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SuperStar Showdown: Negreanu got his revenge last night!

Tags: daniel negreanu, isildur1, pokerstars superstar showdown, viktor blom.
Posted on 28 March 2011 by "T".

Last night it was time for the second match between Daniel Negreanu and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom as a part of PokerStars SuperStar Showdown. Blom won the first match quite easy and many thought that Negreanu, who complained on his twitter during the game that he was unlucky, wouldn't have a chance in the second match either.

Viktor Blom quickly took the lead last night in the second match and it seemed like it would be another win for the Swede. When about half of the match had been played, he had a chip advantage of about $120,000. But then game took a big turn and the poker gods started siding with Daniel Negreanu. Negreanu took down pot after pot and it seemed like Blom got more and more frustrated when he couldn't take down a single important pot. When there were about 200 hands left to play the game and both players stacks were about even and it seemed like anyone could win.

However, Daniel Negreanu managed take down a few late pots and ended up winning the second match with a $26,000 profit. There were no hard words in the chat after the game was over. Both players wrote "GG" and gave each other credit for playing well. Now, let's hope for a third game between Daniel Negreanu and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom! A winner needs to be crowned! 


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14 comments for "SuperStar Showdown: Negreanu got his revenge last night!"

 paulparadiis28/03/2011 10:16:23 GMT
"After 2,500 hands had been played, he had a chip advantage of about $120,000."
Then the game should be over. Another "great" news!
 BMWman28/03/2011 10:20:58 GMT
Not really. If you read the whole article, Daniel was only up $26 000. So he's still down $124 000. I don't call that revenge. Revenge would have been if he took all of Viktor's money. Maybe next time..
 paulparadiis28/03/2011 10:57:51 GMT
This game lasts 2500 hands, right? And it says that isildur was up 120 grand after 2,500 hands, adn then things changed. The game should have been over after 2,500 hands! That was what i was trying to say. Club
 Cliffem28/03/2011 11:27:06 GMT
Is it just me or are the showdowns incredibly boring to rail? Probably because of the relatively low blinds for nosebleed players Sad Maybe would be better to 2 table 100 - 200 make it more interesting?
 sirthomas28/03/2011 11:29:22 GMT
You are 100% correct guys. The game lasted for 2500 hands and Blom was in the lead when about half of the match had been played i.e. 1250 hands..my bad! /Thomas admin
 Fackinas28/03/2011 12:26:14 GMT
Yeah lets wait for 3rd game Big Smile Daniel will bust him in 3rd round Big Smile even in the first he lost a lot .. :} sure isildur is very good and it is hard even for Daniel to beat him
 mahdrof28/03/2011 13:19:51 GMT
It would definitely be interesting to see a third match between Negreanu and Blom. Negreanu has been working on his game and trying to improve in the online world, and I would love to see if a third match showed that Negreanu's curve is way up, or was just a blip against Blom.
 floflorin28/03/2011 13:57:44 GMT
no, actually after count down negreanu was +55k.and yes,i think in the 3rd DN will beat isildur because now he have a good read on him but i think also isildur will not accept that because now is affraid of DN.annyway daniel will remain the best.
 grclover28/03/2011 14:31:02 GMT
lol I watched the match about 2 hours on 4 tables, Isildur1 was very well-played and extreme lucky, he took pot over pot, had some hands like AA won KK or 33 hit quads against DN's AQ Big Smile and when there was only 1 table opened, I thought that Isildur1 would take all DN chips and then I stoped to observe the table, now I see that DN left out of 2,5K hands with +$26K, that's incredible :-O
 D9e7J0aV8u28/03/2011 15:59:27 GMT
 Funope28/03/2011 20:48:45 GMT
Nice comeback from Daniel.
 Niklas9130/03/2011 14:12:22 GMT
Really an impressive comeback from Negreanu.. Smile
 Eyewitness30/03/2011 14:52:47 GMT
Negreanu is on of the most inteligent and adaptable poker players. He stated more than once that if he plays first time against someone (amateur or pro), he could get beaten, but after "reading" the guy he will hardly loose again.
 SuperNoob31/03/2011 14:43:47 GMT
wow didna expect that but real happy to see daniel put up a nice fight and win it.
im sure isildur will want more HU with him after this and we sure can expect fireworks next time Blink

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