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High Stakes: April's Biggest Winners and Losers

Tags: ben86, EireAbu, high stakes, Isildur1, phil ivey, pokerstars, RaiseOnce, viktor blom, Zypherin.
Posted on 04 May 2012 by "T".

It's time to take a look at the online high stakes scene's past month as there have been many interesting games running on PokerStars in the past few weeks. By far the biggest winner in April month was Ben "Ben86" Tollerene who got away with a fantastic $1,300,553 profit - more than double what the runner-up won (EireAbu - $634,825). Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky won $556,492 and secured the third place on April's list of winners.

Just like the top 2 winners it ended up being a big gap between the first and second place among the biggest losers. A player called "Zypherin" lost $1,176,454, while "RaiseOnce", who many believe is Phil Ivey, lost $610,474. Viktor "Isildur1" Blom was running pretty good during the first 3 months of 2012, but April was disaster month as he lost $429,441.

Below are April's TOP 5 winner and losers:

Ben86 - $1 300 553
EireAbu - $634 825
Sauce123 - $556 492
Deldar182 - $494 140
Vaga_Lion - $443 865

Zypherin - $1 176 454
RaiseOnce - $610 474
Isildur1 - $429 441
milkybarkid - $377 476
toweliestar - $344 589


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9 comments for "High Stakes: April''s Biggest Winners and Losers"

 Fakiry04/05/2012 12:14:46 GMT
Patrick Antonius is used to appear in this list but, fortunately or unfortunately, he isn’t here this time. The best conclusion to take it must be that his balance is equilibrated, which aren’t bad news at all! As for Blom, his statistics must be like the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) graphs, always up and down… but what are $500K for him? Peanuts!
 bullettooth104/05/2012 12:26:08 GMT
must be nice to be up that much. imagine the downswings tho Shock
i think patrick wont be there as i guess he would of had millions on ftp. so he will be (by his standard) skint.
 noonlion04/05/2012 13:36:04 GMT
A $1,100,000 downswing...god dam nasty.

There's so few players that can deal with a hit like that - thats the sort of month that can ruin a player.

Bet that guy is broke - unless you're a mega rich businessman, or a complete pro like Hansen, Antonius etc thats gonna be hellish difficult to manage..
 GIOMi604/05/2012 16:54:30 GMT
These poker players are not broke they have multimillions in their account, because these players follow strict bankrollmanagement. Otherwise thye would not play at that high level of the poker game.
 francezu04/05/2012 18:20:32 GMT
nice nice Smile
 Macubaas04/05/2012 19:02:18 GMT
I don't think you need to look at zypherin and think that he will go busto soon, he is a recreational poker player and has a multi billion dollars fortune Blink

If RaiseOnce is Phil Ivey think he has enough money to reload anytime lol
 noonlion04/05/2012 23:47:29 GMT
I don't know any of the big online names really.

but there must be some who start playing big and never recover.

I remember some thing about high stakes players, and some of the dudes that play there go broke, flat our broke.

Looks great on TV, not so much in real life.
 GeneYuss05/05/2012 21:00:46 GMT
Ya, $1,100,000 downswing must suck! Even if you're rich.. I heard a lot of players are backed and don't use all their own money.
 Greenmohave06/05/2012 02:07:55 GMT
it's really sad when I can't even hit a million in play money let alone real cash. And, to lose that kind of cash and stick around to play more must be a really nice life or living on the edge is how they take on life.

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