owe me a lot of money and if Full Tilt goes under it's going to be very difficult for them to pay," Antonius said.

According to Antonius, one particular player owes him $2.4 million and his ability to pay back rests entirely on Full Tilt Poker continuing doing business.

Tried to cash out after Black Friday
"Full Tilt would not let me cash out after Black Friday. My manager and I were trying to contact them about why I wasn't getting cashed out and they just kept telling us there were problems. So because I was going to be in the USA for the World Series of Poker I transferred what I had to people that wanted the online money, then the entire site went down and noone could get their money off. So the people I transferred the FTP money to are refusing to pay me because it's stuck on the site and they don't see it as real money," he said.


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17 comments for "Patrik Antonius will lose $5 million if Full Tilt goes bankrupt"

 Fakiry25/10/2011 10:47:49 GMT
I think Patrik should worry about what other players owe him. If he did the things as they should be done when the subject is Money, he knows where this guys live, its not just having a nick and an email to get Money loaned from Patrik, is it?
 godward8925/10/2011 11:09:26 GMT
Although 5mil is a LOT of money, he can hire a lawyer to get the money back either from the previous owners or the US Government so he won't be out of pocket for too long. I'm sure he could live for a while without it
 dozn0125/10/2011 11:18:21 GMT
all what this means................... is the bigger you are the harder you fall (fact)
 IslandJack25/10/2011 11:31:23 GMT
I think his worries about how other players are able to get this kind of "confidential" information is the most important point.
What the hell is going on with this mess that these numbers are known to people who shouldn´t know squat? Confused

This kind of garbage just makes me worry more whether Tapie will succeed in opening up the site again in a safe and responsible way in january.
 mucky198225/10/2011 13:00:41 GMT
only 100$ Shock
 SuperNoob25/10/2011 14:19:35 GMT
when he loaned the money, that transaction was complete. i dont think people can escape by claiming site went down so they dont hav to pay.
 Macubaas25/10/2011 15:21:17 GMT
You also need to know that Patrik Antonius admitted in another interview that he only has 100 dollars left in his full tit poker account...

This is something really fishy if you ask me, i mean Patrik had over 1 million dollars in his ftp accoun in the good times, i wonder if he had some inside info and cashout hmm....
 T3ddyKGB25/10/2011 16:22:48 GMT
this just shows highstake pokerplayers have NO SENSE for money.
lone someone $5 million Confused
 juxtox25/10/2011 17:34:21 GMT
$ 5 million? And whats about my $50 in ftp??? Aww crap!
 fcumred26/10/2011 01:26:01 GMT
Oh my poor heart bleeds for him..

 retribution26/10/2011 09:52:56 GMT
I hardly feel sorry for the guy. For most pros, 5 millo may be a big chunk of change, but I'm sure he'll make it back. It's also a small drop in the bucket, compared to the 300 million the collective player base will be out. Not to mention me, and my 4 figure bankroll Aww crap!
 lukasb26/10/2011 10:27:44 GMT
To loan $5 million to people that obviously are not such good friends as he might had thought its is own fault. i guess he'll at the very least learn a very valorous lesson... 5 million worth to be exact.
 mahdrof26/10/2011 17:34:29 GMT
$5 meeeellion dollars? FFS. What a lot of screwed up things are coming to light now that Full Tilt is down. Bernard Tapie Group has their work cut out for them, that’s for sure. On the other hand, though, if they can turn it around I think the site should be very profitable as well as good for online poker. Time will tell.
 KoldShadow09/11/2011 22:00:15 GMT
Posted by mahdrof:
$5 meeeellion dollars? FFS. What a lot of screwed up things are coming to light now that Full Tilt is down. Bernard Tapie Group has their work cut out for them, that�s for sure. On the other hand, though, if they can turn it around I think the site should be very profitable as well as good for online poker. Time will tell.

*CO-SIGN* completely . . . I have a few hundred in my roll on FT but I don't think I'll get it back as it is purely unprocessed deposits, plus I withdrew $400 of equally phantom funds.

I hate to bump a somewhat dead thread, but, do you guys think FT will be able to legally extract that money from me (as the bank account I have on file with them has since closed) once they begin repayment to US players? I don't have the ability to pay them back and frankly wouldn't even if I could until I can play on their site again.
 wassyk19/11/2011 16:57:40 GMT
its all a massive con there all in on it...simples we been done by a good en
 sammybeyo22/11/2011 14:03:52 GMT
he's worried about 5 million dollars what about the millions full tilt poker stole from other people like myself full tilt owes me 150 bucks they were crooks and i doubt they will ever pay everyone their money back including me
 fondas729/12/2011 20:17:16 GMT
ftp will open again in the starts of 12..

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