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Troublemaker Martin Finger punched Jonathan Duhamel during PCA Bahamas

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Posted on 17 January 2012 by "T".

The German Poker pro Martin Finger has once again been in trouble after a night out partying (read EPT Prague winner arrested by the police). This time he was thrown out from a club during PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in Bahamas. Besides that he punched the former world champion Jonathan Duhamel the face outside the club.

According to Finger, who won EPT Prague last December, he and Duhamel were both very drunk at the club in question. Duhamel, who was out celebrating his 2nd place finish in the $25k High Roller event, thrash-talked Finger during the party and still he was the one who got kicked out from the club. Finger then waited outside the club together with Viktor "Isildur1" Blom for the former world champ. And when Duhamel came out of the club, Finger went up to him and punched him in the face. But the fight ended there as bouncers got involved.

"I'm peaceful, but that had to be," Finger wrote in a chat with his friend the day after. Below you can read a part taken from the chat between Finger (Piggybank) and his friend (PlauZee).

Piggybank: wus up
Piggybank: wanna hear a sick story
PlauZee: sure
Piggybank: players party
Piggybank: i'm drunken
Piggybank: duhamel is drunken
Piggybank: he started talking trash
Piggybank: i was thrown out of the club
Piggybank: even i ddin't do anything
Piggybank: i waited for him in front of the club
Piggybank: he comes out
Piggybank: i hit him in his puss
Piggybank: nice line
Piggybank: imao
PlauZee: was it a hit-and-run?!
Piggybank: kind of^^
Piggybank: i think i ripped my ligament again (what he indeed did!)
Piggybank: but i'm still too drunken, to be sure
PlauZee: omg. can i blog that?!
Piggybank: sure^^
PlauZee: give me some cliffs [...]
Piggybank: he was soooooo drunken
Piggybank: pissing me off, even i just wanted to walk by
Piggybank: really getting on my nerves
Piggybank: i just chill
Piggybank: he was kinda aggro
Piggybank: security
Piggybank: busting me
Piggybank: i'm out
Piggybank: waiting the whole time
Piggybank: with isildur
Piggybank: then duhamel showes up
Piggybank: i walk towards him an hit him directly in his face. security intervene
PlauZee: how sick is that?!
Piggybank: believe me
Piggybank: i'm peaceful
Piggybank: but that had to be

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20 comments on "Troublemaker Martin Finger punched Jonathan Duhamel during PCA Bahamas"

 Davoodoo17/01/2012 11:59:30 GMT
With those arms he couldnt hit himself out from a paper bag ! Big Smile

The first time i read "Martin finger punched Jonathan" i tought he was hitting him with his fingers in some strange way.

Hitting someone who is drunk,annoying and talking trash to you is one thing, but then to go and brag about it on the internet is pretty low ...
 arthur7217/01/2012 13:06:08 GMT
lolol what a bad bad little sad boy he is lololol
 Za250Z17/01/2012 13:55:23 GMT
Morons, they make so much money and still dont know how to party, respect for bloom not getting involved!!!
 pochui17/01/2012 13:59:10 GMT
liked that part: "was it a hit-and-run?!- kind of^^"- says a lot doesn't it Spank
really the press like these kind of stories- doesn't matter if they make the most of it...wonder has anyone caught this on video- i bet that would be a hit on youtube, lmao Thumbs up
 SuperNoob17/01/2012 16:27:31 GMT
loved the way he says - i got kicked out for nothing when jonathan duhamel was trash talking.
and he expects people to believe it too, lmao
 otis77717/01/2012 16:38:14 GMT
pay backs are a bitch the guy was just beat up before christmas moron tough guy
 vlplastika17/01/2012 16:57:06 GMT
In my opinion this is simply unacceptable. as the players find out the relationship away from the table is obsurd. would be better to have agreed to meet at the table or as znaminity poker pro from France wore gloves and would forward it is not
 Greenmohave17/01/2012 17:37:20 GMT
And who says poker isn't a physical sport??? Nah! It's best to let someone run their yapper if your in a situation / place that could create more problems or get you in the slam. Not that I see anyone got cuffed, but there's definitely a big risk factor doing something like that.
Now they need to have an HU for a mere $250,000.00 to change the subjest!
 mahdrof17/01/2012 19:18:17 GMT
Hmmmm. I'm expecting to win the WSOP ME sometime in the next couple of years, and if people are going to be waiting to beat me up at home AND when I am out and about, it is time to prepare NOW. Weightlifting, jujitsu lessons, tae kwon do, fung yumsam, mooch baratu, and then repeat. OOPS! Wake up mahdrof you're dreaming again! Tongue

BTW if you figure out what fung yumsam and mooch baratu are - please let me know!
 rbdflyboy17/01/2012 19:32:00 GMT
wonder if there will be a ring rematch? Round two...possibly. BTW there's nothing lower than a sucker punch...tends to come back to haunt.
 mahdrof17/01/2012 19:36:56 GMT
Posted by rbdflyboy:
wonder if there will be a ring rematch? Round two...possibly. BTW there's nothing lower than a sucker punch...tends to come back to haunt.

x2 Thumbs Up
 grahamy2718/01/2012 03:41:48 GMT
he thinks he is hard cos he judas someone who was drunk.
i'd love to see the c*nt cos i would rip his head off the little maggot.
he clearly cant handle his drink, and odds are in the club it was him running his mouth off..probably claiming to be the best poker player as he finished 2nd and that hes the new up and coming....bla bla bla..know how big headed people get!!
he might be good at poker but i'd certainly put him in his place if he tried to run his mouth off to me!!
 IceFingers18/01/2012 10:09:28 GMT
lol that wiil stop him trash talking when he is drunk now..
 Fakiry18/01/2012 11:41:48 GMT
Wow. This seems like a kids’ night out story. If it wasn’t told they were high stakes poker players, everyone would think it was just another episode between school kids. And what most impresses me about this is the position of Blom. He sure must have noticed what was going on inside the disco and then he kept with Martin Finger just to watch the novel till the end.
 Indo36M18/01/2012 12:14:31 GMT
Damn i missed that "after Party " it's simple,just to make a point: for Mr finger
no more live events in 2012 by PS, PS have to make an Example,that this is
Onaccepteble,its still poker not football !!!So created some players,poker a bad name,in some countrey's,If this was happend in USA,and Duhamel press charges against teh finger,i think that he ended in prison for assault,and there
in the prison,they would welcome him as a "new fresh FISH ,and to survive there,then he need his big PIGGYBANK ,and i wunder what V.Blom has done to
avoid this "Party "!!! i guess he wanted to see some action !!!also you can see
that if you are a good poker player,and earn a lot of money ,and have a name
in the poker world,that a lot off them walking NEXT off his own shoe.........
so if u can handle booze,dont drink it,and if you cant do the time? Dont do the
..................wright the crime.
 grahamy2718/01/2012 12:30:22 GMT
blom was bein tight/passive for once. finger was bein tight Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 elcimik18/01/2012 14:13:32 GMT
All i have to say is grow up boys! REPRESENT. I think that these guys are losers looking for attention and give poker a bad rep.
 Cliffem18/01/2012 15:23:29 GMT
Millionaires etiquette?? uurrghh grow up and stop acting like little douches fighting after afew beers ur not 15 ffs
 psycokiller18/01/2012 17:22:17 GMT
Nice. Seems Duhamel's been gettin punched alot these days. Maybe he really is an arrogent ass.
 hulkborges19/01/2012 07:15:32 GMT
tense, the guys are thinking too much, it's time to return a quality poker instead of just want to enjoy this night, this time it should

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