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Kozlicek_x won PokerStars' 72 Billionth Hand

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Posted on 13 December 2011 by "T".

PokerStars has been running some fantastic promotions lately as a part of its 10 year anniversary. However, the most popular one so far must have been the 72 Billionth Hand Promotion. On Sunday, December 11th, when over 400,000 players were logged into the site, 6 lucky players on a $.02/$.05 table were dealt into the hand. All players went all in pre-flop and a player called "Kozlicek_x", from Czech Republic, won the hand with a set of sevens. For the win he got the pot of $27 + $24,300 in prize money. The other players received a minimum of $12,100 each. 

What's next?
On Sunday Pokerstars 10th Anniversary celebration is back with an amazing $10 million Sunday Million tournament at 14:30 EST. The buy-in will be $215 (satellites running around the clock) and the winner will take home at least $2 million! 1 hour after the Sunday Million starts, there will also be a $10,000 High Roller event, which most probably will attract some big names.



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19 comments on "Kozlicek_x won PokerStars'' 72 Billionth Hand"

 GIOMi613/12/2011 09:12:51 GMT
That was a very lucky poker table, especially it was a microstakes cash table. Luck is that you need to win these milestone hands.
 kinogomes13/12/2011 09:17:55 GMT
Iam really happy that thew prize was dealt in a micro table. This promotion is made basically for microplayers like me. I wish pokerstars keep this promotion for the whole million hands and not for the last 300 million.
 Fakiry13/12/2011 11:55:49 GMT
Wow! Now this is what I call a good shot. Finally, a big prize went right into the pockets of some probably regular normal micro/low stakes players. This is what everybody wanted to testify and finally happened. Its not bigger fish who plays with fortune and are able to bet their own financial stability that can win prizes like this. Little fish and first time playing donks can also get it! This last sentence can look a bit ironic, but now everyone knows they have a chance to play a promo hand, its not needed to be playing in higher flights, it can be right in our $0.02/$0.05 table. Pokerstars just grew 200% in my consideration after this news!
 Chartoule13/12/2011 12:03:16 GMT
Hi all!!

Microstakes poweeeer!!!!!

A nice boost to the bank of the participants in the hand (if there were any 'sitout' already be pulled down by a bridge).
 saurium18113/12/2011 15:17:34 GMT
lucky donks
 GeT_RiGhT13/12/2011 18:05:01 GMT
Hope for him that he is 18+ hahaaha
 alakz113/12/2011 18:26:32 GMT
Can anyone hook me up with 10 dollars on PS? XD i swear i pay back
 phaxaq13/12/2011 20:46:21 GMT
Imagine someone who is playing and not realizing that this hand is so special, he is loosing and realizing that he is rich Smile)
 TheMachineQC13/12/2011 20:49:35 GMT
Damn, I hope I will be that lucky one time! Blink

Posted by alakz1:
Can anyone hook me up with 10 dollars on PS? XD i swear i pay back

No thanks Big Smile
 sapaducy13/12/2011 22:21:42 GMT
i was playin at 5 table hoping for a miracle Smile
 PhixedGear14/12/2011 15:36:43 GMT
That would be a sweeet day for any micro player.
 parabroen14/12/2011 22:18:59 GMT
hand 72 trillion is too big for the lucky grand prize for the Czech

this week has been very interesting and Sunday Million High Roller will make a great show
 SuperNoob15/12/2011 06:54:12 GMT
very nice win for Kozlicek, would have taken him a long time to win that much by playing poker. hope he uses it well
 hulkborges15/12/2011 12:50:27 GMT
an amazing number, but it is still just beginning to come numerous other and are ready to play them and win the majority
 Greenpeez15/12/2011 18:05:56 GMT
i hope one day i will just get as lucky as that guy. imagine you just "sit out" the round before...that rage Big Smile
 XWINK117/12/2011 04:48:14 GMT
lol, pretty good chum change lol i give then 1,week and the money will be back
in ,the bank of pokerstar,
 bobbyneight17/12/2011 12:15:23 GMT
congrats to Kozlicek, he won a really nice pot of 27$ LOL. He had a lot of luck and 24300$ is a lot of money. good luck to all. Kozlicek enjoy the money
 mazas17/12/2011 16:54:48 GMT
they had the greatest poker day in this year and i ll wish them more good luck next year at the poker tables Big Smile
good luck all and have fun at the poker tables
 alexftw017/12/2011 18:09:43 GMT
Verry verry lucky guy..

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