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Blom Answers Questions From Fans

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Posted on 14 November 2013 by "T".

In connection with Blom 100, a recent promotion at Full Tilt Poker where 100 lucky players got to play heads-up against Viktor "Isildur1" Blom (Blom ended up winning 62 mathes [38 players received $1,000 each]), the Swedish Full Tilt Pro answered questions from Full Tilt's followers on Twitter. One of the most interesting questions was what NLH and PLO players online he considered to be the best right now. Find out what he answered to that question and many other questions below:


@FunkDrDoobz75: what's blom's current bank roll at & what does he spend all his money on besides poker?
Viktor Blom: Nice dinners and going out with my friends.

@shipit13: would you flip a coin for 1 million dollars if I gave you 2/1?
VB: Maybe I'd consider it for a gamble. Smile

@pretty7king: Does Viktor Blom use any poker software?
VB: No software. Tried it once but didn't like it.

@vy_cma01: who is your favourite tennis player? What's your favorite soccer team? Did you play competitively?
VB: Andy Roddick, Chelsea, Yes, since I was young. Still play once in a while.

@rvn_10: what do you usually do after a huge win? And huge loss?
VB: Nothing special.

@SchmidtSting: what was the first thing he did / bought when he first had his huge heater on full tilt?
VB: It went so quick I don't even remember.

@150K: Why do you play the way you play at @FullTiltPoker. Up And down all the time and how do you feel after a big win and loss?
VB: I just try to think about whether or not I played well in the session

@Michael_Burlacu: do you enjoy the fame that isildur1 has brought you?
VB: I never think about it that way, so I don't feel any different.

@Highstakesdb: WCGRider recently referred to you as a megawhale - are you going to teach the guy a lesson anytime soon?
VB: Maybe I will have to teach him a lesson Blink

@BenAlvarado: Do you have any interest on playing in the "big Macau cash games"?
VB: Not at the moment. I'm working on my online game now.

@Jameserikalford: what's your favourite thing about London?
VB: There's always so much to do, good food, football, and good people too.

@Justinrklein: after the match with brian hastings how long did it take to build a BR back up? how much did you learn?
VB: I feel like I've never fully recovered from that. I learned that I don't like Brian Hastings that much Smile

@biursf23: What is your favourite way of spending your money? Cars, houses, food?Smile
VB: Food, but it might be a different answer if I had a licence. Working on it Blink

@Valentiiiin_: The best advice you can give?
VB: Start playing small SNGs and big field very low stakes tourneys, and be aggressive, but be smart about it.

@Thebman69: Do you chat at all with @GusHansen or others you play with?
VB: A little chat, a little trash talk, yes.

@shonix26: Why do you play? What is your main goal in life?
VB: I play everything. Main goal in life is to be happy.

@Sidouu71: Do you care about money when you play poker? Or do you consider money like "bonus points" in a game?
VB: I think it's a mix of both. It has definitely felt like it wasn't real at times.

@amankiashan: how much Money you have in your br ? that you can afford to lose millions and win millions back
VB: Minus 500 gbp Blink

@ACM_92: what did it feel like knowing your fellow players shared information with each other to try and beat you?
VB: It didn't really feel that great to be honest.

@bernacke: Have you ever smashed a mouse while playing?
VB: Yes, it happened a few times... okay maybe more than a few Smile


@Nickkdevries: How did you came in contact with online poker?
Viktor Blom: A friend of my brother's told me about it and I decided to give it a try.

@twsk8nst: how did you get financed in the first place circa 2008/2009
VB: I just ran up my bankroll myself.

@CakeEater12: most amount of $ you've flipped for?
VB: $50k I think, I ran so bad at flips.

@pvd_27: what's your favourite board game?
VB: Malarky was fun. Good bluffing game.

@Pokerlifestkr: how about a shout out to all swedish fans grinding out there Viktor pokerlifegear
VB: lycka till vid borden!

@ChrisAbela1: How true are the stories regarding your earlier winnings on Euro networks?
VB: I don't know what's out there, so I can't answer that one.

@PaulieRider: Victor, how do you cook a perfect boiled egg?
VB: No idea.

@Carrottoppoker: will you be coming to Australia anytime soon for any poker tournaments?
VB: I may go for Aussie Millions, not sure yet though.

@sjdaniel: Can you ship me 10k? I promise I will give it back, someday...
VB: I'll play you for it.

@Vimio_NL: How much time did it take, to build your bankroll to 100K for the first time?
VB: 8-9 months since first time I played.

@chicho4747: [What does] it feel like to win the value of various Ferrari and the next day losing those gains?
VB: I think about it that way sometimes, but I try not to think of it that way.

@steven1smart: in your opinion who is the best NLH and PLO player online just now?
VB: NL is Saniker for the moment and PLO it's Galfond for sure.

@ryan211: How do you prevent Tilt?
VB: Sometimes I don't Smile

@steven1smart: how do you deal with the huge down swings mentally?
VB: You get used to it after playing for a long time. Tomorrow is another day.

@SpinTheDial: Do you live in a house or flat in London?
VB: Flat.

@SpinTheDial: How much does your place in London cost?
VB: Too much.

@EasyToRule: What music do you listen to?
VB: A mix of everything.

@ffooonk: can u make FTP to restore the 500/1000 NLHE ring game tables and try to start some deep uncapped games? or some 500/1000 PLO HU
VB: I will once I get the bankroll for it Blink

@Christoph1288: Hey Viktor, is NLHE still your favourite game? Do you have any hobbies?
VB: NLHE is still good. Mario Kart Pro in training.

@justinrklein: what stakes did you start at and how long before you were playing nosebleeds?
VB: $6 6-Max Turbo SNGS and Big field $6-$11 MTTs, if new to poker I recommend. .25/.50 cash was tough for me then.

@TheOzzmeister: Biggest "aha-moment" so far in poker, when it comes to learning?
VB: When I played low stakes SNGs I learned quickly how much aggression was worth in a game. High blinds meant I could shove every hand and others never seemed to get that back then. One Russian guy was more aggressive than me, and he was the biggest winner at the time.

@TurkeyBoy80: would you coach me at HUPLO?
VB: Never fold, hit your draws J

@robin1990_robin: what's your profit so far this year in the fl 2-7 games & do u still think nl holdem is ur favorit game?
VB: NL is still my favorite game for sure.

@CaioCurty: i'd like to know of viktor how was his parents reaction when he said that he'd play poker for living and not go to college
VB: Not good at first, but they came around when they saw I was okay at it.

@JonasK95: which is your favourite holdem hand you have ever played?
VB: All the ones I win are my favorites.

@Tandovski: have you ever been so disappointed with a sandwich that your shoes have ignited?
VB: Remind me not to go where you go for a sandwich J

@CraigAccra: when @ViktorBlom started with his $2000 roll what hu buyin did you start at? Did you spin it up to 3m in 3 weeks?
VB: $.50/$1 HU cash, started with $2k and spun it up to a little over $2m in 3 weeks.

@ffooonk: do u miss the time when u were playing 6+ tables of 500/1000 PLO HU instead of these capped plo or fixed limit games nowadays?
VB: Yea for sure I do, but they'll be back again one day.


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10 comments on "Blom Answers Questions From Fans"

 doubletop77714/11/2013 11:32:24 GMT
isnt it fascinating to hear the insight of these top players, to listen to Blom i really think he doesnt care about money. its like playing with bonus points when its really hundreds of thousands of pounds. wow
 Heskor14/11/2013 13:07:30 GMT
Hmm like all poker players, he is evasive about his bankroll and anything that comes to money, I dont know any player that are good that brag about it, those that brag are either loser or plain lying.

Sick player, he really should learn how to drive a car lol. And sick HU games, with 2k he got 3m in 3weeks lol. Thats just sick and he does not use huds. :S
 pochui14/11/2013 13:32:01 GMT
oooh oooh i wanna ask some questions Confused

Mr. Blom can u answer please:

- what makes you reraise dudes who reraise your raise when you hold 26o
- how does it feel to win millions, then to lose back those millions and start grinding back from $0.10 360 people sng's
- what ya think, is salami enlargement operation really so popular in Sweden as is snickers in GB?
 skroeva14/11/2013 14:50:58 GMT
I didn't knew about this, i really liked to ask him some questions also.
I like how he is still acting like a regular guy and don't let the fame etc. come to his head like you see with a lot of poker profs.
 demodawggy14/11/2013 17:55:58 GMT
I've been watching him play in a Full Tilt Heads Up tournament ongoing from week to week on TV here in the last few weeks...! I can tell you that when folks are sitting at the table with him,...they are NERVOUS and WORRIED that he's gonna pull a fast one on them and knock them out.

He plays a very unpredictable and out right CRAZY style of play that just intimidates the best of them.... Seems to me like him and Tom Dwan are in an unspoken competition to be King of The Millionaire Poker Donks.... Big Smile
 Macubaas14/11/2013 21:45:16 GMT
If you read this interview the conclusion is that Viktor tries to be very discreet about his life and also i do not find anything strange that he avoids answers about money...

I mean you could ask any top pro that earns/loses millions and be sure that he will never tell in public what is his bankroll.
 damosk14/11/2013 21:48:51 GMT
Posted by pochui:
oooh oooh i wanna ask some questions Confused

Mr. Blom can u answer please:

- what makes you reraise dudes who reraise your raise when you hold 26o
- how does it feel to win millions, then to lose back those millions and start grinding back from $0.10 360 people sng's
- what ya think, is salami enlargement operation really so popular in Sweden as is snickers in GB?

As usual Pochui is at the cutting edge of his journalistic prowess.......... making points that we all want to ask but dont have the melons to do it....or the salami! Well done Pochui on keeping it all real (ish!)
 noonlion15/11/2013 19:43:26 GMT
Not exactly an explosive set of answers but then he's not a loud type of person, I kinda like that.
I like how 50% of the questions were retarded 'Tell me about your money etc etc...'.
so many better questions that could have been asked that he could have answered. Oh well.
 mirexxx16/11/2013 15:21:33 GMT
Charlotte Bobcats vs Miami Heat

Under 196,5 points at odds 1.89

Miami will head into this game without Ray Allen and D Wade tho very good players(superstars) and I believe that they wont be as near as efficient without them.Last 4 of 5 matches Charlotte played the complete number of points was under this margin and only one that went over this margin was the one with only one point over.
 iridion12431/08/2014 21:31:53 GMT
yes what,s his bankroll man ? Iwonder

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