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EPT Prague winner arrested by the police

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Posted on 18 December 2011 by "T".

Recently Martin Finger, 21, from Germany won the EPT Prague main event and received a huge prize of 720k euro. Finger became the third German poker player ever to win an EPT main event and received lots of positive feedback in the media.

However, it didn't take long before his big win became overshadowed by other headlines. During EPT London, according to a poker news site, Finger went out to party after the tournament, got drunk and behaved aggressively. After Finger left the exclusive club Kensington Roof Garden in central London, he broke into a restaurant to get himself some food. But the heavy night came to an end quickly as the British police arrived at the scene and arrested him. It remains unclear what charges Martin Finger will face. If he gets away with paying some fines, the EPT Prague winnings might come in handy.


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16 comments on "EPT Prague winner arrested by the police"

 Davoodoo18/12/2011 19:44:05 GMT

This is what happens when you cant handle the booze ...

Drunk brain thinks : Im hungry ... Restaurant = food ... its closed = i break a glass window silently without activating any alarms and walk in to find food.
 jaavii9118/12/2011 19:46:26 GMT
jajaj what a looser
 MicroMachina18/12/2011 19:53:42 GMT
behaved aggresively

no touching means no touching. drunk and dis, mischief, public intox, break and enter, trespas, theft under 5k, and likely uttering death threats if my perception of drunks is correct. he'll plead guilty to b & e and public intox and theft under. they will fine him large for the damage and he'll get time served less a day with 3 years probation. plenty of imposed therapy. but i really wouldnt know lol
 SuperNoob18/12/2011 19:59:00 GMT
'got too drunk and couldnt handle it', happens everyday lol
anyway i think he'll get away with a small fine and warning, maybe get free food for a day or two Tongue
 Macubaas18/12/2011 20:12:43 GMT
Thats actually really sad to hear, i guess he ws too happy because he wans't forced to pay any taxes for the money that he won lol

Still, i see that more and more poker players are connected to alchol and this is not good for the image of the game...
 GIOMi618/12/2011 21:44:48 GMT
If you can not handle alcohol mentally wise, then do not drink at all or buy a bottle and drink at home and do not drive under influence.
 Greenpeez18/12/2011 21:46:04 GMT
not that kind of news one ones to read about poker...
 saras1319/12/2011 00:27:10 GMT
this kids don't know how to spend their money, alcohol is bad for your health, pay women in need
 Prohorse319/12/2011 00:37:37 GMT
what a dumbass i cant really say/think anything else
 hulkborges19/12/2011 00:43:47 GMT
what a idiot, as much talent being wasted, lamentable
 psycokiller19/12/2011 00:51:49 GMT
Seems to be a lot of poker players behaving badely these days. What Martin did was just plain dumb. At least he didn't commit murder, fraud, embezzle, or cheat anyone....yet.
 Btownd8719/12/2011 01:00:38 GMT
he had the munchies hardcore
 misterdargor19/12/2011 05:09:47 GMT
got too famous suddenly and couldn't handle it
 marino19/12/2011 22:40:18 GMT
he probaly was thinking .......i hitted the nuts the whole EPT tournament,now i wanna eat some nuts ??
 pochui20/12/2011 09:33:56 GMT
great way to celebrate your win- be arrested, take some quality time with yourself in prison...really romantic...its hard when such a lump of cash come from the sky so unexpected- probably that changed his life, so its understandable..good luck to him i guess
 Jorgeezy21/12/2011 14:31:52 GMT
HAHAHA what an idiot!

I'd probably do something stupid, but not that bad xD

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