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Swingy finish of the SuperStar Showdown match between Blom and Haxton

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Posted on 14 March 2012 by "T".

In case you missed it: Last Sunday the first SuperStar Showdown of 2012 kicked off and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Isaac Haxton sat down at four $100/$200 NLH tables with $300,000 each. Isildur1 dominated the match and after 692 hands, when Haxton had reconnected for the 4th time due to unstable Internet connection, Viktor Blom was in the lead with $100,000 and they decided to continue the match another day.

The match resumed yesterday and Isildur1 increased his lead to about $130k over the first hundred hands. But Haxton kept a cool head and managed to get back into the game, and It didn't take long Haxton had gone from -$130k to -$70. The young Swede was folding several hands at this points, which made many of the spectators believe that he was afraid of losing the lead and therefore waited for "monster hands".

About 1200 hands into the match, Viktor Blom took down a few nice pots and was back in the lead with about $130,000. When half of the match was in the books it looked like Blom would take home the SuperStar Showdown and get his long-awaited revenge on Isaac Haxton.

Haxton, who must have been very frustrated with his game at this point, somehow managed remain calm and continue fighting back without going on tilt. His patience started paying off after a while as he took down several big pots. In fact, it ended up being one of the most amazing comebacks in SuperStars Showdown history as he took $180k from Blom and put himself in a the lead with just about $60k. Now it was obvious that Viktor Blom was angry and frustrated and little did it help that Haxton started taking long time to think of his decisions.

Haxton's lead increased to about $100k when only 250 hands remained. But sometimes 250 hands is more than enough for a high stakes game like the SuperStar Showdown to turn around. And that is just what it did...

Isildur1 started by taking down the biggest hand of the day - a $95k pot in which he turned full house against Haxton's flush. When only 4 hands were left to play, Blom had the lead with $25k. However, with only 1 hand to go his lead had been reduced to a few thousands. Blom could have just folded the last hand and secured the win. But the young Swede must have gotten a very good hand as he and Haxton re-raised each other before the flop and $17k was at stake when the flop with a 10 high hit the table. Haxton fired $9k into the pot and, believe it or not, Blom folded and lost the match by just $5,000.

This is Isaac Haxton's second SuperStar Showdown win against Viktor Blom. In fact, Haxton is the only one to get away with a profit against Isildur1 in the SuperStar Showdown. Okay, Daniel Negreanu won 1 of 2 SuperStar Showdowns. But overall his losses were greater than his winnings in these matches.


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6 comments on "Swingy finish of the SuperStar Showdown match between Blom and Haxton"

 mast3rush14/03/2012 11:00:01 GMT
i saw the hand when isildur1 won the biggest hand with the's awesome to win...but awful to loose with such cards...95k...a lot of money!!
 ionellu14/03/2012 11:54:56 GMT
nice game , we are waitting the next showdown
 pochui14/03/2012 11:55:47 GMT
what else to expect from poker- it is swingy by nature, especially when dudes who are competing one against another are experienced and have similar playing qualities- it's similar to soccer when two top teams meet for a match- you cannot be sure who will win? besides the bookie Agree
 kwasac14/03/2012 12:32:23 GMT
I dont think this can be called as win for Haxton, and lost for Viktor. Only think that matter is the money baybe! Smile I watched a lot of Viktor's heads up games, with less audiance then there was on SuperStar Showdown, and those games are important for him. He is crasy, he is aggresive, he is the gambler, HE IS RICH! Smile
 Fakiry14/03/2012 13:07:43 GMT
Haxton did it again? Twice against Blom? This guy must be thrilling inside, thinking he is the best or something. The number of times things turned upside down in the resume of the match is incredible: first was Blom leading, then Haxton made his way to the top, then everything was on Blom’s side and he decides to go on the last hand to end up losing the match by $5,000. I think Blom considers this a tie, but Haxton have all the motives to be happy, winning Blom two times in a row.
 mahdrof14/03/2012 16:06:40 GMT
Quite the accomplishment to beat Blom twice, makes you wonder what would have happened if the weather hadn't knocked things out. It certainly gave Haxton a chance to regroup and prepare himself a little differently for day 2. Crazy amounts of Dollar Dollar Dollar for sure...

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