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Viktor Blom wins another SuperStar Showdown

Tags: isildur1, pokerstars, superstar shodown, Viktor Blom.
Posted on 20 June 2011 by "T".

Yesterday, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom took another opponent in his own challenge. This time it was the American poker pro Rui "PepperoniF" Cao's turn to try his luck against the Swedish NLH expert. Blom got the best possible start of the match and took down a $20,000 pot after just a few hands, then a $40,000 pot half an hour later. Then he continued to win pot after pot. Blom was playing extremely well, but there was no doubt whatsoever that he was lucky as well.

After about 1000 of 2500 hands had been played, Rui Cao almost had no money left and it seemed like the match could be over any minute. But somehow Cao managed to stay alive with a small stack almost throughout the whole match. After 1250 hands had been played, they changed game from No Limit Hold'em to Pot Limit Omaha. But that didn't help Mr. Cao as Blom had all the chips 1000 hands later. It took 2257 hands for Viktor Blom to win $150,000 from Rui Cao. This was Blom's 8th win out of 10 matches played, and he's up about half a million dollars.


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7 comments for "Viktor Blom wins another SuperStar Showdown"

 B1gfoot20/06/2011 16:00:04 GMT
I say put him in the hall of fame now.
 shokaku20/06/2011 16:14:30 GMT
Posted by B1gfoot:
I say put him in the hall of fame now.

He needs to win at least one bracelett. Cool

Rui Cao? That is the kid, who thinks he has an edge against Antonius after dropping $800k to him! Looks like he thinks he is better than he actually is.
 Flippedchips20/06/2011 19:16:50 GMT
nah man stars is rigged ffs Smile

this rui cao guy i dont really know who he is but seen a thread hes up $1.7mill on stars so i think he must be pretty decent and losing $800k was prob just a couple of buy ins at that game so i would not be so quick to shoot a guy down because you have not heard much about him as i doubt he won $1.7 mill of a bunch of fish
 GIOMi621/06/2011 02:23:08 GMT
Viktor Blom is one of the best PLO poker players in my opinion, he has no match when it comes down to PLO high stakes.
 SuperNoob21/06/2011 13:54:51 GMT
sponsoring viktor blom has been one of the top moves of pokerstars, sure hes inconsistent but he has gained great publicity for them. and his result of 8 wins outa 10 shows how dominant he is in headsup
 Macubaas21/06/2011 14:49:22 GMT
As always i need to agree supernoob, pokerstars made an absolutely excellent move by siging a contract with Viktor Blom aka Isildur1 Blink Blink

Although he needs to learn a lot more about poker, in fact not poker strategy of different games but simply things like bankroll management, etc. Now he has a safety net which is pokerstras it's a bit even more loose than before if you ask me. Big Smile

I saw he played at eight tables today, but i needed to go so i didn't got the time to see how he plays, but i saw he lost a massive 67.000 dollars pot to Sauce from Canada..... Thumbs Down
 diogomp22/06/2011 14:20:07 GMT
shokaku, That was the first thing I noticed. Didn't Cao said he as an edge on Antonius @ Macau? lolololol GO Rui!!!!!!! Big Smile

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