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Another Cheating Scandal Brought To Light?

Tags: cheating, collusion, Partouche Poker Tour Grand Final, scandal.
Posted on 31 January 2013 by "T".

On Tuesday, a video montage of alleged cheating at the 2009 Partouche Poker Tour Grand Final was posted on You Tube by Nordine Bouya. Bouya claims that the winner Paul Pierre Pasqualini and Cedric Rossi, who finished second, used a simple code to signal to each other what cards they had.

According to WPT Magazine, the two players touched their head if they had an ace, a king and they touched their forehead, a queen and they would scratch their eye, a jack = itch their nose, touch their mouth to signal a ten, scratch their neck if they had a nine or an eight and hold their arm if they had a small pair.

It is unclear why the video was posted 3 years after the final table was played. However, it's not the first time the Partouche Poker Tour, which was cancelled last year, is rocked by a cheating scandal. In 2010, Ali Tekintamgac (winner of the 2010 WPT Barcelona) was disqualified from the Main Event in Cannes. The Turkish-German pro was alleged of using bloggers/reporters to stand behind his opponents and inform him of their cards via hand signals.


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11 comments on "Another Cheating Scandal Brought To Light?"

 lukasb31/01/2013 12:15:42 GMT
 Fakiry31/01/2013 14:43:40 GMT
There's no way this can be a coincidence, it's so clear!!! And that AK vs AA it just made me give a big laugh, touching the head with both hands!!! This video is awesome. I bet from now on things will change among referees' behaviour.
 4_the_W31/01/2013 15:34:45 GMT
They should take prize money back and all titles. Like Lance Armstrong. That A/K fold vs A/A was too obv.
 Samtoace31/01/2013 16:04:06 GMT
Tic tac Cool
 Jibberish31/01/2013 17:16:23 GMT
how does a room full of poker players not notice this when its happening...
 leking131/01/2013 23:13:41 GMT
no thought about it there are cheating for sure, 3 years in jail and there regrent

i still can belive how bad they have run that poker tour i tnink the casino personal also should be putten to jail for lack of profesionalisme
 Weenie31/01/2013 23:44:33 GMT
lol I watched whole video.. it was so funny Big Smile I cant imagine to doing this every hand it had to be so obvious right there, that unnatural moves etc... They should got banned in every casino and their online accounts should be banned for life...
 ayaraled01/02/2013 14:40:45 GMT
this 2 are really very clearly giving signs on the cards that they have..there actions are very obvious....hahahaha...this should not be played together in one table...
 Fakiry01/02/2013 15:43:39 GMT
Can you imagine to put something like this in practice, even with your friends when playing at the garage? I think it wouldn’t take long until someone caught you. And we are talking about pros in the middle of other pros… Were all of them so concentrated on the game (the prize could provoke that) that they didn’t even suspected? January 2013 is being the Month of Revelations in the World of Sports: first with Armstrong, now with this…
 Macubaas03/02/2013 06:24:38 GMT
I also think that actions should be take against them, now i wonder if they also had an inside man...

But i have to agree that the organizers should definately act against these actions!
 Serpang03/02/2013 06:32:05 GMT
One day , casino will prepare screen like Bridge game where player couldn't see other player face Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Just saw their hand Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Anyway, that sign isn't guarantee they win the hand, right ?

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