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High Stakes: Viktor Blom lost half a million dollars - in just one day!

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Posted on 15 March 2012 by "T".

Last Sunday, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom won $100,000 in the "first half" of the SuperStar Showdown against Isaac Haxton, then he continued winning a few hundreds of thousands of dollars the next day. However, Blom's winning streak came to an end on Tuesday when he lost back $100k + another $5k to Haxton when they finished all 2,5k hands of the SuperStar Showdown.

After the match against Haxton, he continued playing $100/$200 NLH and lost more than $200k in about 1,500 hands to the British poker pro Alex "Kany7" Mililar (his SuperStar Showdown opponent on Sunday).

Even though Blom had lost about $300k at that point, he decided to try his luck at the $100/$200 PLO tables. But no luck there either and he ended up losing another $200k to different high stakes regulars. Event though Blom lost a total of $506,000 that day, he's still the world's biggest winner online this month with about $500,000 plus.

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6 comments on "High Stakes: Viktor Blom lost half a million dollars - in just one day!"

 Fakiry15/03/2012 13:18:03 GMT
Such a great lost and still in the lead of month’s biggest winner, incredible, this means he had already been winning a million just in March. A month ago it was Ilari Sahamies who told Isildur1 that had lost $500K, now it’s Blom who also lose $500k. Things look a bit dark for this pros. And there are still two more weeks to go this month.
 pochui15/03/2012 16:36:18 GMT
hey he is still "the world's biggest winner online this month with about $500,000 plus"- it seems a couple more such "enthusiastic" days and he can become biggest looser in no time...probably it's nice to go to bed knowing you lost half a million in a few hours...way to go!
 Macubaas15/03/2012 16:45:00 GMT
This is something normal from Viktor Blom, the sad part is that over all this online poker experience he still can't apply a good bankroll management...

Only the future will tell if he will be able to ever learn this all important rule of poker...
 exostenz15/03/2012 19:06:38 GMT
thats like saying exostenz the microstakes player lost 50 $ in just one day.. nothing extraordinary there Cool
 ionellu16/03/2012 05:44:17 GMT
today lose half a million and tomorow will win 1 million ,it is normal at high stakes
i don't think he has a bad bankroll management.
look at raiseonce . ho is behind nikname ? Phil Ivey?
he lost more than Ilari and Islidur1
 GIOMi617/03/2012 15:12:51 GMT
Viktor Blom is a action poker player, he likes to gamble and likes the huge swings that comes by playing high stakes Pot limit Omaha.

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