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Full Tilt Shootout Invitational: Howard Lederer in the lead on the final table

Tags: eli elezra, full tilt shootout invitational, Howard Lederer, patrik antonius.
Posted on 21 January 2011 by "T".

The final table is being played at the moment. The 6 finalists who are battling for the first prize of 250,000 AUD are Howard Lederer, David Oppenheim, James Bord, Barny Boatman, Patrik Antonius and Eli Elezra. Howard Lederer is in the lead with 175,000, closely followed by Oppenheim (160k) and James Bord (135,000). 

Boatman and Antonius are far behind in chips but might still have a chance if they double up soon. Eli Elezra only has 15,000 chips left and he will for sure be the one who's sent packing next since the blinds of 1000/2000 +100 ante are eating up his stack.


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10 comments for "Full Tilt Shootout Invitational: Howard Lederer in the lead on the final table"

 MANUEDO21/01/2011 11:42:13 GMT
Nothing to say. An excellent final table ....
 CoddBrunson21/01/2011 12:35:19 GMT
"he will for sure be the one who's sent packing next"

That's a very stupid thing to say. He'll probably be out next. Almost surely be out next. But you can't say something stupid like for sure he'll be out next. Chip and a chair. That's a lot more than a chip and a chair.
 Hajinnho22/01/2011 04:14:03 GMT
Posted by MANUEDO:
Nothing to say. An excellent final table ....

hmm, can anybody tell me how to find pros at Fulltilt at all? I mean at Pokerstars there is just a button, than you get a list of the pros and if there are online or not.. cant find that at FT but wanna see some Pro action sometimes.
 schwabo22/01/2011 11:26:04 GMT
Hi,look at the games and all the games in which pro is playing letters are red,it's very simple
Worship Worship Worship Dollar Dollar Dollar Worship Worship Worship
 Fakiry22/01/2011 20:26:37 GMT
Patrick Antonius still have a word to say. He is the most mediatic player at the table and everyone knows what he is capable of, so let how things are going to run. If he comes out befoere the final three, its got to be with a bad beat or a desperate all in.
 vizir23/01/2011 10:10:18 GMT
Final-Table Results:

1: David Oppenheim — $250,000
2: James Bord — $150,000
3: Howard Lederer — $80,000
4: Barny Boatman — $50,000
5: Patrik Antonius — $40,000
6: Eli Elezra — $30,000
 oliver08229823/01/2011 10:12:47 GMT
Posted by MANUEDO:
Nothing to say. An excellent final table ....

definitely... my bet goes to antonius, even though he's far behind...
 vizir23/01/2011 10:43:26 GMT
He wasn't lucky. Bord raised 63,000 and Antonius made the all-in call.

Bord Hand : 10/5
Antonius Hand : A/4

Flop : K 3 2
Turn : 6
River : 4
 mazas24/01/2011 10:59:07 GMT
good show it was i think and all who watched it live had really good time
good luck all
 ZmxPowah24/01/2011 15:10:15 GMT
It was kinda fun to watch. I wish there were more interesting shows like that because I will be getting more spare time in short future ^^.

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